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About Dartigan

My name is Dartigan and I spend more time than I should nitpicking the smallest flaws in video games. Also, I've probably sinned your favorite game at some point and made you angry. Sorry about that.

Contact: dartiganjones@gmail.com
Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/dartigan
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/dartigan

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GAME SINS | Everything Wrong With Battlefield V
Everyone was prepared for Battlefield V to be a bad game, however, it's bad in a completely unremarkable way instead of being that once every...
2018-11-30 9:30:00 AM ● 27,064 views ● 13:20 93.74% liked
Research Stream | Battlefiled V
Click here to watch the stream: https://www.twitch.tv/dartigan
2018-11-25 6:56:15 PM ● 103 views ● 0:21 85.71% liked
GAME SINS | Everything Wrong With Call of Cthulhu
Call of Cthulhu is the kind of game you play when you want to experience the existential dread of playing a eurojank adventure game. Join my...
2018-11-23 1:00:03 PM ● 27,721 views ● 18:52 97.06% liked
GAME SINS | Everything Wrong With Red Dead Redemption 2
Before you hit the dislike button, know that nothing bad I have to say about Red Dead Redemption 2 should dissuade you from playing it. It is...
2018-11-10 9:00:10 AM ● 31,274 views ● 33:48 92.14% liked
GAME SINS 100th Episode | Everything Wrong With Assassin's Creed Odyssey
Assassin's Creed Odyssey marks the 100th official episode of Game Sins on this channel. My heartfelt thanks to all of the fans who have continued...
2018-10-25 9:30:01 AM ● 34,179 views ● 25:32 96.06% liked
Assassin's Creed Odyssey
GAME SINS | Everything Wrong With Shadow of The Tomb Raider
Shadow of The Tomb Raider is the third game in the rebooted series, somehow still focusing on Lara's origins. Considering how stale the gameplay...
2018-10-05 9:30:02 AM ● 26,398 views ● 22:36 96.79% liked
Research Stream | Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Click here to watch the livestream: https://www.twitch.tv/dartigan
2018-09-24 6:55:58 PM ● 63 views ● 0:20 100.00% liked
GAME SINS | Everything Wrong With Spider-Man
Spider-Man on PS4 proves that if you copy another popular game(Batman Arkham City) to the letter, you to can make a great game without putting...
2018-09-22 9:30:03 AM ● 87,649 views ● 24:05 87.10% liked
GAME SINS | Everything Wrong With Bayonetta 2
I'm not sure why they stuck a 2 onto this game, because it is basically a soft reboot of the first game - The Evil Dead 2 style sequel. So most...
2018-09-07 9:00:02 AM ● 32,660 views ● 17:58 92.92% liked
GAME SINS | Everything Wrong With Yakuza 0
Yakuza 0 is the spiritual successor to Shenmue, a game that lets you simulate being a smolderingly good looking Japanese man in the eighties....
2018-08-25 10:42:34 AM ● 40,972 views ● 33:21 81.12% liked
Yakuza 0 (2015)