Danny Min

Danny Min

United Kingdom
United Kingdom

Danny Min is a British content creator on YouTube with at least 1.48 thousand subscribers, with his content totaling at least 387.91 thousand views views across more than 1.72 thousand videos.

Created on ● Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/dannyboygaming

About Danny Min

Hi Every one out there in the world of Youtube.

So I have been doing this for a couple of years now as a hobby and having lots of fun doing it. I live in the North of Scotland hens the thick Scottish accent. The accent is known as Doric in Scotland, I always start my videos buy saying (FIT LIKE ABODY) this is a Doric saying which translates in Queens English to (Fit Like - Hey how are you) and (Abody - Everyone) a few people have asked what it means so there you have it.

A little bit of channel re-branding has been done as the title of the channel has changed from DannyBoyGaming to DannyMin. I did this as the former title was a bit of a mouthful and the new title I have chosen is a bit more unique.

So I mostly play tycoon/city builder/sim games on the channel. I am hoping to branch out to live streaming on youtube soon and am hoping to create a second channel in the future that is more sim genre oriented. So lots to look forward to hopefully

Hope you all enjoy


Danny Min

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