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Over here on my channel I upload mainly Call of Duty because this is the game series that made me fall in love with gaming and YouTube as a whole. I have been playing Call of Duty since Call of Duty Modern Warfare on the Nintendo DS. I remember countless days of going over to friends houses just to play with each other locally. My first Xbox 360 Call of Duty was Black Ops 1 but I did go over to friends houses to play Modern Warfare 2 in its PRIME so I could consider myself an OG Call of Duty player. I have been uploading videos since 2013 when Call of Duty Ghosts released which is one of my favorite Call of Duty games to release.The type of content you should expect on my channel is Multi- Call of Duty, Top 5/10s, Gameplay Commentaries, Live Gameplay, LIvestreams, Best class setups and my favorite CALL OF DUTY NEWS & LEAKS! I really hope you all enjoy the content I put out and enjoy :)

-My goal is to reach 100,000 subscribers so come join the #STuDArmy :)

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