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Welcome to the BakuTalk channel! Hosted by Haru Ren, with guest appearances by the local community, we endeavour to provide a one-stop library for all things Bakugan Battle Planet.
Our news segment will strive to get to you all the important Bakugan news, be it new product releases, big tournament results, or the latest news from the company itself, as fast as can be. Subscribe to us to stay up to date on the world of Bakugan!
Or perhaps you’d like to see some Bakugan TCG gameplay? We’ve got you covered. Only Elite Bakugan (O.E.B.) showcases a variety of different players combined with different decktypes to give you the best in Bakugan gameplay entertainment on YouTube! See players like JJC, TheoryofEeveelution, Ryan, Chad, and more as they battle in the Bakugan underground!
That’s not all! We’ve also got podcasts discussing Bakugan topics, product openings and more to scratch your Brawler itch!
Welcome to BakuTalk! Enjoy your stay!

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