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1. Yes you can use my gameplay videos just give me a shout-out or a link to my channel.
2. There will be spoilers. You have been warned
3. Expect hundreds of videos for each newly released games for PC, PS4 Pro & Xbox One X
4. Been gaming over 30 years and I am American FUCK YEAH!
5. I love it when gamers can have mature fun conversations on my channel
6. Yes I work alone (dat lone-wolf mentality) I created all these damn videos by myself
7. Don't expect commentating or acting like a clown on a camera for youtube attention.
8. I do make 1080p 60fps videos
9. Support me on Patreon this shit ain't cheap. Thank you!
10. Most importantly thank you supporters I love you all!

Let's make this channel one of the big ones my body is ready!

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