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Greetings and welcome to my channel. I am Seth Kiparis, the Cynical Croat.

If you're interested in video game reviews that cover the mechanics of the game, how to play it and what makes it unique, then I'm your man!
I review games that I own. Some are new, some are old, some are unique, others less so. I guarantee full presentation of the game, both its qualities and flaws.
Here's what I guarantee in my reviews:
1.Full presentation of the game and its gameplay in detail.
2.Explanation what makes the game special or worthwhile to play.
3.A bit of my experience with the game (sometimes).
From Croatia,obviously.
I don't have a upload schedule.

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The same review, uploaded in a higher resolution and without the conditions required for the contest. Enjoy!
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Valkyria Chronicles PC Review - Seth Kiparis
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My Fanfiction, Chapter 1
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Valkyria Chronicles 1, completing Citadel Ghirlandio  : Part 2 in one turn
Having played Valkyria Chronicles and reaching this mission, I wondered if I could shoot Selvaria from my starting position. With an all unit...
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WTH 2016 - ONI Review (PC)
My review of ONI, serving as an entry to Wheneverthehell competition hosted by Asalieri2. I also apologize for being off Youtube for so long....
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My fanfiction, Prologue
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Dota 2
Dota 2 (2013)
Child 44 Review
I do not own the movie, video and music. All properties belong to their respectful owners. My review on the movie Child 44, based on the same...
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