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Hey guys! This channel is dedicated to music compilations and sountrack extensions. Mostly movie/game themes, or tunes from famous makers of cinematic music like Two Steps From Hell, Audiomachine, Killer Tracks etc etc.

I hope you enjoy your time in my channel, and feel free to leave feedback in my videos regarding my editing! :)

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Dragon Age: Inquisition - Soundtrack Mix
A mix of soundtracks from one of my personal favourites, DA:I. All music was composed by Trevor Morris. 0:00 - Main Theme 0:48 - The Dawn Will...
2016-07-19 5:00:15 AM ● 2,327 views ● 17:40 73.53% liked
300: Rise of an Empire - Soundtrack Mix
A little movie OST mix I made quite a long time ago. Figured I might as well share it in case someone else likes it :). All soundtracks are from...
2016-07-14 8:44:30 PM ● 11,911 views ● 15:41 94.12% liked
Epic Heroic Uplifting Music (Compilation)
New compilation I put together, with the theme being ''good vs evil''. I've done a few minor tweaks to some of the soundtracks, but nothing big....
2015-10-14 3:41:24 PM ● 8,868 views ● 28:37 97.50% liked
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt OST - The Fields of Ard Skellig (Extended)
Extended version of the original soundtrack. Enjoy. No copyright infringement intended.
2015-06-10 6:24:33 PM ● 3,746,819 views ● 15:19 98.95% liked
Adventure Music (Compilation)
A compilation of music befitting an epic adventure. The first real compilation I've ever made, so go easy on me ^^. Note that some of the soundtracks...
2014-12-16 10:19:00 AM ● 6,190 views ● 22:41 96.39% liked
Two Steps From Hell - Merchant Prince / Uncharted 2 - Reunion (Extended Mix)
An extended mix between the following soundtracks: Thomas Bergersen - Merchant Prince Uncharted 2 - Reunion Picture was taken from here:
2014-12-13 7:23:38 AM ● 4,563 views ● 8:31 98.53% liked
Two Steps From Hell - Birth of a Hero (Extended)
Just an extended (and slightly edited) version of the song Birth of a Hero, by Two Steps From Hell. Originally just made for my own satisfaction,...
2014-05-03 11:42:45 AM ● 604,621 views ● 7:59 97.66% liked