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Some of the stuff you'll find on the channel are tips and tricks, guides, strategies, analysis and gameplay videos relating to the games I'm playing and PC games specifically. We'll also be doing technology reviews, software reviews, hardware configuration and PC Gaming Tech tips to help your games run better.

I've been working as a professional in IT for a decade now - so we'll be doing technology and PC Gaming tech stuff as well because I love technology in general. Nerd Life! I want to help more people take up PC Gaming because (nothing against console players, you do you!) I truly believe it's the best platform to be on.

Upload dates/times tend to be sporadic, but you can expect 2-3 videos per week. I want to make a consistent schedule eventually so you guys know what to expect. I do my best to respond to all comments - even the negative ones! Your feedback is super important!

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In this video we're going to learn how to run a program as administrator automatically, saving the need to right click the application and choose...
2017-05-27 8:00:00 AM ● 7,199 views ● 1:53 80.00% liked
If you want to learn how to increase your phone battery life then this will absolutely help. What I'll show you in this video is the 40-80 rule...
2017-05-26 9:00:24 AM ● 813 views ● 3:36 100.00% liked
Here's my review of the Aperture A.lav EZ, an easy to use lavalier microphone by Aputure ( ) You can pick one of the...
2017-05-24 8:00:02 AM ● 270 views ● 3:18 100.00% liked
Last week I asked you guys to hit me up with some questions. In this video I cover a range of topics including what music I listen to, how I...
2017-05-23 8:00:08 AM ● 220 views ● 7:24 80.00% liked
How to install the Android O beta will be covered in this video. Android O is available for people to download and install by visiting
2017-05-22 11:02:19 AM ● 239 views ● 1:33 50.00% liked
Starting a new thing on the channel. If it works for people, I'd love for you to ask me some questions! I'm trying to figure out what kind of...
2017-05-18 9:48:33 AM ● 48 views ● 1:55 100.00% liked
Here's my review of the chromecast 2 - if you're looking to stream media to your TV in an extremely easy way the chromecast 2 is an awesome little...
2017-05-10 9:00:03 AM ● 279 views ● 5:05 75.00% liked
Is 144 hz worth the money? That's what we'll talk about in this video. There's a pretty huge difference between 144 hz vs 60 hz and in this video...
2017-05-07 1:33:02 PM ● 1,574 views ● 4:13 100.00% liked
Learn how to make a headphone stand in 60 seconds. A nifty little DIY trick. Honestly to make this headphone stand you aren't really even doing...
2017-05-06 7:00:03 AM ● 1,688 views ● 1:02 87.50% liked
Hey! I wanted to put this video out quickly to do two things - test a quick vlog style handheld shot with my new Canon T6i but also to let you...
2017-04-30 8:46:34 PM ● 70 views ● 1:24 100.00% liked