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Monster School Story is an American content creator on YouTube with over 780 thousand subscribers, publishing 155 videos which altogether total around 264.96 million views.

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2023-03-24JUMBO JOSH eat Opila Bird EGGS ?! SAD STORY - Garten of Ban Ban Animation10:015,582
2023-03-22GARTEN of BAN BAN Babies vs CHO CHO CHARLES ?! - Garten of Ban Ban 2 Animation9:013,845
2023-03-12BIRTH to DEATH of OPILA BIRD?! Garten of Ban Ban Animation10:4211,353
2023-03-08GARTEN of BAN BAN & ESCAPE BARRY'S PRISON RUN ?! Garten of Ban Ban Animation8:066,624
2023-03-04GARTEN of BANBAN, But They're ELEMENTAL?! - Garten of ban ban 2 Animation17:396,102
2023-02-25CHOO CHOO CHARLES vs ANGELS RAINBOW FRIENDS GIRLS - Cartoon Animation10:5111,685
2023-02-18OPILA BIRD vs HUGGY WUGGY ?! - Garten of BAN BAN and Poppy Playtime Animation11:2417,625
2023-02-15Garten of BAN BAN GIRLS vs RAINBOW FRIENDS GIRLS !? - Garten of Ban Ban Animation9:2127,539
2023-02-04The RAINBOW FRIENDS GIRLS vs BOYS ?! Rainbow Friends Animation - Cartoon Animation8:1544,627
2023-01-25SNOW GOLEM EVOLUTION ! Snowman Mutant Sad Life Story - Minecraft Animation9:0626,051
2023-01-183 NEW ALEX SISTERS - Minecraft Animation8:0832,172
2023-01-11ALEX and STEVE vs ALPHABET LORE !? - Minecraft Animation8:0621,480Let's Play
2023-01-07RAINBOW FRIENDS GREEN's SAD ORIGIN STORY - Cartoon Animation8:2721,922
2022-12-28RAINBOW FRIENDS Pink & Roblox Player Love Story - Cartoon Animation8:0537,176
2022-12-24SUPERMAN HUGGY WUGGY ORIGIN STORY ! - Cartoon Animation (Poppy Playtime)16:0363,494
2022-12-14RAINBOW FRIENDS LIFE Story - Cartoon Animation1:01:132,764,759
2022-12-10PINK has a BABY?! Rainbow Friends Roblox Love Story - Cartoon Animation10:2331,722
2022-12-07Rainbow Friends vs Among Us Prison Escape - Cartoon Animation8:5130,614
2022-12-033 NEW MOMMY LONG LEGS ! - Cartoon Animation (Poppy Playtime)8:0138,108
2022-11-30RAINBOW FRIENDS, But in MINECRAFT?! - Cartoon Animation11:2124,301
2022-11-26BLUE ZOMBIE SAD BACK STORY - I'm not a Monster - Rainbow Friends Animation2:0328,662
2022-11-23RAINBOW FRIENDS, But Everyone is CUTE GIRL?! - Cartoon Animation8:38115,881
2022-11-19The RAINBOW FRIENDS are DARK.EXE ?! - Cartoon Animation8:3947,829
2022-11-16ALEX and STEVE LIFE STORY - Minecraft Animation50:161,289,651Minecraft
2022-11-12BLUE & KISSY MISSY LOVE STORY ! - Cartoon Animation (Poppy Playtime)8:13114,449Poppy Playtime
2022-11-09BLUE ZOMBIE ORIGIN STORY - Rainbow Friends (Cartoon Animation)8:0123,414
2022-11-05PLAYER & EVIL CUTE GIRL ? SAVE THE PLAYER - Cartoon Animation9:5724,969
2022-10-29Evolution of KILLY WILLY True Story! - Cartoon Animation8:0166,795
2022-10-22BLUE & PINK LOVE STORY - Rainbow Friends Animation8:3572,535
2022-10-15Is KISSY MISSY QUEEN ?! - Cartoon Animation (Poppy Playtime)8:0993,956Poppy Playtime
2022-10-08KISSY MISSY ZOMBIE ORIGIN STORY - Cartoon Animation (Poppy Playtime)8:5384,088Poppy Playtime
2022-10-05BLUE ORIGIN Story - RAINBOW FRIENDS Cartoon Animation (Cartoon Animation)8:0526,113
2022-10-01SHADOW SONIC is SONIC.EXE ?! Origin Shadow Sonic - Minecraft Animation9:0534,246
2022-09-28PLAYER & KISSY MISSY LOVE STORY ! - Cartoon Animation (Poppy Playtime)52:004,783,093Poppy Playtime
2022-09-21PLAYER has a CUTE GIRLFRIEND PLAYER!? - Cartoon Animation (Poppy Playtime)9:00387,228Poppy Playtime
2022-09-17GOOD DOCTOR ALEX TRUE STORY - Minecraft Animation8:23248,847
2022-09-14SQUID EVOLUTION ! Squid Mutant Sad Life Story - Minecraft Animation9:08198,787
2022-09-10ALEX and STEVE 100 DAYS ISLAND SURVIVE ?! - Minecraft Animation8:0979,687
2022-09-07WARDEN ORIGIN STORY ! - Minecraft Animation8:0183,659
2022-09-03ALEX STRONGER than STEVE ?! NOOB vs PRO - Minecraft Animation8:07216,841
2022-08-27HUGGY WUGGY and BABY HUGGY SAD Story - Cartoon Animation (Poppy Playtime)8:021,061,934Poppy Playtime
2022-08-24ZOMBIE EVOLUTION ! Giant Zombie Sad Life Story - Minecraft Animation9:0781,169
2022-08-20PLAYER LOVE KISSY MISSY ?! - Cartoon Animation (Poppy Playtime)8:20102,126Poppy Playtime
2022-08-17MERMAID ALEX and PIRATE STEVE ! Love Story - Minecraft Animation9:0386,121
2022-08-13ALEX Became EVIL DOLL - Minecraft Animation8:18180,061
2022-08-10ALEX and THE MAN FROM THE WINDOW - Minecraft Animation8:2055,236
2022-08-06WITHER STORM EVOLUTION ! Wither Sad Life Story - Minecraft Animation8:062,824,102
2022-08-03Who Killed STEVE ?! ALEX DETECTIVE Story - Minecraft Animation8:0691,691
2022-07-30EVIL MOMMY LONG LEGS and DARK MAGIC - Cartoon Animation (Poppy Playtime)9:0331,588Poppy Playtime
2022-07-27MOMMY LONG LEGS is POPPY.exe ?! ORIGIN STORY - Cartoon Animation (Poppy Playtime)8:3893,468Poppy Playtime
2022-07-23GIANT CREEPER ROBOT ORIGIN STORY - Minecraft Animation8:0163,499
2022-07-20The BABIES ZOMBIE : HUGGY WUGGY, POPPY and MOMMY LONG LEGS - Cartoon Animation (Poppy Playtime)9:01117,548Poppy Playtime
2022-07-16CREEPER EVOLUTION ! BABY Creeper to GIANT MUTANT - Minecraft Animation8:452,131,939
2022-07-13GIANT LAVA GOLEM ORIGIN STORY - Minecraft Animation8:02640,897
2022-07-06CREEPER became BEAUTIFUL GIRL ?! SAD STORY - Minecraft Animation8:08508,992
2022-07-04ALEX the FULL LIFE Story ! - Minecraft Animation1:00:01779,835
2022-07-02HUGGY WUGGY LIFE STORY - Cartoon Animation (Poppy Playtime)1:00:213,502,554Poppy Playtime
2022-06-29BABY ZOMBIE SAD LIFE Story - Minecraft Animation8:4171,819
2022-06-22ALEX and STEVE SUMMER VACATION - Minecraft Animation8:013,292,426Minecraft
2022-06-18EVIL ALEX SAD ORIGIN STORY - Minecraft Animation8:37339,288
2022-06-15Is HUGGY WUGGY a EVIL DEMON ?! True Story of Devil - Cartoon Animation (Poppy Playtime)8:10317,375Poppy Playtime
2022-06-11ENDERMAN MUTANT ORIGIN STORY ! - Minecraft Animation10:14394,705
2022-06-08HUGGY WUGGY bacame Minecraft Huggy Wuggy?! Minecraft World - Cartoon Animation (Poppy Playtime)8:441,226,444
2022-06-04KILLY WILLY is HUGGY WUGGY.exe ?! ORIGIN STORY - Cartoon Animation (Poppy Playtime)8:0111,206,808Poppy Playtime
2022-06-01Why STEVE is INFECTED MUTANT ? Nuclear War! - Minecraft Animation9:141,674,450
2022-05-28GIANT SPIDER MUTANT and ALEX ORIGIN STORY! - Minecraft Animation8:04437,375
2022-05-21HUGGY WUGGY turning RED PANDA! - Cartoon Animation (Poppy Playtime)9:3042,084Poppy Playtime
2022-05-18GIANT CREEPER MUTANT ORIGIN STORY! - Minecraft Animation8:371,468,867
2022-05-14The Story of EVIL VILLAGER Herobrine Part 2 - Minecraft Animation9:00871,982
2022-05-07How ENDERMAN became SLENDERMAN ORIGIN STORY - Minecraft Animation9:091,264,602
2022-04-30MOMMY LONG LEGS and DADDY LONG LEGS LOVE STORY - Cartoon Animation (Poppy Playtime)8:15401,286
2022-04-23The Story of GIANT ZOMBIE MUTANT - Minecraft Animation9:09490,165Minecraft
2022-04-16HUGGY WUGGY and DOKI DOKI LOVE STORY - Cartoon Animation (Poppy Playtime)8:0268,237Poppy Playtime
2022-04-09HUGGY WUGGY and MOMMY LONG LEGS LOVE STORY - Cartoon Animation (Poppy Playtime)8:512,155,095Poppy Playtime
2022-04-02EVIL DOCTOR ALEX TRUE STORY - Minecraft Animation8:013,827,198
2022-03-26ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE vs ALEX and STEVE - Minecraft Animation9:121,454,260Minecraft
2022-03-12HUGGY WUGGY ZOMBIE ORIGIN STORY - Cartoon Animation (Poppy Playtime)9:563,324,596
2022-03-05The Story of EVIL VILLAGER Herobrine - Minecraft Animation8:281,530,897
2022-02-26Zombie Girl and Alex Friendship Story - Cartoon Animation8:03452,570
2022-02-12Villager Life ( Minecraft Sad Story ) - Cartoon Animation17:39278,946Minecraft
2022-02-05The Story of Minecraft's First Herobrine - Cartoon Animation8:02711,176
2022-01-22HUGGY WUGGY BECAME A HUMAN!? - Cartoon Animation (Poppy Playtime)9:37494,863Poppy Playtime
2022-01-15BOYFRIEND vs FREDDY KRUEGER - Cartoon Animation9:2430,997
2022-01-08GIRLFRIEND vs SAW GAME! SAVE GIRLFRIEND! - Cartoon Animation8:02115,749Friday Night Funkin'
2022-01-01The Story of Minecraft's First Zombie - Cartoon Animation9:065,123,784
2021-12-25HUGGY WUGGY and GIRLFRIEND SAD STORY - Cartoon Animation (Poppy Playtime)9:531,580,321Poppy Playtime
2021-12-11Friday Night Funkin vs Huggy Wuggy Honeycomb Candy Shape Squid Game - Cartoon Animation11:0875,408Friday Night Funkin'
2021-12-04Friday Night Funkin vs Floor is Lava Squid Game - Cartoon Animation18:0442,936
2021-11-27Friday Night Funkin vs Squid Game Love Story - Cartoon Animation19:072,227,945Love Story
2021-11-06Among Us R.I.P Mother Sad Story - Cartoon Animation16:27539,110Among Us
2021-10-30Friday Night Funkin vs SPONGEBOB.EXE Apocalypse - Cartoon Animation16:422,801,165
2021-10-20AMONG US 3D vs BALDI - 3D Animation5:10128,172Among Us
2021-10-16Friday Night Funkin vs SONIC.EXE Apocalypse - Cartoon Animation9:23300,387Friday Night Funkin'
2021-10-09Friday Night Funkin vs Granny - Cartoon Animation14:52451,465
2021-10-02Friday Night Funkin SUMMER VACATION PLUS LOVE - Cartoon Animation9:092,220,476Friday Night Funkin'
2021-09-29Friday Night Funkin vs Zombie Apocalypse Season - Cartoon Animation41:581,562,970Friday Night Funkin'
2021-09-25Among Us WORKOUT IMPOSTER and GIRLFRIEND LOVE STORY Friday Night Funkin - Cartoon Animation8:02240,835Love Story
2021-09-18GIRLFRIEND & BOYFRIEND'S DAUGHTER IS KIDNAPPED! Friday Night Funkin - Cartoon Animation8:3773,148Friday Night Funkin'
2021-09-11Friday Night Funkin BOYFRIEND and MOMMY LOVE STORY - Cartoon Animation8:06210,279Friday Night Funkin'