Latest Channel Activity From Kenya

This list represents YouTube gaming channels from Kenya based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
13 hours agoKenya Simulizi Na Sauti1,300,000Kajala amuomba msamaha P-Funk 'You are the best dad and I love you'1:43
1 day agoKenya Xpert Trevor37Xpert Trevor - Maintain2:01
2 days agoKenya innocent_254829Fortnite update #Gaming #Fortnite live2:28:28
2 days agoKenya Samuel Ramogo148,000Mortal Kombat 1 - General Shao Vs Tanya (Very Hard)4:32
4 days agoKenya Naweed21Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores | Part 22:22:31
6 days agoKenya HUZEYFA OFFICE72April 12, 20240:09
2024-04-10Kenya iATHENAH283Phil Foden tip toeing #shortvideos #letsplay #youtyube #fypviral #mcfc0:12
2024-04-09Kenya justbraceface12,400The most popular TikTok gamer in Africa【Kabaka Mwangi】0:38
2024-04-09Kenya LYGA BRYAN8,2509 April 2024 COD Mobile Free Redeem Codes|CODM Redemption Redeem Code 2024|CODM Redeem Code 20243:00
2024-03-23Kenya Arif Fidaali209Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition | GTX 1660Ti | i7 9750H34:58
2024-03-23Kenya KINGMAALI 🎮1,730jeremy Doku #arsenalfc #careermode #fc24 #fypシ゚viral #gamer #youtubeshorts0:18
2024-03-21Kenya Sam Trader6,850Secrets you should know about Prop Firms....Time to pass challenge!1:00
2024-03-12Kenya ItzMisu164Overwatch clips but they get increasingly more satisfying3:12
2024-03-05Kenya Chezuget1,410Black Desert Online | DAILY & WEEKLY Awakened Scrolls Are they WORTH IT?!13:17
2024-02-12Kenya St1ng3r25471Palworld Gameplay (6hr play nonestop)6:02:57
2024-02-11Kenya AgentSabry RL1,470Greatest Loss in Rocket League History 😭😏3:03
2024-02-03Kenya 254 UltraGamer225In honour of #apollocreed #carlweathers THERE IS NO TOMORROW0:25
2024-01-23Kenya QueenPlays693Murder Mystery - Detective Investigation Story #2 (2024)5:08
2024-01-21Kenya KHANAK Entertainment30#BGMI | Free Custom Room Live | Chill Stream0:12
2024-01-20Kenya JAVY Technologies420Taking football to a whole new dimension with TCL TVs. From KSh. 21,0001:00
2024-01-13Kenya Swahili Gamer14,100DONATE NIKUONE!! | 1V1 CREATIVE WORRIOR1:45:11
2024-01-08Kenya ShopeenBest1,470Best laptops in Kenya25:55
2023-12-05Kenya Hoxyfn478Bus stimulator #short1:00
2023-11-12Kenya Son Of Gypsies77Fortnite Chapter 4: Season OG DUOS WIN0:31
2023-11-03Kenya Expert Gamer56Man united vs tottenham Hotspurs EPL Premier Leaugue FIFA 2341:24
2023-10-22Kenya ETV KENYA ONLINE2,140Sunday Main Service - CCF Church Rongai (22ND OCT 2023)33:27
2023-09-28Kenya Happy Wishy42How to Redeem a code on Your Xbox Console in Kenya0:43
2023-08-13Kenya all about sports9Efootball2328:58
2023-08-07Kenya BENSO GAMING TECH9,420How To Install Euro Truck Simulator 2 1.48 MONEY and XP MOD17:09
2023-08-02Kenya HemanExclusive188HOW TO REPORT FRAUSTERS IN PUBG MOBILE #SHORTS0:19
2023-07-30Kenya Simplyyfox2273hhbjjh7:39
2023-07-02Kenya Suleimanshawa697Suleimanshawa is going live!0:00
2023-06-24Kenya Minephase1,400Prank Video!0:33
2023-04-26Kenya Nismo The Gamer1,660Turning to a zombie in Dead Island 2 be like #shorts0:30
2023-04-22Kenya SIR RYAN WALTER 254127Video Circulating Internet Not CAS Millicent Omanga9:36
2023-04-19Kenya Savanna FGC390Savanna Circuit - MK11 (S1) | Q2 Winners' Final: RMP | Shizzle Maniax vs FTG | Mr Stacks10:10
2023-04-15Kenya Swash na1OPPO A3S LIHGT SOLUTION0:30
2023-02-22Kenya Beast in gaming 28Trying to win this game0:32
2023-02-18Kenya Gaming Mods Kenya725ULINZI STARS VS GOR MAHIA on eFootball PES 202115:13
2022-10-27Kenya What's Good Networks8,320Red Bull Campus Clutch Kenya National Finals 20221:55:02
2022-06-22Kenya Deejay Esco984MILNER GOAL LINE CLEARANCE😱😎0:28
2022-05-16Kenya @sammaina51#fifascripting #fifadaysover #fifa22 #fifa21 #fifa20 #fifa19 #fifa18 #fifa17 #fifa16 #fifa #shorts0:13
2022-05-06Kenya Eddy Kingi1Top 10 NEW Games of 202211:43
2022-04-07Kenya Boniface Reinhand4,030Trevor #shorts #gta5online0:30
2022-02-18Kenya Red Ink486how to be kind to yourself0:25
2022-01-28Kenya ElectrossHD9,030“AIMBOT”4:08
2021-10-03Kenya XTACY104The cringe0:20
2021-09-12Kenya Joe Dennis of The Peaceful Savages343FARCRY 5 PART 226:02
2021-09-04Kenya Joolpool80When you eat raw chicken...1:32
2021-08-28Kenya Athelle210Cold war test stream0:00
2021-08-17Kenya Street24 Magazine5Mario Golf Super Rush - Overview Trailer (Nintendo Switch)5:17
2021-08-12Kenya Lime Tv6,880Family Guy Season 11 Episodes 12 Full Episode [NO CUTS] 1080p19:20
2021-05-28Kenya Lag Alert2,210Mortal Kombat 11 - Nightwolf AI Setup [Update 1.22]3:55
2021-04-25Kenya The Noob Gamer 25410Injustice 2 Legendary Edition Story Mode (The Girl who Laughs) PS4 Gameplay19:05
2020-11-04Kenya Atomic Trailers9News of the World | Trailer #22:49
2019-02-01Kenya Kate273The Sims 4 | Billie Eilish | CAS (+full cc list)2:22