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KingStix Gaming is an American YouTube content creator with over 156 thousand subscribers. He published 944 videos which altogether total over 49.01 million views.

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2022-10-08Riot BUFFED CRIT GAREN...NOW HE'S A HUGE LATE GAME CARRY👌 | Garen Jungle Guide League of Legends32:0834,367GuideLeague of Legends
2022-10-07WHY RAMMUS IS A S+ TOP LANER🔥 | How to Play Rammus Top & CARRY👌 - League of Legends21:1540,259GuideLeague of Legends
2022-10-07Riot Turned NASUS into the #1 TOP LANER🔥 | How to Play Nasus Top & CARRY👌 - League of Legends38:3348,328GuideLeague of Legends
2022-10-05How to Play Kennen & CARRY for Beginners + BEST BUILD/RUNES - League of Legends51:5133,013GuideLeague of Legends
2022-10-04I Show you Why AD TEEMO IS BEST | How to ACTUALLY Play Teemo & CARRY Season 12 - League of Legends42:0132,259GuideLeague of Legends
2022-10-03How to Play Renekton & CARRY for Beginners + Best Build/Runes | Renekton Guide S12 League of Legends48:3458,232GuideLeague of Legends
2022-10-02VAYNE'S BEST BUILD TURNS HER INTO A S+ SPLIT PUSHER👌 (1v5 SHRED EVERYTHING🔥) - League of Legends58:5760,141League of Legends
2022-10-01How to Play Olaf & CARRY for BEGINNERS + BEST BUILD/RUNES | Olaf Top Guide S12 League of Legends28:0835,926GuideLeague of Legends
2022-09-29How to ACTUALLY Play Caitlyn Mid & CARRY👌 (NO 25% WIN RATE LETHALITY BUILDS💩) - League of Legends40:0227,913GuideLeague of Legends
2022-09-28How to Play KHA'ZIX TOP & CARRY🔥 (SECRETLY 1v9 TOP LANER👌) - League of Legends25:5227,286GuideLeague of Legends
2022-09-27AMUMU TOP LANE PROXY CARRY STRAT🔥(HOW TO PLAY AMUMU TOP & CARRY👌) - League of Legends20:2222,393GuideLeague of Legends
2022-09-26How to Play Blitzcrank & CARRY for Beginners + Best Build/Runes - League of Legends25:5647,264GuideLeague of Legends
2022-09-25Sett Mid is TAKING OVER THE META... How to Play Sett Mid & CARRY + Best Build/Runes Season 1245:0263,870GuideLeague of Legends
2022-09-23How to Play Vel'Koz & CARRY MID LANE for Beginners + Best Build/Runes - League of Legends1:16:5255,302GuideLeague of Legends
2022-09-22Warwick the ULTIMATE 1v9 TOP LANER👌 (TEAM LITERALLY SOLO DYING TO GHOULS) - League of Legends40:0453,657League of Legends
2022-09-21Tryndamere is Secretly a 1v9 Mid Laner...I Show you HOW👌 - League of Legends45:5231,575ShowLeague of Legends
2022-09-20Mordekaiser Mid is Secretly A 1v9 MACHINE and I Show You Why... (CARRY THE MAP👑) - League of Legends49:3745,984League of Legends
2022-09-19How to Play AATROX & CARRY For Beginners + Best Build/Runes - League of Legends39:03118,994GuideLeague of Legends
2022-09-18BUFFED HECARIM IS a 1v5 TOP LANE MACHINE🔥 Best Build/Runes Hecarim Top Guide - League of Legends50:2630,281GuideLeague of Legends
2022-09-17THIS JUNGLE IS ACTUALLY A 72% WR MID LANER👌 (EASY BROKEN CHEESE🧀) - League of Legends45:1328,831League of Legends
2022-09-16THIS IS WHY SEJUANI TOP IS 5x BETTER THAN SEJUANI JUNGLE (0 SKILL EASY CARRY👌) - League of Legends44:5053,996League of Legends
2022-09-15NO SKILL MORDEKAISER BUILD TURNS HIM S+ TOP LANE KING👑 (#1 WR IRON-PLAT+🔥) - League of Legends36:3559,990League of Legends
2022-09-14Riot "Adjusted" Maokai into a S+ TOP LANER👌 (0 SKILL REQUIRED🔥) - League of Legends25:0620,920League of Legends
2022-09-13BUFFED KASSADIN FEELS SO GOOOOOOD👌 (GIGA 1v9 MID LANER) | Kassadin Mid Guide - League of Legends25:5232,742GuideLeague of Legends
2022-09-12RIOT TURNED MISS FORTUNE INTO THE STRONGEST ADC IN THE GAME👌 (S+ ADC HYPER CARRY) League of Legends44:4133,156League of Legends
2022-09-09This Poppy Build Turns her into an EARLY GAME S+ Jungler👌 (Fast Paced CARRY🔥) - League of Legends42:4627,410League of Legends
2022-09-08This Garen Build turns him into a S+ NOOB CARRY👌 (HOW TO PLAY GAREN & CARRY) - League of Legends32:0031,091GuideLeague of Legends
2022-09-05GRAVES TOP CAN'T BE STOPPED... (Most DAMAGE DEALT/TAKEN) - League of Legends33:5441,037League of Legends
2022-09-04Nocturne is the EASIEST 1v5 NOOB TOP LANER🔥 (WAAAAY BETTER THAN JUNGLE 😈) - League of Legends30:1226,576League of Legends
2022-09-02Lillia but I'm TOP LANE and 0 COUNTERY PLAY👌 (CRAZY BROKEN/FUN KITE CHAMP🔥) - League of Legends24:5625,269League of Legends
2022-08-31Purple Kayn is the #1 Jungler 5x Stronger Than Red Kayn... (Most Dmg Dealt/Taken) League of Legends39:5661,016League of Legends
2022-08-29This BUFF Turned this Champion into a S+ 1v9 Top Laner (LEGIT TOO STRONG🔥) - League of Legends25:2223,440League of Legends
2022-08-26UDYR TOP LITERALLY BREAKS THE GAME!? (170,000k Dmg Mitigated🔥, Enemies Dealt 153,000)46:2355,842League of Legends
2022-08-26MALPHITE BUFFS FEEL GOOOOOD👌 - League of Legends49:0627,108Let's PlayLeague of Legends
2022-08-25Tristana Buff FEELS SO GOOOOOOOD It turned her S++👌 (They Wen TOO FAR 100%) - League of Legends32:3933,784League of Legends
2022-08-23Amumu is ACTUALLY a S+ LOW ELO SUPPORT CARRY👌 (F tier Jungler but a S+ Support) - League of Legends16:0226,221League of Legends
2022-08-21This Neeko Build turns her into a S+ BULLY TOP LANER (NO SKILL CARRY BUILD🔥) - League of Legends31:5727,145League of Legends
2022-08-18PANTHEON MID LANE IS 100% TOO STRONG (EASY 65% WR MID LANER👌) - League of Legends46:5849,402League of Legends
2022-08-16THIS IS WHY YOU TAKE SMITE ON KAYN TOP (THE ULTIMATE CHEESE🧀) - League of Legends39:1928,325League of Legends
2022-08-15This ADC Is ACTUALLY a S+ CARRY TOP LANER🔥 (BETTER THAN VAYNE) - League of Legends37:3427,773League of Legends
2022-08-14THIS ITEM RUSH TURNS KARMA INTO A S+ MID LANER (2300g First Item Rush🧠) - League of Legends30:1215,799League of Legends
2022-08-10This Support is ACTUALLY a BEAST Top Laner👌 (MOST DMG DEALT🔥) - League of Legends36:3124,551League of Legends
2022-08-09THIS IS WHY NUNU MID IS BEST👌 (NUNU MID 500 IQ🧠, NUNU JG 50 IQ) - League of Legends27:0928,667League of Legends
2022-08-06The Easiest 1v9 Mid Lane ROAMER No One is Playing...(SHOVE ROAM CARRY👌) - League of Legends30:5823,405League of Legends
2022-08-05THIS OLAF BUILD TURNS HIM INTO A 1v5 BRAINLESS TOP LANER🔥 (TRY TRIED TO 1v5 ME😂) - League of Legends29:3726,151League of Legends
2022-08-03How to ACTUALLLY Play Teemo & CARRY w NO SKILL BUILD👌 (NO COUNTER PLAY BUILD🔥) - League of Legends29:3439,522GuideLeague of Legends
2022-08-02NEW KOREAN KAYN BUILD HAS NO COUNTERPLAY👌 (SECRET OP SUMMONER SPELL🔥) - League of Legends47:4340,144League of Legends
2022-08-01WEIRD 62% WR HECARIM JUNGLE BUILD IS TAKING OVER🔥(BUT WHY?) | How to Play Hecarim & CARRY Season 1225:5125,688GuideLeague of Legends
2022-07-30THIS IS WHY DIANA JUNGLE IS BROKEN NOW👌 (BEST AP JUNGLER🔥) - League of Legends46:1872,346League of Legends
2022-07-28JARVAN BUFFS FEEL GOOD BUT ARE THEY ENOUGH? (TRIPPLE FLAG META🔥)- League of Legends33:4319,678League of Legends
2022-07-27How to Play Vex & CARRY for Beginners + Best Build/Runes | Vex Guide Season 12 League of Legends22:4695,457GuideLeague of Legends
2022-07-25This Top Laner is ACTUALLY A BEAST JUNGLER👌 (MOST DMG DEALT🔥) - League of Legends29:1125,138League of Legends
2022-07-24THIS TURNS SHYVANA JUNGLE S+ TIER🔥 (RUSH THIS ITEM EVERYTIME👌) - League of Legends44:5540,268League of Legends
2022-07-22This TOP LANER is ACTUALLY A BEAST JUNGLER👌 (CONSISTANT NUKE MACHINE🔥) - League of Legends38:2426,595League of Legends
2022-07-21HOW TO PLAY KARTHUS MID & ACTUALLY CARRY👌 (1v5 CARRY CHAMP🔥) | Karthus Season 12 - League Of Legends22:4022,308GuideLeague of Legends
2022-07-20This JUNGLER is ACTUALLY a S+ CHEESE MID LANER👌 (CRAZY CARRY POTENTIAL🔥) - League of Legends32:1620,278League of Legends
2022-07-19OLAF TOP IS ACTUALLY TOO STRONG🔥 (20% ATTACK SPEED BUFF FEELS GOOD💪) - League of Legends33:0632,726League of Legends
2022-07-17SIVIR BUFFS WENT TOO FAR! (#1 CHAMPION IN GAME🔥) - League of Legends46:2237,708League of Legends
2022-07-16This Support is ACTUALLY a Secret TOP LANE CARRY!👌 (#1 CHEESE SUPPORT TOP LANER) - League of Legends21:1816,504League of Legends
2022-07-15Taliyah Buffs TURNED HER into a S+ BEGINNER JUNGLER!👌 (FULL HP CLEARS🔥) - League of Legends49:5930,007League of Legends
2022-07-1490% DAMAGE REDUCTION MASTER YI IS LEGIT BUSTED🔥 | This is what Master Yi Can do AFTER THE BUFFS👌41:0242,416League of Legends
2022-07-13How to Play Anivia & CARRY for BEGINNERS + Best Build/Runes Season 12 League of Legends35:5838,109GuideLeague of Legends
2022-07-12How to ACTUALLY Play Shyvana & CARRY CONSISTENTLY | TOP LANE SHYVANA GUIDE SEASON 1222:2529,626GuideLeague of Legends
2022-07-11This ADC Champion is my NEW FAVORITE MID LANER 🔥 (Better Than Tristana Mid👌) - League of Legends19:5120,680League of Legends
2022-07-10How to Play Darius Top & CARRY for Beginners + Best Build/Runes Season 12 - League of Legends38:4170,712GuideLeague of Legends
2022-07-08This ADC is ACTUALLY A S+ AP MID LANER (60% MAX HEALTH DAMAGE INSTANTLY👌) - League of Legends26:5824,548League of Legends
2022-07-05How to Play Gnar & CARRY for BEGINNERS + Best Build/Runes Season 12 - League of Legends29:2054,955GuideLeague of Legends
2022-07-03How to Play Twitch ADC & CARRY for BEGINNERS + Best Build/Runes Season 12 - League of Legends23:3184,896GuideLeague of Legends
2022-07-02How to Play Kalista & CARRY for BEGINNERS + Best Build/Runes Season 12 - League of Legends30:4756,924GuideLeague of Legends
2022-06-30HOW TO PLAY VOLIBEAR TOP & CARRY FOR BEGINNERS + BEST BUILD/RUNES SEASON 12 - League of Legends39:1747,487GuideLeague of Legends
2022-06-28How to Play Poppy TOP LANE & CARRY + Best Build/Runes | Poppy Guide Season 12 League of Legends38:5145,873GuideLeague of Legends
2022-06-26THIS EZREAL BUILD TURNED HIM INTO THE #1 ADC | How to Play Ezreal Season 12 - League of Legends17:3240,314GuideLeague of Legends
2022-06-24THIS JUNGLER IS ACTUALLY A S+ TOP LANER!👌 (STUPID EASY CARRY) - League of Legends22:4226,563League of Legends
2022-06-21How to Play Singed Mid & CARRY + Best Build/Runes | Singed Mid Guide Season 12 - League of Legends46:2034,350GuideLeague of Legends
2022-06-18How to Play Kayle & CARRY for Beginners + Best Build/Runes Season 12 - League of Legends Kayle Guide22:3875,095GuideLeague of Legends
2022-06-17THIS CHAMPION IS ACTUALLY THE BEST ASSASSIN! (YOU'D NEVER GUESS WHO!) - League of Legends31:2734,296League of Legends
2022-06-16HOW TO PLAY KASSADIN & CARRY FOR BEGINNERS + BEST BUILD/RUNES | Kassadin Guide Season 12 LoL52:2662,108League of Legends
2022-06-15THIS CHAMPION IS ACTUALLY THE BEST MID LANER (YOU'D NEVER GUESS WHO) - League of Legends24:3329,124League of Legends
2022-06-14MAOKAI 1v5 SUPPORT CARRY GUIDE + BEST BUILD/RUNES | How to Play Maokai Season 12 League of Legends24:2228,322GuideLeague of Legends
2022-06-13VOLIBEAR 1v5 BEGINNERS GUIDE + BEST BUILD/RUNES | How to Play Volibear Season 12 - League of Legends30:3245,387GuideLeague of Legends
2022-06-12DARIUS IS THE STRONGEST TOP LANE CARRY THIS PACH👌 | Darius Guide Season 12 - League of Legends36:3946,622GuideLeague of Legends
2022-06-11EASY 71% WIN RATE PANTHEON TOP CARRY BUILD + BEST RUNES | Pantheon Guide Season 12 League of Legends27:2993,505GuideLeague of Legends
2022-06-11This ADC is ACTUALLY A 1v5 GIGA SUPPORT CARRY! (GUESS WHO?) - League of Legends28:1120,038League of Legends
2022-06-09HOW TO ACTUALLY CARRY WITH MAOKAI + Best BUILD/RUNES - Maokai Guide Season 12 League of Legends29:1530,709GuideLeague of Legends
2022-06-07THIS ADC CHAMPION IS SECRETLY A 1v5 SUPPORT CARRY!👌 (YOU'D NEVER GUESS WHO!🔥) - League of Legends31:4322,330League of Legends
2022-06-06BEST ASHE BUILD FOR EARLY GAME CARRYING + Best Runes Season 12 | Ashe Guide League of Legends19:1233,749GuideLeague of Legends
2022-06-05How to Play Talon MID & CONSISTENTLY CARRY Season 12 + Best Build/Runes - League of Legends40:2846,756GuideLeague of Legends
2022-06-04THIS KINDRED BUILD TURNS HER INTO A LEGIT ASSASSIN!👌 (PERMA INVADE STRAT🔥) - League of Legends49:0443,944League of Legends
2022-06-03How to ACTUALLY CARRY ON MISS FORTUNE for Beginners + BEST BUILD/RUNES Season 12 - League of Legends18:5034,236GuideLeague of Legends
2022-06-02THIS CHAMPION TURNED INTO THE BEST 1v5 JUNGLER THIS PATCH🔥 - League of Legends39:2943,167League of Legends
2022-05-31THIS SWAIN BUILD TURNED HIM INTO AN EASY S+ TIER TOP👌 | Swain Top Guide Season 12 League of Legends33:4287,389GuideLeague of Legends
2022-05-30THIS KOG'MAW BUILD TURNED HIM INTO THE #1 ADC 👌 (MOST DAMAGE DEALT/TAKEN BUILD🔥) - League of Legends34:0562,829League of Legends
2022-05-28THIS EZREAL BUILD TURNED HIM INTO THE #1 TOP LANE BULLY (EASY CARRY 24/0/2) - League of Legends22:4529,469League of Legends
2022-05-27THIS OLAF BUILD TURNED HIM INTO THE #1 TOP LANER (EASY 65% WR OLAF BUILD) - League of Legends47:4959,228League of Legends
2022-05-25NEW KHA'ZIX BUILD TURNS HIM S+ TIER! | How to Play Kha'Zix & CARRY Season 12 League of Legends31:3861,633GuideLeague of Legends
2022-05-23How to Play Lillia Jungle & CARRY for Beginners Season 12 + Best Build/Runes - League of Legends28:35100,509GuideLeague of Legends
2022-05-20Talon But I'm PERMA INVADING THE ENEMY JUNGLER TILL HE QUITS (RENGAR RAGED HARD😈)- League of Legends50:0971,309League of Legends
2022-05-19Jax Jungle but I'm UNKILLABLE and Heal INSTANTLY👌 (MAX LIFESTEAL JAX IS NUTS!🔥🔥🔥) League of Legends30:4029,172League of Legends
2022-05-17KOREAN SHACO BUILD TURNS HIM INTO A EASY S+ CARRY! | Shaco Jungle Guide Season 12 League of Legends59:45123,786GuideLeague of Legends