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KingStix Gaming is an American YouTube channel which has over 155 thousand subscribers. His content totals roughly 50.4 million views views across over 1.07 thousand videos.

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2023-03-15How to Play Ashe ADC for Beginners & CARRY + Best Build/Runes SEASON 13 Ashe Guide League of Legends20:1032,799GuideLeague of Legends
2023-03-13How to Play Tristana ADC for Beginners & CARRY + Best Build/Runes SEASON 13 Tristana Guide25:2725,409GuideLeague of Legends
2023-03-12WARWICK IS SECRETLY A S+ TOP LANER (THEY TRIED TO GANK ME😈👌) - League of Legends33:5435,735League of Legends
2023-03-10RIOT MADE VEIGAR THE #1 "ADC" (1000 AP IN 26 MINUTES😩) - League of Legends27:2433,014League of Legends
2023-03-09BUFFED KENNEN IS A SNOWBALLING BEAST! (SO MUCH DAMAGE👌) - Kennen Season 13 League of Legends23:3626,211League of Legends
2023-03-08Zac But I HEAL FULL HP INSTANTLY! (THEY TRY TO FOCUS ME😈) - Zac Guide Season 13 League of Legends28:0619,675GuideLeague of Legends
2023-03-07Graves But I'm Full Lifesteal and HEAL INSTANTLY (THEY TRIED TO FOCUS ME😈) - League of Legends42:0427,939League of Legends
2023-03-06Lillia is ACTUALLY a S+ TOP CARRY! (HUGE TRIPPLE BURNS) - League of Legends27:4726,090League of Legends
2023-03-04POPPY IS SECRETLY A BEAST MID LANER! (MOST DAMAGE DEALT) - League of Legends30:4216,572League of Legends
2023-03-03BUFFED AHRI CAN'T BE STOPPED! | How to Play Ahri & CARRY vs Melee/Ranged - League of Legends S1332:2823,097GuideLeague of Legends
2023-03-01MORDEKAISER IS SECRETLY A S+ MID LANER👌 (MOST DAMAGE DEALT/TAKEN!) | League of Legends Season 1324:1823,643League of Legends
2023-02-28BUFFED MALPHITE IS AN ABSOLUTE BEAST! (SO MUCH DAMAGE👌) - Malphite Season 13 League of Legends23:4330,963Let's PlayLeague of Legends
2023-02-27BUFFED CHO'GATH IS AN ABSOLUTE BEAST! (x18 STACKS 2.88k HP👌) - AP Cho'Gath S13 League of Legends1:00:2735,125League of Legends
2023-02-26How to Play CAITLYN SUPPORT & CARRY! (HUGE HEADSHOT DAMAGE🔥👌) - League of Legends Season 1337:4922,857GuideLeague of Legends
2023-02-25ULTIMATE TANK VAYNE TECH (YOU CAN'T ESCAPE!😈) | Vayne Guide Season 13 - League of Legends40:3227,324GuideLeague of Legends
2023-02-24THIS IS WHAT VEIGAR CAN DO AFTER THE BUFFS😈 (Q + W RANGE BUFFS) | Veigar Guide S13 League of Legends37:5419,771GuideLeague of Legends
2023-02-22RAMMUS IS THE ULTIMATE TOP COUNTER🐢 (FULL HP DIVES😈) - Rammus Guide League of Legends Season 1335:2430,584GuideLeague of Legends
2023-02-20RIOT NEEDS TO NERF THIS SINGED BUILD! (YOU CAN'T ESCAPE SINGED META💀) - League of Legends49:0326,992League of Legends
2023-02-19How to Play Nasus Top & CARRY for Beginners (Survive/Scale/WIN EVERY TIME😈) - League of Legends S1338:2631,440GuideLeague of Legends
2023-02-18PANTHEON IS THE META👑 How to Play Pantheon for Beginners & CARRY! + Best Build/Runes Season 1333:0275,564GuideLeague of Legends
2023-02-17AD MISS FORTUNE MELTS EVERYTHING! (WHY AD MF SUPPORT IS 5x STRONGER👌) - League of Legends29:5319,863League of Legends
2023-02-15RIOT MADE ANNIE SUPPORT THE STRONGEST CHAMP IN THE GAME! | How to Play Annie Support & CARRY33:5438,432GuideLeague of Legends
2023-02-14HOW TO PLAY VEIGAR - Season 13 Veigar Guide | Best Veigar Build & Runes - League of Legends44:2727,921GuideLeague of Legends
2023-02-12RIOT WANTS YOU TO RUSH INFINITY EDGE (SO I COMPLY😈) - Tristana Mid Season 13 League of Legends52:2927,208League of Legends
2023-02-10RIOT MADE AP ALISTAR GREAT AGAIN 🥇 (MOST DAMAGE DEALT🔥) - AP Alistar Guide S13 League of Legends36:4525,848GuideLeague of Legends
2023-02-09SAMIRA IS SECRETLY A S+ TOP LANER🤫 (71% WR BUILD👌) | How to Play Samira Season 13 - League of Legend34:2839,061GuideLeague of Legends
2023-02-08KAYN IS ACTUALLY A BEAST TOP LANER👌 (HUGE CARRY POTENTIAL🔥) | Kayn Guide Season 13 League of Legends39:0330,446GuideLeague of Legends
2023-02-06How to Play AD Kayle & CARRY! (BIGGEST POWER SPIKE IN THE GAME👌) - League of Legends Season 131:18:3174,033GuideLeague of Legends
2023-02-04Olaf But I'm Full Lifesteal and HEAL 100% INSTANTLY (THEY TRIED TO FOCUS ME😈) - League of Legends30:4927,212League of Legends
2023-02-03TRYNDAMERE MID LANE CHEESE IS ACTUALLY BROKEN👌 (NO ONE EXPECTS THIS DAMAGE😈) - League of Legends30:2319,019League of Legends
2023-02-02RIOT WANTS YOU TO PLAY TANK TEEMO👌 | How to Play Teemo Tank & CARRY Season 13 - League of Legends27:4038,244GuideLeague of Legends
2023-01-31RADIANT VIRTUE KARMA HEALS INSTANTLY👌 | How to Play Karma & CARRY Season 13 League of Legends25:5029,940GuideLeague of Legends
2023-01-30How to Play QUINN TOP & CARRY + Best Build/Runes Season 13 League of Legends28:0321,820GuideLeague of Legends
2023-01-28This Vi Build turns her into a S+ TOP LANER👌 | How to Play Vi & CARRY Season 13 League of Legends40:2727,902GuideLeague of Legends
2023-01-27This build turns Xin Zhao into an EASY MID LANE ONE SHOT MACHINE👌- League of Legends Season 1322:1018,752League of Legends
2023-01-25How to Play Ashe ADC for Beginners & CARRY + Best Build/Runes SEASON 13 Ashe Guide League of Legends39:1941,540GuideLeague of Legends
2023-01-24ZAC IS TAKING OVER MID LANE WITH A 70% WR BUILD! - Zac Season 13 League of Legends35:2528,474League of Legends
2023-01-23YOU CAN'T KILL WARWICK MID (SURVIVE AND CARRY👌) - League of Legends22:3622,863League of Legends
2023-01-22How to Play Master Yi & CARRY TOP🙏 (WIN ANY MATCHUP👌) | Master Yi Guide Season 13 League of Legends28:3126,660GuideLeague of Legends
2023-01-20ASHE TOP LANE CHEESE IS LEGIT BUSTED! (0 COUNTER PLAY👑) | Ashe Guide Season 13 League of Legends18:4024,656GuideLeague of Legends
2023-01-19How to Play POPPY & CARRY! + Best Build/Runes Season 13 League of Legends39:3326,813GuideLeague of Legends
2023-01-18NEW UDYR BUILD IS LEGIT BUSTED! (69% WR👑) - League of Legends52:0736,302League of Legends
2023-01-17How to Play WARWICK TOP & CARRY💪 + Best Build/Runes Season 13 | Warwick Guide S13 League of Legends36:1037,339GuideLeague of Legends
2023-01-16LVL 1 NUNU ROAMS CAN'T BE STOPPED👌 How to Play AP NUNU MID & CARRY Season 13 League of Legends36:1621,504GuideLeague of Legends
2023-01-15How to Play Ahri & CARRY for BEGINNERS! + Best Build/Runes Season 13 Ahri Guide League of Legends21:5534,656GuideLeague of Legends
2023-01-14How to Play Jax AFTER THE BUFFS👌 | Jax Beginners Guide Season 13 League of Legends23:0148,116GuideLeague of Legends
2023-01-13RIOT WENT TOO FAR, NOW KASSADIN HAS A 50% BAN RATE! (HIGHEST WR CHAMP IN GAME!) League of Legends25:2020,366League of Legends
2023-01-12How to Play PANTHEON & CARRY! + Best Build/Runes Season 13 | Pantheon Guide S13 League of Legends33:5340,757GuideLeague of Legends
2023-01-11How to Play Kalista & SOLO CARRY for BEGINNERS + Best Build/Runes Season 13 - League of Legends55:2132,814GuideLeague of Legends
2023-01-10How to play Garen Top & CARRY! + Best Build/Runes | Garen Guide Season 13 League of Legends27:4943,655GuideLeague of Legends
2023-01-09VIEGO MID 🧀CHEESE IS TOO GOOD! (HYPER 1v5 POTENTIAL👌) How to Viego Season 13 League of Legends29:3220,928GuideLeague of Legends
2023-01-08How to Play ZIGGS MID & CARRY for BEGINNERS + Best Build/Runes Season 13 - League of Legends26:1121,886GuideLeague of Legends
2023-01-07NASUS 🧀CHEESE MAKES HIM A BEAST MID LANER👌 | How to Play Nasus Mid & CARRY League of Legends25:5921,062GuideLeague of Legends
2023-01-05EVELYNN TOP LANE 🧀CHEESE IS LEGIT BUSTED👌 | Evelynn Top Season 13 League of Legends38:0123,208League of Legends
2023-01-04How to Play VEIGAR & CARRY for Beginners + Best Build/Runes Season 13 Veigar Guide League of Legends32:3429,053GuideLeague of Legends
2023-01-01How to Play Lissandra & CARRY for Beginners + Best Build/Runes | Lissandra Guide Season 13 LoL22:1226,779GuideLeague of Legends
2022-12-31972 ARMOUR MALPHITE CAN'T BE STOPPED! (MOST DAMAGE DEALT/TAKEN) Malphite Guide Season 1336:5234,274Let's PlayLeague of Legends
2022-12-30CAITLYN CHEESE🧀 BREAKS TOP LANE (#1 RANGED TOP👌) | Caitlyn Season 13 League of Legends26:4625,480League of Legends
2022-12-29SHACO SUPPORT IS A LATE GAME CARRY BEAST👌🤡 | Shaco Support Guide Season 13 League of Legends38:3327,143GuideLeague of Legends
2022-12-26VAYNE CHEESE🧀 MAKES THEM FF 15 EVERYTIME 😢 | Vayne Season 13 League of Legends30:2828,832League of Legends
2022-12-25WHY TWITCH TOP IS SOOO GOOOOD🧀👌(NASTY CHEESE🧀 STRAT) | Twitch Guide Season 13 League of Legends44:1736,840GuideLeague of Legends
2022-12-24FRONTLINE SHYVANA FOR BEGINNERS👌 (BEST TANK SHYV BUILD) | How to Play Shyvana Season 1324:0724,524GuideLeague of Legends
2022-12-23Evelynn Mid is JUST AP PYKE MID👌😈 | How to Play Evelynn MID + Best Build/Runes Season 13 LoL48:1828,307GuideLeague of Legends
2022-12-22RIOT MADE LUX SUPPORT THE BEST CARRY IN THE GAME (MOST DAMAGE DEALT👌) Lux Guide Season 1329:2728,913GuideLeague of Legends
2022-12-21MUNDO TOP IS OUT OF CONTROL 10k HP/744 AD (MOST DAMAGE DEALT/TAKEN🔥) Mundo Top Guide Season 1338:2780,452GuideLeague of Legends
2022-12-18WHY SINGED MID IS CONSISTENTLY OP (ULTIMATE LVL 2 CHEESE STRAT😈) | Singed Mid Guide Season 1344:2046,642GuideLeague of Legends
2022-12-17KASSADIN IS NOT BALANCED🔥 (ROA TOO STRONG😈) How to Play Kassadin & CARRY Season 13 League of Legends43:0675,469GuideLeague of Legends
2022-12-17RIOT TURNED LUX INTO A LEGIT CARRY👌 (20% More R DMG/10% More E Damage) - League of Legends29:1922,812League of Legends
2022-12-15MORDEKAISER IS THE #1 NOOB CARRY WITH THIS BUILD👌 | How to Play Mordekaiser Top Season 1334:1091,735League of Legends
2022-12-14THIS ADC HAS THE SPICIEST MID CHEESE IN THE GAME🧀 (FREE KILL EVERY TIME👌) - League of Legends24:0720,567League of Legends
2022-12-13WIT'S END KAYLE CAN BEAT ANY BAD MATCHUP👌 | Kayle Guide Season 13 League of Legends26:0738,389League of Legends
2022-12-12WARWICK IS TAKING OVER TOP LANE META WITH THIS ITEM👌 | Warwick Top Season 13 - League of Legends38:4348,452League of Legends
2022-12-11THIS ADC IS A ROAMING 1v9 MACHINE MID LANER🔥 (VERY BALANCED/VERY FUN👌) - League of Legends43:1123,231League of Legends
2022-12-10NOCTURNE TOP IS LEGIT HIDDEN OP WITH NEW ITEMS👌 (MOST DAMAGE DEALT/TAKEN🔥) - League of Legends32:5428,012League of Legends
2022-12-09RIOT BUFFED ZAC INTO A BEAST LANER👌 | How to Play Zac Mid & CARRY League of Legends Season 1340:5533,252League of Legends
2022-12-08How to Play JAX TOP & CARRY for Beginners + Best Build/Runes | Jax Guide Season 13 League of Legends21:1040,690GuideLeague of Legends
2022-12-07This Jungler is Secretly an EASY S+ TOP LANER (MOST DAMAGE DEALT🔥) - League of Legends26:3331,574League of Legends
2022-12-06How to Play Darius & CARRY for Beginners + Best Build/Runes Season 13 League of Legends1:03:5578,612GuideLeague of Legends
2022-12-04THIS AATROX BUILD CAN'T BE STOPPED🔥 (MOST DMG DEALT/TAKEN👌) | Aatrox Season 13 League of Legends33:3347,667League of Legends
2022-12-02The enemy team Jungler Camped I made them FF 15 (UNIQUE 1v9 MID LANER) - League of Legends30:1429,257League of Legends
2022-12-01How to Play Kennen & CARRY for Beginners + Best Build/Runes | Season 13 Guide League of Legends52:3637,941GuideLeague of Legends
2022-11-30KHA'ZIX TOP SCALING CAN'T BE MATCHED (MOST DAMAGE DEALT🔥) Kha'Zix Guide Season 13 League of Legends27:5532,277GuideLeague of Legends
2022-11-29This Jungler is Secretly an EASY S+ MID LANER (MOST DAMAGE DEALT🔥) - League of Legends22:4630,007League of Legends
2022-11-28How to Play FIORA & CARRY + Best Build/Runes Season 13 | Fiora Guide S13 - League of Legends21:2970,714GuideLeague of Legends
2022-11-27Nobody Plays this Unique Champion but it's SECRETLY OP (MAX CARRY POTENTIAL🔥) - League of Legends28:3923,165Let's PlayLeague of Legends
2022-11-26How to Play AATROX Jungle & CARRY😈+ Best BUILD/RUNES | Aatrox Guide Season 13 League of Legends50:3144,047GuideLeague of Legends
2022-11-25VOLIBEAR WITH ICEBORN IS A BEAST JUNGLER👌 | How to Play Volibear Jungle Season 13 League of Legends38:1848,181GuideLeague of Legends
2022-11-24PANTHEON JUNGLE IS CARRY BEAST👌 | How to Play Pantheon & CARRY LOW ELO - League of Legends Season 1331:2439,691GuideLeague of Legends
2022-11-23MORDEKAISER WITH NEW ITEMS TURNS HIM INTO A MID LANE RAIDBOSS👌 | SEASON 13 GUIDE League of Legends44:0028,635GuideLeague of Legends
2022-11-22TRYNDAMERE JUNGLE IS ACTUALLY GOOD NOW👌 | How to Play Tryndamere Jungle Season 13 League of Legends23:2828,542GuideLeague of Legends
2022-11-21Warwick Top But I DONT LET THE ENEMY FARM "HOW DOES NASUS ONLY HAVE 30 CS?" - Warwick Season 1327:2947,281League of Legends
2022-11-19TEEMO BUT I'M TANK ON-HIT & DO THE MOST DAMAGE EVERY GAME (LEGIT TOO STRONG🔥) League of Legends1:08:2193,944League of Legends
2022-11-18How to Play Amumu Jungle & CARRY (3:12 FULL CLEAR👌) - League of Legends Season 1333:4445,522GuideLeague of Legends
2022-11-16ZAC TURNED INTO A LEGIT MID RAID BOSS WITH NEW ITEMS (SO MUCH HEALING👌) - League of Legends54:1921,426League of Legends
2022-11-15SUPER ANNOYING TANK KASSADIN BUILD😈 (INFINITE AP/HP👌) - League of Legends26:1424,058League of Legends
2022-11-13Tristana is a 1v9 Jungler with SEASON 13 SMITE NOW👌 | Tristana Jungle Season 13 League of Legends33:3733,367League of Legends
2022-11-11WHY YOU CAN'T ESCAPE OLAF JUNGLE ANYMORE (100% INSTA HEALING👌) | Olaf Season 13 - League of Legends22:0633,634League of Legends
2022-11-10RIOT MADE AP UDYR EVEN BETTER IN SEASON 13 (INFINITE HP/AP SCALING😈) - League of Legends29:0634,566League of Legends
2022-11-09Vi TANK BUILD IS SCARY STRONG WITH NEW ITEMS (HUGE PASSIVE SHIELDS👌) - League of Legends21:5123,440League of Legends