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KingStix Gaming is an American YouTube content creator with over 156 thousand subscribers. He published 944 videos which altogether total over 49.01 million views.

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2022-05-16Easy 59% WR Viego Jungle BUILD + Best Runes/Jungle Route | Viego Jungle Season 12 League of Legends34:2780,515League of Legends
2022-05-14Olaf But I'm Full Lifesteal and Heal INSTANTLY (They Tried to Focus Me 😈) - League of Legends32:0920,599League of Legends
2022-05-13Master Yi But I'm FULL LIFESTEAL And Heal INSTANTLY! (THEY TRIED TO FOCUS ME 😈) - League of Legends40:4629,823League of Legends
2022-05-12This is what TALIYAH can do AFTER THE BUFFS! - Taliyah Jungle Guide Season 12 League of Legends17:1730,057GuideLeague of Legends
2022-05-10How to Play Kindred Jungle & CARRY for Beginners + Best Build/Runes Season 12 - League of Legends47:31153,233GuideLeague of Legends
2022-05-08HOW TO PLAY EKKO JUNGLE & CARRY! + Best Build/Runes Season 12 | Ekko Jungle Guide League of Legends21:1068,468GuideLeague of Legends
2022-05-06Oriana but I KILL YOU IN THREE AUTOS (BULLYING A YASUO WITH MACHINE GUN BUILD) - League of Legends25:5115,268League of Legends
2022-05-05NUNU BUT EVERY SNOWBALL IS A KILL (BALLS OF DEATH) - League of Legends36:2231,441League of Legends
2022-05-01Renekton BUT MY W 1 SHOTS EVERYTHING (INSANE ONE SHOT BUILD) - League of Legends36:4023,718League of Legends
2022-04-29This Build Turns Darius into an EASY S TIER JUNGLER! (FULL HP 3:15 FULL CLEARS) - League of Legends22:4422,574League of Legends
2022-04-27This Nasus Build Turns him into a BRAINLESS S+ CARRY (JUST E SPAM AND WIN) - League of Legends24:3623,464League of Legends
2022-04-26This Xin Zhao build turns him into a STRONGER Master YI (CONSISTANT CARRY) - League of Legends38:4132,353League of Legends
2022-04-23THIS KOREAN GRAVES BUILD TURNS HIM INTO A TRUE DAMAGE CARRY! (100% PENETRATION) - League of Legends18:3527,201League of Legends
2022-04-22THIS BUILD TURNS MISS FORTUNE INTO A S+ SUPPORT CARRY! (MOST DAMAGE IN GAME) - League of Legends29:0918,779League of Legends
2022-04-20This Build Turns Pantheon into an EASY S TIER JUNGLER! (HUGE DAMAGE!) - League of Legends21:4934,164League of Legends
2022-04-18THIS KOREAN MASTER YI BUILD IS LEGIT BUSTED! (MAX CARRY PORENTIAL) - League of Legends41:5560,640League of Legends
2022-04-17Kalista but I have INFINITE JUMPS & The Enemies Try to gank me... - League of Legends24:3620,928League of Legends
2022-04-15Sion but I have 7500 HP (DEALING/TAKING THE MOST DAMAGE IN GAME) FINAL BOSS SION - League of Legends35:2378,838League of Legends
2022-04-14Caitlyn but my R is on a 20 SEC CD AND KILLS EVERYTHING! (MAX ABILITY HASTE) - League of Legends47:3132,566League of Legends
2022-04-13THIS BUILD TURNS AMUMU INTO AN EASY TOP LANE CARRY! (BETTER THAN AMUMU JUNGLE) - League of Legends34:5127,162League of Legends
2022-04-13Taric but I'm a RAID BOSS JUNGLER and EVERYONE RUNS AWAY [CRAZY DAMAGE] - League of Legends37:4220,140League of Legends
2022-04-10THIS KOREAN EZREAL MID BUILD IS LEGIT TOO STRONG (1300 DMG Q) - League of Legends28:0743,456League of Legends
2022-04-08How to ACTUALLY Play AP Cho'Gath + Best Build/Runes | Cho'Gath Guide Season 12 League of Legends37:5725,859GuideLeague of Legends
2022-04-07I built 100% Armor Penetration on Miss Fortune and Every R does 6K True Damage - League of Legends33:1522,904League of Legends
2022-04-06Karma But I Built PERMA HEAL And CAN'T DIE [100% HEAL INSTANTLY] - League of Legends53:0626,595League of Legends
2022-04-05ON HIT SHACO KILLS EVERYTHING WITH 3 AUTOS (19 KILLS) - League of Legends24:2430,969League of Legends
2022-04-03I GOT PAID $100 IF I WIN WITH BARD JUNGLE AND THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED... - League of Legends15:2236,450League of Legends
2022-04-02This Build Turns Kassadin into a JUGGERNAUT (CARRY ALL LOSING LANES) - Season 12 League of Legends47:0353,844League of Legends
2022-04-01How to Play Graves Jungle & CARRY for Beginners + Best Build/Runes Season 12 League of Legends35:5095,634GuideLeague of Legends
2022-03-31NEW RUNE TURNS KARTHUS INTO A MONEY PRINTER! [550+ GOLD!] Karthus Season 12 League of Legends45:3434,351League of Legends
2022-03-30KENNEN BUT 3.28 ATTACK SPEED ON HIT CARRY BUILD [SHREDS EVERYTHING!] - League of Legends44:0634,470League of Legends
2022-03-29EASY 69% WR NOCTURNE JUNGLE BUILD GIVES HIM 20s ULTIMATES - Nocturne Guide S12 League of Legends36:4487,037GuideLeague of Legends
2022-03-27How to Play TWITCH MID Because it's BETTER THAN TWITCH JUNGLE | Twitch Season 12 League of Legends31:1841,930GuideLeague of Legends
2022-03-26How to Play Veigar the RIGHT WAY [INFINITE HP/AP] | Veigar TANK Carry Season 12 League of Legends26:5535,390GuideLeague of Legends
2022-03-25This Build Turns Tristana into a S TIER Top Laner [BETTER THAN VAYNE TOP] - League of Legends S1227:0129,557League of Legends
2022-03-24THIS BUILD TURNS KARMA INTO AN EASY RAID BOSS CARRY! They Tried to Gank Me and Regretted it...35:4934,363League of Legends
2022-03-23How to Play Aatrox Jungle & CARRY + Best Build/Runes/Jungle Route Season 12 League of Legends35:1230,921GuideLeague of Legends
2022-03-22THIS BUILD TURNS RUMBLE INTO S TIER JUNGLER! [MOST DAMAGE DONE] - League of Legends Season 1237:3828,917GuideLeague of Legends
2022-03-21TANK MASTER YI IS SECRETLY BROKEN IN SEASON 12 (MOST DAMAGE DEALT AND TAKEN!) - League of Legends21:4040,442GuideLeague of Legends
2022-03-20TANK LUX MID IS SECRETLY BROKEN IN SEASON 12 (MOST DAMAGE DEALT AND TAKEN!) - League of Legends18:2120,740GuideLeague of Legends
2022-03-19How to Play Talon Jungle & CARRY LOW ELO [MAKE THEM SURRENDER] + Best Build/Runes Season 12 LoL14:2645,344GuideLeague of Legends
2022-03-17Elise but Every Cocoon Hits for 100% FREE GANKS...(CRAZY 1v9 SPEED) - League of Legends27:2318,652GuideLeague of Legends
2022-03-16Kindred but I'm top and FORCE the enemies to surrender...15:0623,023League of Legends
2022-03-15Teemo but I'm a GIGA TANK THAT CAN'T BE STOPPED [4 HONORS👌]38:0748,184League of Legends
2022-03-14How to Play Tryndamere Top & CARRY LOW ELO + Best Build/Runes | Tryndamere Guide League of Legends29:5173,007GuideLeague of Legends
2022-03-13Easy Wukong Mid CHEESE! | How to Play Wukong Mid & CARRY Season 12 League of Legends25:2120,945GuideLeague of Legends
2022-03-12How to Play Jax Top & CARRY Low Elo for Beginners Season 12 | Jax Guide S12 League of Legends34:2386,352GuideLeague of Legends
2022-03-09How to Play Fiddlesticks & CARRY Low Elo for Beginners Season 12 | Fiddle Guide League of Legends32:2899,350GuideLeague of Legends
2022-03-08How to ACTUALLY Play Garen & HYPER CARRY | Garen Top Guide Season 12 League of Legends22:0770,044GuideLeague of Legends
2022-03-07How to Play AD TIGER STANCE UDYR & CARRY | Udyr Jungle Guide Season 12 League of Legends23:4537,785GuideLeague of Legends
2022-03-06How to ABUSE the EASIEST MID LANE CARRY IN THE GAME! Xin Zhao Mid Lane Guide for Beginners Season 1223:2928,525GuideLeague of Legends
2022-03-05EASY 71% Win Rate Master Yi Build AFTER THE CHANGES Season 12 | Master Yi Guide League of Legends22:23131,405GuideLeague of Legends
2022-02-26How to Play Syndra & CARRY for Beginners + Best Build/Runes Season 12 | Syndra League of Legends14:5751,768GuideLeague of Legends
2022-02-25How to Play Darius Top Lane Season 12 + Best Build/Runes | Darius Beginners Guide League of Legends29:5763,389GuideLeague of Legends
2022-02-24How to Play Nocturne Jungle & Carry + Best Build/Runes Season 12 | Nocturne Guide League of Legends21:3555,589GuideLeague of Legends
2022-02-23EASY FRONTLINE CARRY VI JUNGLE BUILD! + Best Build/Clear Route - League of Legends35:0120,471GuideLeague of Legends
2022-02-22How to Play Renekton for Beginners Season 12 + Best Build/Runes | Renekton Guide | League of Legends27:4152,618GuideLeague of Legends
2022-02-19How to Play KAYN TOP & CARRY EARLY GAME + Best Build/Runes | Kayn Guide Season 12 League of Legends15:0543,527GuideLeague of Legends
2022-02-18How to Play Quinn & DOMINATE LANE/EARLY GAME | Quinn Top Beginners Guide Season 12 League of Legends15:2548,254GuideLeague of Legends
2022-02-17How to Play Anivia & CARRY for Beginners + Best Build/Runes Season 12 | Anivia League of Legends27:4442,326GuideLeague of Legends
2022-02-16How to Play DR.MUNDO & CARRY for Beginners Season 12 + Best Build/Runes - Mundo League of Legends25:4869,719GuideLeague of Legends
2022-02-15How to Play Poppy Jungle & CARRY for Beginners Season 12 + Best Build/Runes | League of Legends15:2146,678GuideLeague of Legends
2022-02-13How to Play Kha'Zix & CARRY Season 12 + Best Build/Runes | Kha'Zix Guide Season 12 league of Legends28:40108,609GuideLeague of Legends
2022-02-12How to Play Senna Support & 1v5 CARRY for Beginners Season 12 | Senna Guide League of Legends35:10112,378GuideLeague of Legends
2022-02-10How to Play Sivir ADC & CARRY for Beginners Season 12 + Best Build/Runes | League of Legends31:1546,475GuideLeague of Legends
2022-02-06How to Play Soraka & ACTUALLY CARRY for Beginners Season 12 | Soraka Guide S12 League of Legends19:3790,254GuideLeague of Legends
2022-02-05How to Play Diana Jungle & CARRY Season 12 for Beginners Season 12 | League of Legends16:03107,154GuideLeague of Legends
2022-02-04How to Play Miss Fortune & CARRY for Beginners Season 12 + Best Build/Runes League of Legends28:3847,974GuideLeague of Legends
2022-02-03Secretly Tristana is the Best Counter Pick AGAINST THE META! | Tristana Beginners Guide Season 1232:0631,278GuideLeague of Legends
2022-01-30How to Play Teemo & CARRY for Beginners Season 12 | Teemo Top Lane Guide S12 League of Legends16:0865,796GuideLeague of Legends
2022-01-28This Sejuani build turns her into an EASY TOP LANE CARRY! |Sejuani Guide Season 12 League of Legends25:0145,420GuideLeague of Legends
2022-01-27How to Play Ekko & CARRY for Beginners Season 12 + Best Build/Runes/Clear League of Legends18:5441,183GuideLeague of Legends
2022-01-24How to ACTUALLY Play Evelynn Top & CARRY! | Evelynn Top Lane Guide Season 12 League of Legends27:3535,373GuideLeague of Legends
2022-01-23NEW BUFFED VEIGAR IS S TIER [400 STACKS 27 MINUTES] | Veigar Guide Season 12 League of Legends28:1455,427GuideLeague of Legends
2022-01-22NEW SENNA BUFFS TURNED HER S TIER! | Senna Beginners Guide Season 12 League of Legends11:4041,510GuideLeague of Legends
2022-01-21How to Play Vayne Top Lane & CARRY Season 12 + Best Build/Runes | Vayne Guide S12 League of Legends31:0479,236GuideLeague of Legends
2022-01-20NEW 58% WIN RATE CONSISTANT SHYVANA CARRY BUILD! | Shyvana Jungle Guide Season 12 Leauge of Legends23:0881,822GuideLeague of Legends
2022-01-19How to Play Talon Mid & CARRY for Beginners Season 12 | Talon Mid Guide Season 12 League of Legends23:0857,613GuideLeague of Legends
2022-01-17How to Play Evelynn & CARRY EARLY GAME Season 12 | Evelynn Jungle Guide Season 12 League of Legends14:4780,998GuideLeague of Legends
2022-01-15How to Play Jhin & CARRY for Beginners Season 12 + Best Build/Runes | Jhin Guide League of Legends22:3088,544GuideLeague of Legends
2022-01-13How to Play Ezreal & CARRY for Beginners Season 12 | Ezreal Guide Best Build/Runes League of Legends26:4693,158GuideLeague of Legends
2022-01-12How to Play AP SHACO & CARRY for Beginners Season 12 | Shaco Jungle Guide S12 League of Legends25:51122,541GuideLeague of Legends
2022-01-11New 88% Nunu BUILD CRUSHES ALL MID LANERS! How to Play AP Nunu & CARRY Season 12 Nunu Mid Guide15:1566,917GuideLeague of Legends
2022-01-10How to Play Garen & CARRY for Beginners + Best Build/Runes Season 12 Garen Guide League of Legends25:5668,344GuideLeague of Legends
2022-01-09New Poppy build Turns her into the BEST EASY CARRY IN THE GAME | How to Play Poppy & CARRY Season 1220:5049,108GuideLeague of Legends
2022-01-07New EASY Xin Zhao Jungle Build for Season 12 [68% WR BUILD!] How to Play Xin Jungle & CARRY S12!22:2772,526GuideLeague of Legends
2022-01-05How to Play Rumble Jungle & CARRY for Beginners Season 12 | Rumble Jungle Guide League of Legends32:3032,121GuideLeague of Legends
2022-01-01How to Play Annie & CARRY for Beginners Season 12 + Best Build/Runes | Annie Guide League of Legends20:0175,216GuideLeague of Legends
2021-12-30HOW TO PLAY SENNA & CARRY [NOT SUPPORT] | Senna Season 12 Guide League of Legends35:3159,483GuideLeague of Legends
2021-12-29How to Play Veigar JUNGLE & CARRY for Beginners Season 12 + Best Buld/Runes League of Legends15:3822,407GuideLeague of Legends
2021-12-28How to Play Tryndamere Jungle & CARRY for Beginners SEASON 12 + Best Build/Runes League of Legends30:5553,541GuideLeague of Legends
2021-12-23How to Play Tristana Jungle & CARRY for Beginners Season 12 | Tristana Guide League of Legends19:1333,117GuideLeague of Legends
2021-12-22How to Play Brand Jungle & CARRY for Beginners Season 12 | Brand Jungle Guide League of Legends27:2945,100GuideLeague of Legends
2021-12-21How to Play Elise Jungle & CARRY for Beginners Season 12 + Best Build/Runes League of Legends18:4672,496GuideLeague of Legends
2021-12-20How to Play Morgana Jungle & CARRY for Beginners + Best Build/Runes Season 12 League of Legends17:5560,291GuideLeague of Legends
2021-12-19How to Play Nunu & Willump & CARRY for Beginners Season 12 + Best Build/Runes League of Legends25:01127,683GuideLeague of Legends
2021-12-18How to Play Singed Jungle & CARRY + Best Build/Runes Season 12 League of Legends14:4236,963GuideLeague of Legends
2021-12-17How to Play AD Twitch Jungle & 1v5 for Beginners + Best Build/Runes | Twitch Guide League of Legends29:1272,512GuideLeague of Legends
2021-12-16How to Play Teemo Jungle & CARRY for Beginners + Best Build/Runes | Teemo Guide League of Legends29:0467,136GuideLeague of Legends
2021-12-15How to Play Mordekaiser & CARRY Season 12 + Best Build/Runes | Mordekaiser Guide League of Legends31:4852,113GuideLeague of Legends