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The 'HappyBirthdaySinger' in my bright COLORFUL clothes, sings 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' to 'FIRST NAMES'. 6000 names so far. I sing BIRTHDAY songs by 'AGE, to 'FAMILY MEMBERS', and to EVERY DATE on the calendar. PERFECT to send to a friend with that NAME, or AGE, or BIRTH DATE. Check out my many playlists. The 'HappyBirthdaySinger' is never in the same outfit. On Birthdays, friends will LOVE having a personal 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' song sung to them from you. SUBSCRIBE to the 'HappyBirthdaySinger' and LIKE. I am singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to everybody in the world. Please share with your friends the 'HappyBirthdaySinger's many1000's of songs. Guaranteed to have a song for EVERYBODY. I am happy to take requests for common English names. I am also open to suggestions as to how I can grow my channel (email me). Happy for you to put me in YOUR will, money will be wisely spent. Best wishes to all. Play lists are long, My suggested BEST IDEA is to search for the name in my channels search space. Cheersx3

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