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I'm the 'HappyBirthdaySinger' and in my bright colorful clothes, I sing a song to FIRST NAMES (6000+). I sing BIRTHDAY songs by AGE to FAMILY MEMBERS and to EVERY calendar DATE they are PERFECT to share to a friend with that NAME or AGE or BIRTH DATE. Check out my many playlists. The 'HappyBirthdaySinger' is NEVER in the same clothes. On birthdays your friends will LOVE having a personalized 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' song sung to them by me on your behalf. SUBSCRIBE and please LIKE, with a thumbs up. I am singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to everybody in the world. Please share with your friends with many1000's of songs to choose from. Guaranteed to have a song for EVERYBODY. I am happy to take requests for common English names. I am also open to suggestions as to how I can grow my channel (email me). Happy for you to put me in your will, money will be wisely spent. Best wishes to all. Play lists are long, I suggest you search for a name in my channels search space. CheersX3

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