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MLBB eSports is a Malaysian YouTube content creator with over 2.01 million subscribers. His content totals approximately 393.28 million views views across at least 3.87 thousand videos.

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About MLBB eSports

Welcome to the official Esports channel of MOBILE LEGENDS: BANG BANG!

MLBB Esports encompasses three major tournaments: MPLs, NACT, Turkiye Championship, MSC series, and M Series.

MPL, one of the premier league competitions in MLBB Esports, takes place twice a year in five regions: MPL PH, MPL ID, MPL MY, MPL SG, and MPL BR. The tournaments run from February to May and from July to October.

The MSC Series, the pinnacle MLBB Cup competition in Southeast Asia, is held annually in June.

The M Series, the highest-level MLBB Cup competition worldwide, takes place every November or December.

In addition to these thrilling esports competitions, you can also delve into the stories of the players and their teams to get more insights.

Stay tuned for exhilarating gameplay, fierce battles, and all the latest updates in the world of MLBB Esports!

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