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*My brother is a FAG!*

I'm BACK for Twitch Streaming, Youtube, Let's Play series, & GAMING! ^~^

MON - MML & Izuna
TUE - ToD & Izuna
WED - MML & Izuna
THU - ToD & Izuna
FRI - FE & Izuna

I'm back to finish where I left off, & I'll try my very best to resume my LP series. NO MORE EXCUSES!
What's up here!? I'll be doing my LP series, & I'll be posting the following names below here. *I can't beLIEve my GRAMMAR SUCKS!*


Advance Wars Days of Ruin [NDS] - (Finished)
Battle Realms [PC] - (Current)
Blade & Sword [PC] - (Postponed)
Castlevania Symphony of the Night [PSX] - (Postponed)
Freedom Fighters [PC] - (Canceled)
Izuna Legend of the Unemployed Ninja [NDS] - (Current)
MK404 Fire Emblem Blazing Sword HACK [GBA] - (Current)
Megaman Legends [PSX] - (Current)
Starcraft [PC] - (Current)
Stronghold [PC] - (Current)
Silent Bomber [PSX] - (Finished)
Tales of Destiny [PSX] - (Current)

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Onigiri PC: Kotonoha Sisters sidestory event!
Doing Blitz Tiamat Oni mode 3/3 daily runs along with the event part 1 Kotonoha Sisters... Of course!
2019-01-15 4:47:17 PM ● 43 views ● 2:54:26 33.33% liked
Onigiri PC: Daiku Cave - Holy Night Solo Hell(Tohoku Zunko Outfit Skills Showcase)
Just testing Tohoku Zunko's Outfit skills on Dark Makami Sublime... since these Christmas event dungeons don't last forever, so I might as well...
2019-01-07 5:05:47 AM ● 50 views ● 5:38 100.00% liked
Onigiri PC: Mt. Abuta - Holy Night Solo Hell(Maeda Toshiie & Inuchiyo Showcase)
Might as well do this Christmas event dungeon before CyberStep removes them, so... Enjoy it while they last... Songs: 1st part Shenmue - Earth...
2019-01-07 4:50:25 AM ● 33 views ● 5:04 66.67% liked
Onigiri PC: Cozy Mountain Solo Hell(Dark Miyamoto Musashi Bloodsucker Showcase)
Finally, she's fully awakened! Thx to NyanCRAPPA Pwned for finally give me what I want unlike the Oda rolls from the previous lineup which I'll...
2019-01-01 7:29:13 AM ● 63 views ● 5:21 100.00% liked
Onigiri PC: Blitz Tiamat Oni 3/3 & stone farming!
Doing Blitz Tiamat Oni mode 3/3 daily runs, but doing the event part 2 Tohoku Itako...
2018-12-30 4:44:37 AM ● 61 views ● 2:54:24 100.00% liked
Onigiri PC: Cozy Mountain Duo Hell(Oda Nobunaga Showcase) w/Airi Amamiya
A short Oda Nobunaga showcase with Airi Amamiya and her vg Amanojaku which ofc Tsubaki didn't do much... Also, another short lived dungeon run...
2018-12-29 5:40:52 AM ● 53 views ● 2:45 100.00% liked
Onigiri PC: Dice Grove Duo Hell(Gawain & Tristan Showcase) w/Airi Amamiya
Gawain's fun, but she's a tad slow for a tortoise slowpoke doing high damage on Spidercow... Tristan is good for being Mercy support character...
2018-12-29 5:37:30 AM ● 46 views ● 3:47 100.00% liked
Onigiri PC: Dice Grove Solo Hell(Maeda Toshiie Showcase)
Since I don't have her last scroll buff... she still does good amount of damage without that Primal Rage buff... Regardless, I still have Tohoku...
2018-12-29 4:19:24 AM ● 39 views ● 3:35 100.00% liked
Onigiri PC: Merry Christmas!
Just a brief of discussions of the good, bad, and so-so update delivered on PC US... 1000 unspendable oc, Bazaar stalls min price stacking has...
2018-12-26 12:21:51 AM ● 50 views ● 8:35 100.00% liked
Onigiri PC: Tohoku Itako update part 2!
Doing Blitz Tiamat Oni mode 3/3 daily runs, but doing the event part 2 Tohoku Itako...
2018-12-18 4:41:51 AM ● 78 views ● 1:31:02 50.00% liked