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Jade the Kobold is an American content creator on YouTube with over 2.53 thousand subscribers. He published 878 videos which altogether total more than 155.26 thousand views.

Created on ● Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/@JadetheKobold

All Videos by Jade the Kobold

PublishedVideo TitleDurationViewsCategoryGame
2023-01-01Red Dragon Inn until New Year!7:45:2099
2022-12-31【lil Gator Game】 Lets make our own game!1:51:04102Lil Gator Game
2022-12-30【Pokemon Violet】 Postgame sniffles with Jade the KoboldVtuber2:48:0067Pokémon Scarlet and Violet
2022-12-27Spirit Island! - with Jade the Kobold Vtuber and friends!3:47:51121
2022-12-25【lil Gator Game】 Nothing but comfy vibes2:08:56149Let's PlayLil Gator Game
2022-12-24【Pokemon Violet】 Crater Diving2:40:4071Let's PlayPokémon Scarlet and Violet
2022-12-21【Pokemon Violet】 Lasmgna2:51:56131Let's PlayPokémon Scarlet and Violet
2022-12-20【Model Debut】Jade the Kobold Vtuber1:23:005,341
2022-12-11【Pokemon Violet】 Team Rocket Star2:25:1252Let's PlayPokémon Scarlet and Violet
2022-12-10【DnD】 Vtuber Dungeons and Kobolds!!! (Episode 3)2:59:3885Dungeons
2022-12-09【MFF】 What was Midwest Furfest really like?2:37:47132
2022-12-07【Pokemon Violet】 Going on a rampage3:12:5646Let's PlayPokémon Scarlet and Violet
2022-12-06More Spirit Island - with Jade the Kobold Vtuber and friends!4:07:1744Let's Play
2022-11-30【Pokemon Violet】 The Biggest Game2:54:4956Let's PlayPokémon Scarlet and Violet
2022-11-29Spirit Island - with Jade the Kobold Vtuber and friends!3:13:0849Let's Play
2022-11-27【Pokemon Violet】 Hunting big game!3:04:5946Let's PlayPokémon Scarlet and Violet
2022-11-26【DnD】 Vtuber Dungeons and Kobolds!!! (Episode 2)2:57:33150Dungeons
2022-11-25【Just Chatting】 Vibing with friends~2:31:3165
2022-11-23【Pokemon Violet】 What will they let me get away with?3:17:4077Let's PlayPokémon Scarlet and Violet
2022-11-22Spirit Island - with Jade the Kobold Vtuber4:41:2156Let's Play
2022-11-20【Pokemon Violet】 A HighSchool Drama!? With Jade the Kobold Vtuber!3:19:56141Let's PlayPokémon Scarlet and Violet
2022-11-19【Pokemon Violet】 I can't wait! A challenge run with Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:44:483,389Let's PlayPokémon Scarlet and Violet
2022-11-18【Mario+Rabbids 2: Sparks of Hope】 How do rabbits travel? By hareplane!2:28:5967Let's PlayMario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope
2022-11-16【Bloons TD6】 Relaxing pops with Jade the Kobold and Boka the Dragon3:08:3399Let's PlayBloons TD 6
2022-11-15Horizons of Spirit Island - with Jade the Kobold Vtuber5:05:1146Let's Play
2022-11-13【Final Fantasy Legend 3DS】 Lets punch a god! - Jade the Kobold Vtuber3:02:4623Let's PlayFinal Fantasy Legend III
2022-11-12【Mario+Rabbids 2: Sparks of Hope】 A hare-raising experience!3:27:5791Let's PlayMario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope
2022-11-11【Just Chatting】 Contest Announcements, Channel Updates, and More!1:47:1261Vlog
2022-11-10【#Shorts 】 Parvati gets sound advice0:39204Let's Play
2022-11-09【Final Fantasy Legend 3DS】 Swords of Legend - Jade the Kobold Vtuber3:04:2825Let's PlaySwords of Legends
2022-11-08【Spirit Island】 The Anti-Settlers of Catan - Jade the Kobold Vtuber4:46:5691Let's Play
2022-11-06【Hades】 The Finalé {Jade the Kobold Vtuber}2:52:1046Let's PlayHades
2022-11-05【D&D】 Vtuber Dungeons and Kobolds!!! (Episode 1)2:58:02521Dungeons
2022-11-04【Deep Rock Galactic】 Patch Updated! with Vtubers Jade the Kobold and Sprigg!2:53:39269Let's PlayDeep Rock Galactic
2022-11-03【Hades】 The secret {Jade the Kobold Vtuber}2:48:1646Let's PlayHades
2022-10-30【Hades】 Reach for heaven {Jade the Kobold Vtuber}3:00:5547Let's PlayHades
2022-10-29【Final Fantasy Legend 3DS】 Back to the Present - Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:45:1225Let's PlayFinal Fantasy Legend III
2022-10-28【M:TG】 Chishiro Commander Deckbuilding Guide | Jade the Kobold4:24:4196Dungeons
2022-10-27【Hades】 Daddy Issues {Jade the Kobold Vtuber}4:02:0944Let's PlayHades
2022-10-25【M:TG】 THIS NEW TECH WILL BLOW YOU AWAY (by getting you to click on this video.)2:52:5946
2022-10-23【Just Chatting】 Talkin' to a kobold, with Jade!2:24:2156
2022-10-22【D&D】 Vtuber Dungeons and Kobolds!!! (Episode 0.5)3:40:21272Dungeons
2022-10-21【Hades】 Styx and Stones {Jade the Kobold Vtuber}2:26:5139Let's PlayHades
2022-10-20【Until Dawn】 Pain for Jade the Kobold Vtuber1:55:5158Let's PlayUntil Dawn
2022-10-18【M:TG】 Magic the Gathering Commander with Vtuber Kobolds!4:11:1875
2022-10-16【Bloons TD6】 Relaxing challenges !NoFarms with Jade the Kobold2:54:5260Let's PlayBloons TD 6
2022-10-14We are the Heroes of the Storm!2:48:20101Let's PlayHeroes of the Storm
2022-10-13【Until Dawn】 The real horror for Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:03:3057Let's PlayUntil Dawn
2022-10-11【Hades】 The Afterstrife2:20:4241Let's PlayHades
2022-10-09【Until Dawn】 Everything will be fine with Jade the Kobold Vtuber!2:26:2591Let's PlayUntil Dawn
2022-10-08If Overwatch 2 is so good, why isn't there an Overwatch 1?3:22:0377Let's PlayOverwatch 2
2022-10-07【Until Dawn】 Spooky Season Starts for Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:03:3465Let's PlayUntil Dawn
2022-10-05The Overwatch 2 Experience with Jade the Kobold Vtuber6:27:35127Let's PlayOverwatch 2
2022-10-04【Hades】 Digging in Deep2:36:1541Let's PlayHades
2022-10-02【Final Fantasy Legend 3DS】 Journey through the sky - Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:55:2328Let's PlayFinal Fantasy Legend III
2022-10-01【Hades】 Finding a way out with Jade the Kobold Vtuber3:03:1490Let's PlayHades
2022-09-30【Final Fantasy】 Summons Tier List4:22:5266
2022-09-29【Final Fantasy Legend 3DS】 Lets try this again - Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:05:4644Let's PlayFinal Fantasy Legend III
2022-09-27【Hades】 Journey to heck with Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:37:3978Let's PlayHades
2022-09-25【Final Fantasy Legend 3DS】 Aesthetic - Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:17:3742Let's PlayFinal Fantasy Legend III
2022-09-24【Just Chatting】Talkin' to a kobold vtuber, Jade!2:04:12119
2022-09-23【Final Fantasy Legend 3】 I'm loving this game! - Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:24:5543Let's PlayFinal Fantasy Legend III
2022-09-22【Slay the Spire】 Cards Vibing with Jade the Kobold Vtuber4:45:42190Let's PlaySlay The Spire
2022-09-20【Brok the InvestiGator】 Lets solve some mystery!2:41:2083Let's PlayBROK the InvestiGator
2022-09-18【Saga 3】 An RPG You've Never Played.2:09:5832Let's PlayFinal Fantasy Legend III
2022-09-17【What Remains of Edith Finch】 It's a terrible day for rain2:49:3868Let's PlayWhat Remains of Edith Finch
2022-09-16【Valorant】 Pure Skill with Jade the Kobold Vtuber4:50:30138Let's PlayValorant
2022-09-15【BreathOfFire】 Pushing to the finalé! with Jade the Kobold Vtuber4:15:3161Let's PlayBreath of Fire
2022-09-14【Nintendo Direct】 Vtuber Reactions58:2271
2022-09-13【Tanuki Justice】 Furry Ninja Friends - Jade the Kobold Vtuber3:01:5963Let's PlayTanuki Justice
2022-09-11【Cult of the Lamb】 Completion! (!follow to Join) Jade the Kobold Vtuber3:15:56116Let's PlayCult of the Lamb
2022-09-10【Breath of Fire SNES】 Full Aggro! | Jade the Kobold Vtuber4:04:4941Let's PlayBreath of Fire
2022-09-09【Vtuber】 Learning how to Build Characters with Jade the Kobold!3:16:57157
2022-09-08【CotL】 Tax Exempt for your convenience! (!follow to Join) Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:56:5159Let's PlayCult of the Lamb
2022-09-06【D&D】 Vtuber Kobolds and Dragons pt3!3:34:5672
2022-09-04【BoF】 #1 Breath of Fire stream in NA with Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:11:1664Let's PlayBreath of Fire
2022-09-03【D&D】 Vtuber Kobolds and Dragons!5:47:51144
2022-09-02【CotL】 I brought you some kool-aid! (!follow to Join) Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:58:51149Let's PlayCult of the Lamb
2022-09-01【Breath of Fire SNES】 Over da Sea with Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:00:0637Let's PlayBreath of Fire
2022-08-31【Cult of the Lamb】 We have PB & J! (!follow to Join) Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:57:06138Let's PlayCult of the Lamb
2022-08-28【Breath of Fire SNES】 Breathing Fire with Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:06:0247Let's PlayBreath of Fire
2022-08-27【Cult of the Lamb】 Come on, it'll be fun! (!follow to Join) Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:50:25110Let's PlayCult of the Lamb
2022-08-26【Breath of Fire SNES】 Kissin' Fish with Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:02:5952Let's PlayBreath of Fire
2022-08-25【Cult of the Lamb】 Ritual Reasonably! (!follow to Join) Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:49:24126Let's PlayCult of the Lamb
2022-08-23【Cult of the Lamb】 Hail Kob (!follow to Join) Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:24:18101Let's PlayCult of the Lamb
2022-08-21【Cult of the Lamb】 ALL PRAISE THE KOBOLD VTUBER !follow to Join3:09:31791Let's PlayCult of the Lamb
2022-08-20【Breath of Fire SNES】 Picking locks with Jade the Kobold Vtuber1:55:1853Let's PlayBreath of Fire
2022-08-19【Just Chatting】Talkin' to a kobold vtuber, with Jade!2:16:3698
2022-08-18【Outer Worlds】 Solving the Case with Jade the Kobold Vtuber3:06:1659Let's PlayThe Outer Worlds
2022-08-16【Breath of Fire SNES】 We're a dragon now! | Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:39:5366Let's PlayBreath of Fire
2022-08-14【D&D】 Vtuber Dungeons Dragons!5:26:40198Dungeons
2022-08-13【DnD ShortStory】 One of several Laments6:3086
2022-08-13【Outer Worlds】 Finding Secrets with Jade the Kobold Vtuber3:23:2147Let's PlayThe Outer Worlds
2022-08-12【Breath of Fire SNES】 Seeking Answers | Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:04:0364Let's PlayBreath of Fire
2022-08-11【Outer Worlds】 Super Sleuthing with Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:56:0836Let's PlayThe Outer Worlds
2022-08-09【Breath of Fire SNES】 Bird's the Word | Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:08:37119Let's PlayBreath of Fire
2022-08-07【Outer Worlds】 MURDRER!? with Jade the Kobold Vtuber3:00:5143Let's PlayThe Outer Worlds
2022-08-06【Breath of Fire SNES】 A New World with Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:23:33818Let's PlayBreath of Fire
2022-08-05【Pokemon】 Kiss or Miss! with Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:36:39102
2022-08-04【Outer Worlds】 Questing across the skies with Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:42:3444Let's PlayThe Outer Worlds