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Jade the Kobold is an American content creator on YouTube with over 2.49 thousand subscribers. He published 829 videos which altogether total more than 146.12 thousand views.

Created on ● Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/@JadetheKobold

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PublishedVideo TitleDurationViewsCategoryGame
2023-11-29【Evoland 2】 Suplexing Nerds | Kobold VTuber's Retro RPG Adventure3:31:1821Evoland
2023-11-28Getting in trouble! 【Vtuber D&D 5e】3:22:1131
2023-11-26【Evoland 2】 Sass-mode Engage | Kobold VTuber's Retro RPG Adventure3:19:4044Evoland
2023-11-25【Powerwash Simulator】 Cleaning our sins away4:48:5577Let's Play
2023-11-22【Evoland 2】 Reliving Gaming HIstory | Kobold VTuber's Retro RPG Adventure3:17:1451Evoland
2023-11-21【DS2】Popping off - Part 64:28:2829
2023-11-19【Evoland】 Exploring Gaming Evolution | Kobold VTuber's Retro RPG Adventure3:37:20100Evoland
2023-11-18Silver and Inky Secrets 【PF2E】3:51:2724
2023-11-16【outtake】 Cat Moment0:25115
2023-11-15【Cobalt Core】 Koboldcore2:25:5381Let's Play
2023-11-14It's coarse, and it gets everywhere 【Vtuber D&D 5e】2:16:4237
2023-11-12The Fleshmancer's Layer! 【Sea of Stars】 with Jade the Kobold Vtuber4:13:1945Let's PlaySea of Stars
2023-11-11Chattin with Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:19:0243Let's Play
2023-11-08Conkhunting! 【Sea of Stars】 with Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:50:0212Let's PlaySea of Stars
2023-11-07【DS2】Terrible mistakes - Part53:27:3232
2023-11-05Puzzlesolving! 【Sea of Stars】 with Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:17:3232Let's PlaySea of Stars
2023-11-04The Secrets of the Grippli 【PF2E】2:18:2431
2023-11-01【Enigmatis】Unraveling the Haunting Mysteries | A Kobold VTuber's Horror Adventure2:33:5033Let's PlayEnigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek
2023-10-31Hunting a mystery! 【Vtuber D&D 5e】3:44:4932
2023-10-29What does the future hold? 【Sea of Stars】with Jade the Kobold Vtuber1:50:2830Let's PlaySea of Stars
2023-10-28My Treasures | Jade the Kobold Vtuber1:55:1751Let's Play
2023-10-25Moving on... 【Sea of Stars】with Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:14:1520Let's PlaySea of Stars
2023-10-24【DS2】Impossible power - Part44:09:0453
2023-10-22To any length. 【Sea of Stars】with Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:02:5525Let's PlaySea of Stars
2023-10-21Meeting the Grippli 【PF2E】2:23:3726
2023-10-18Adventure~ 【Sea of Stars】with Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:32:0427Let's PlaySea of Stars
2023-10-17Cleaning up this town! 【Vtuber D&D 5e】3:35:1698
2023-10-15【Sea of Stars】 Changing our Fates | with Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:27:3723Let's PlaySea of Stars
2023-10-14【P.T.】I am a scared little kobold2:33:40161Let's PlayP.T.
2023-10-11【Sea of Stars】 Journeying across the world with Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:41:5027Let's PlaySea of Stars
2023-10-10【DS2】Huntsbro's Copse | Part 43:33:0153
2023-10-08【Sea of Stars】 Return of the Dweller - Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:27:3015Let's PlaySea of Stars
2023-10-07Journey to the Great Tree 【PF2E】3:45:3933
2023-10-04【Sea of Stars】 Plantfighter - Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:42:5324Let's PlaySea of Stars
2023-10-03Making a name for ourselves! 【Vtuber D&D 5e】3:32:1234
2023-10-01【Sea of Stars】 Pi-radical - Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:38:0836Let's PlaySea of Stars
2023-09-30【DS2】Wharfly! - Part33:47:1846
2023-09-27【Sea of Stars】 Masters of Time - Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:22:3445Let's PlaySea of Stars
2023-09-26【DS2 Challenge】 IGN Challenge (Part 2)3:56:1764Dark Souls II
2023-09-24【DnD】 - Smash or Pass!1:57:46167DiscussionThe Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
2023-09-23【Sea of Stars】 A retro gaming RPG! - Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:27:4752Let's PlaySea of Stars
2023-09-20【EarthBound 】 Stars among men | Jade the Kobold Vtuber3:15:1529Let's PlayEarthbound
2023-09-19【Vtuber D&D 5e】 This house is safe3:08:0073
2023-09-17【EarthBound 】 Looking for places | Jade the Kobold Vtuber3:03:1628Let's PlayEarthbound
2023-09-15【PF2E】My players made it rain... | Pathfinder Tabletop RPG2:37:2244
2023-09-15Vtuber Voice Acting Practice3:1681
2023-09-12【EarthBound 】I don't even know anymore... | Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:04:2240Let's PlayEarthbound
2023-09-11【DS2 Challenge】 We have to follow the IGN guide as our ruleset. #collab2:13:47108GuideDark Souls II
2023-09-10They're called PILLBUGS #bugs #vtuber #shorts0:121,433
2023-09-09【EarthBound 】Pokey is just the worst! | Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:44:1562Let's PlayEarthbound
2023-09-08【Pseudoregalia】 Exploring the world of yesterday! | With Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:19:3542
2023-09-07【Vtuber】 Just talking with chat today~2:10:48119
2023-09-05【EarthBound 】 I love the Saturns! | Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:15:1441Let's PlayEarthbound
2023-09-04【Pseudoregalia】 Retro N64 Platforming! | With Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:15:4579
2023-09-04Tears of the Vtuber #totk #gaming #shorts0:211,618The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
2023-09-02【EarthBound 】 Welcome, Jeff! | Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:08:4574Let's PlayEarthbound
2023-09-01【PF2E】Much Ado about Goblins | Pathfinder Tabletop RPG3:04:2647
2023-09-01【Titanfall 2】 The Final Challenge | Vtuber Challenge Run1:58:47102Titanfall 2
2023-08-29【EarthBound 】 Making Friends | Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:57:2185Let's PlayEarthbound
2023-08-29【Vtuber D&D 5e】Deep in the mines of OverThere2:50:4761
2023-08-27【Titanfall 2】 Playing the game wrong!2:43:4288Titanfall 2
2023-08-26【EarthBound 】 I have been grinding between episodes X_X | Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:32:5457Let's PlayEarthbound
2023-08-25【Vtuber】 Lets talk about the industry a bit!1:49:42100Discussion
2023-08-23【Titanfall 2】 No Titan Challenge???1:29:4866Titanfall 2
2023-08-22【EarthBound 】 Embarking on a Nostalgic Journey | Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:42:4147Let's PlayEarthbound
2023-08-20【Titanfall 2】 Unleashing Mech Mayhem with Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:33:29107Titanfall 2
2023-08-19【PF2E】Venturing Deeper: Secrets Unveiled! | Pathfinder Tabletop RPG4:03:2573
2023-08-18Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Characters - Smash or Pass? Gamers Decide!1:42:1293DiscussionThe Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
2023-08-16【A Short Hike】 A comfy walk and chat2:27:03107A Short Hike
2023-08-15【Vtuber D&D 5e】Tavern Tales: Embarking on a Virtual Adventure!3:16:0296
2023-08-09【Souldiers】 Spiderland Saga - Jade the Kobold Vtuber26:2540Let's PlaySouldiers
2023-08-06【Zelda TotK】 Finale! -With Jade the Kobold Vtuber!2:44:5591Let's PlayThe Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
2023-08-05【Vtuber】 Just talking with chat today~2:39:06104The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
2023-08-04【Spirit Island】 Testing new spirits!2:15:5649Let's Play
2023-08-02【Zelda TotK】 I just want to talk! - With Jade the Kobold Vtuber!4:33:39122Let's PlayThe Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
2023-07-30【Zelda TotK】 Where in the World is Zelda Hyrule?! - With Jade the Kobold Vtuber!4:13:56108Let's PlayThe Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
2023-07-29【PF2E】Into the dragon's maw! | with Jade the Kobold Vtuber2:28:4956
2023-07-28【Spirit Island】 How to play!4:52:1131Let's Play
2023-07-27【Zelda TotK】 Marble Toast! - With Jade the Kobold Vtuber!3:07:0951Let's PlayThe Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
2023-07-25【Spirit Island】 Vtubers Collab to save the island!4:35:0530Let's Play
2023-07-23【Zelda TotK】 Haute Hateno - With Jade the Kobold Vtuber!3:29:3572Let's PlayThe Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
2023-07-22【FFV】 Secret Endgame Bosses! - Vtuber Charity Run3:02:5143Let's PlayFinal Fantasy V
2023-07-21【Zelda TotK】 Eyes in the Skies. - With Jade the Kobold Vtuber!4:15:0754Let's PlayThe Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
2023-07-19【FFV】 Into the vast moistness! - Vtuber Charity Run2:02:4836Let's PlayFinal Fantasy V
2023-07-18【Spirit Island】 Vtubers Collab to save the island!4:36:3632Let's Play
2023-07-16【Zelda TotK】 I don't like sand... Jade the Kobold Vtuber!3:36:44134Let's PlayThe Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
2023-07-15【PF2E】Across the wild jungle | with Jade the Kobold Vtuber3:06:1730
2023-07-14【FFV】 ADVENTURE! WHEE! - Vtuber Charity Run2:23:1940Let's PlayFinal Fantasy V
2023-07-12Ethical Consumption under vtubers0:10813Let's Play
2023-07-12【Zelda TotK】 The Gerudo Dessert! Jade the Kobold Vtuber!4:06:5875Let's PlayThe Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
2023-07-11【FFV】 Randomly Assigned Party - Vtuber Charity Run2:25:1346Let's PlayFinal Fantasy V
2023-07-09【FFV】 Berserker Risky - Vtuber Challenge Run2:46:3486Let's PlayFinal Fantasy V
2023-07-08【Travel Log】 So I took a 16 hour roadtrip across two countries to save a friend...1:23:582,202Vlog
2023-07-07【Zelda TotK】 The Gerudo Depths! Jade the Kobold Vtuber!4:04:0639Let's PlayThe Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
2023-07-05【FFV】 Four Job Fiesta - Vtuber Challenge Run2:30:1154Let's PlayFinal Fantasy V
2023-07-04【Shorts】 If peace was a a crime0:06338Let's Play
2023-07-04【Zelda TotK】 I'm afraid you cannot do that! Ft. Jade the Kobold Vtuber!3:21:3589Let's PlayThe Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
2023-07-01【PF2E】The plots thicken!3:30:5453
2023-06-30【FFV】 Four Job Fiesta - Charity stream2:10:3340Let's PlayFinal Fantasy V
2023-06-28【Zelda TotK】 Meeting a bird! Jade the Kobold Vtuber!3:18:4274Let's PlayThe Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom