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Vagabond gamer of eclectic taste. Built my first PC when windows 3.1 was still a common os, still hates dos. I am fast learner and can pick up most games quickly. I enjoy both retro gaming, dev gaming as well as finding sweet mods for games.

I am currently not able to make ends meet as far as paying my bills, *holds up a sign* "will alpha test for money.", my current health issue keep me from holding down normal employment.

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Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden Finding Hammond
Heading down south to see if I can find the missing lead gearhead for the Ark Want to support the channel and get an Elite Rig? Check out Xidax,...
2018-12-14 6:54:23 PM ● 35 views ● 4:47:21 100.00% liked
7 Days to Die: BEEP BEEP IT'S A JEEP!!!!!!
We are finally getting to the point of making the Jeep! Want to support the channel and get an Elite Rig? Check out Xidax, using this link and...
2018-12-14 6:53:14 PM ● 98 views ● 5:30:48 100.00% liked
Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden MeltMan's first look
Taking a first look at Mutant, for those whom loved XCOM's turn based strat gameplay this may be one for you. Want to support the channel and...
2018-12-13 6:47:38 PM ● 122 views ● 7:47:22 92.31% liked
First Impressions
Fallout 76: Patch notes and game play
Lets talk patched notes Want to...
2018-12-13 6:45:31 PM ● 158 views ● 8:02:48 100.00% liked
Minecraft Monday - StoneBlock: off to a rocky start
Today we will be taking a look at the Stone Block modpack...Oh Boy! Want to support the channel and get an Elite Rig? Check out Xidax, using...
2018-12-11 6:23:15 PM ● 3,054 views ● 8:04:02 88.37% liked
Minecraft (2011)
The Phantom Pain: So Quite, Toto Africa
Sadly no I am not playing that song on stream but I am trying out Quite in Africa, but you are more than welcome to Africa's Toto while watching...
2018-12-10 6:00:02 PM ● 85 views ● 6:15:21 100.00% liked
The Phantom Pain: when I am wired on too many Energy drinks....Enjoy.
any donations of 10 dollars or more will be auto read by TTS, to ensure I don't miss them, thank you in advance and happy holidays. Also if your...
2018-12-09 5:45:32 PM ● 53 views ● 2:10:40 100.00% liked
Siege Saturday: Keeping it casual
tonight we are not going to be doing any customs and sticking mainly to casual.....and maybe some ranked....we will see how it plays out. any...
2018-12-09 5:43:05 PM ● 66 views ● 4:12:14 100.00% liked
Mad Max the do over: Cleaning up this place
I'm focusing on cleaning out the dregs of Scrotus's warboys to unlock the end tier upgrades! any donations of 10 dollars or more will be auto...
2018-12-09 5:42:03 PM ● 42 views ● 2:16:28 100.00% liked
Can I get the G.E.C.K. before time runs out? along the way I cover what it might be light to have a G.E.C.K. in fallout 76 as well as talking...
2018-12-08 11:07:55 AM ● 103 views ● 5:34:20 100.00% liked
Fallout (1997)