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Welcome to my channel! I know I call myself Vivi in my videos, but you can also call me Garen. I have always and still do love the Kingdom Hearts series. I also love the Ratchet & Clank series and the Sly Cooper series. This channel revolves around analyses and discussions! My channel might include other stuff such as news and theories. The real purpose of this channel is to have fun and entertain you guys as much as I can :). Discussing about games with you guys is something I really enjoy and hopefully one day, this channel turns into a great community!

Thank you to all who subscribe and take the time to watch my videos, I am truly grateful. Let's rise together!

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Spyro Reignited Trilogy - Trouble With The Trolley Eh? Breeze Harbor Gameplay!
IGN shared some Breeze Harbor gameplay! Trouble with the trolley eh will haunt us forever in our dreams. Let's have a look! Follow me on Twitter:...
2018-10-14 9:41:37 PM ● 3,137 views ● 8:28 96.09% liked
Kingdom Hearts Union Cross - Maleficent In The Data World - Story Analysis
With the recent story update of Kingdom Hearts Union X [Cross], we try and understand what's going on. We are are able to make some connections;...
2018-10-12 9:13:56 PM ● 932 views ● 16:09 100.00% liked
Spyro Reignited Trilogy - Spyro 3 Cutscene Discussion - Professor & Agent 9!
We got some brand new footage of Spyro Reignited Trilogy! This time, we take a look at part of the ending scenes of Spyro 3 Year Of The Dragon....
2018-10-11 7:50:07 PM ● 5,850 views ● 7:05 96.27% liked
Ratchet & Clank - The Lombax Society Cut Story Line - The Lombaxes Were Thought Of Originally!
Let’s discuss a very interesting part of the 15th Anniversary art book for Ratchet & Clank. Originally, Insomniac Games had thought of...
2018-10-10 6:45:52 PM ● 1,283 views ● 10:49 100.00% liked
Sly Cooper TV Show - Story In Only One City?
A recent discussion came up in the Sly Cooper Amino community. After further looking into the TV show's summary over on Technicolor's website,...
2018-10-08 9:08:39 PM ● 1,293 views ● 7:17 98.77% liked
Kingdom Hearts - The Story So Far - New Bundle For US Announced - Great Option For Newcomers!
Square Enix and Disney have recently announced a brand new compilation for the Kingdom Hearts series. Titled ''The Story So Far'', this I have...
2018-10-06 6:04:22 PM ● 4,045 views ● 8:23 95.48% liked
Sly Cooper - Dev Madan Concepts - Who Were Zig & Zag Supposed To Be?
Dev Madan, known as the art director and character designer of the Sly Cooper trilogy, has a website full of interesting concept art. One thing...
2018-10-04 5:21:45 PM ● 1,420 views ● 5:35 98.73% liked
Spyro Reignited Trilogy - Icy Speedway Gameplay - More Concept Art!
This time we take a look at some Icy Speedway gameplay from Spyro 2 Ripto's Rage. Other than that, Toys For Bob shared more concept art these...
2018-10-03 6:52:41 PM ● 513 views ● 5:19 100.00% liked
The Fate Of Ratchet & Clank After The Success Of Marvel's Spider-Man PS4?
After the huge success of Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4, some of you might wonder about the future of Ratchet & Clank, whether a new game will...
2018-10-02 8:27:49 PM ● 1,932 views ● 10:35 99.53% liked
Sly Cooper Rare Manga Discovered! Let's Have a Look
A never re-released or perhaps never-before seen Sly Cooper Manga adaptation has recently surfaced. Not all of it has been recovered, but there's...
2018-09-30 6:43:46 PM ● 1,304 views ● 8:32 98.87% liked