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Welcome to my channel! I know I call myself Vivi in my videos, but you can also call me Garen. I have always and still do love the Kingdom Hearts series. I also love the Ratchet & Clank series and the Sly Cooper series. This channel revolves around analyses and discussions! My channel might include other stuff such as news and theories. The real purpose of this channel is to have fun and entertain you guys as much as I can :). Discussing about games with you guys is something I really enjoy and hopefully one day, this channel turns into a great community!

Thank you to all who subscribe and take the time to watch my videos, I am truly grateful. Let's rise together!

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KH3 - All D23 2018 Info - Release Date Reveal E3 2018 NOT CONFIRMED - Gummi Ship Open World & More!
Here’s a list of everything we’ve learned from Japan’s D23 2018 Expo regarding Kingdom Hearts 3. The release date reveal at E3 2018 WAS...
2018-02-15 9:28:31 PM ● 3,477 views ● 9:20 99.22% liked
Kingdom Hearts 3 - Riku's New ''Dimple'' Keyblade - Dusk, Dawn & Twilight?
Let’s talk about Riku’s new keyblade, what does it represent in Kingdom Hearts 3? Xehanort identifies three types of keyblades, light, darkness...
2018-02-14 8:21:20 PM ● 14,352 views ● 11:31 98.12% liked
Spyro The Dragon Trilogy HD Remake/Remaster Reportedly Happening! Announcement March 2018
Although it hasn't been officially confirmed by Activision, a remake/remaster is happening and has been for quite some time now. This is according...
2018-02-13 8:26:29 PM ● 6,633 views ● 7:54 98.35% liked
Kingdom Hearts 3 D23 Japan 2018 - Scenes In-Depth Analysis II - Riku's Broken Keyblade, Other Me?
Here's part 2 of the D23 Japan 2018 trailer of Kingdom Hearts 3. This time, the focus is on the cutscenes, well the three most important ones,...
2018-02-12 10:31:40 PM ● 4,061 views ● 21:54 99.08% liked
Kingdom Hearts 3 D23 Japan Expo 2018 - Part 1: Gameplay In-Depth Analysis
Shortly after the expo, Square Enix released two brand new KH3 trailers. The first focuses heavily on gameplay and the other showcases the brand...
2018-02-11 12:21:38 AM ● 6,575 views ● 20:21 97.40% liked
Sly Cooper TV SHOW - New Art Revealed! Backstreets Of Shanghai?
Another little piece of interesting content regarding the Sly Cooper Animated TV show has surfaced. What could it be? Shanghai was only mentioned...
2018-02-07 8:19:05 PM ● 5,884 views ● 8:31 98.26% liked
[RUMOR] Sly Cooper TV Show TBA 2018 - ''Too Mature'' For Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network Turned It Down
A recent rumor regarding the TV show has popped up on Twitter. According to an insider, the show is deemed too mature by Nickelodeon. As for...
2018-02-06 7:38:10 PM ● 7,673 views ● 11:45 99.51% liked
[RUMOR] Crash Bandicoot New Game In 2019, PC + Nintendo Switch Port & 5 Year Plan!
According to GB Eye's licensing manager, Activision has more plans for Crash Bandicoot. Apparently, Activision has plans for a PC and Nintendo...
2018-02-05 8:12:02 PM ● 3,068 views ● 6:57 98.94% liked
Ratchet & Clank - The Community Let's Discuss!
The Ratchet & Clank community has been pretty active for a good number of years now. Although Insomniac Games took down the old forums due...
2018-02-03 7:46:01 PM ● 2,836 views ● 10:04 100.00% liked
Kingdom Hearts - Keyblade Of Light, Keyblade of Darkness & Keyblade Of Heart
In the Kingdom Hearts series, we've learned of three different types of keyblades, light, darkness and heart. The keyblade of heart is capable...
2018-01-31 8:57:55 PM ● 22,406 views ● 10:22 97.54% liked