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Hi there and welcome to my channel! I mostly cover platformer games. I go over news/updates related to a certain game, analyse, discuss and yeah, I think that's a pretty good summary. I do tend to focus a lot on the lore aspect of certain games too!

Here's what I currently cover:

Kingdom Hearts, Ratchet & Clank, Sly Cooper, Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, and I guess Jak & Daxter from time to time.

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Crash Nitro-Fueled [CTR] New Gameplay - Analysis & Thoughts
Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled recently got some new footage! Three tracks have been showcased: Polar Pass, Dingo Canyon & Crash Cove. Let's...
2019-02-06 4:33:27 PM ● 9,484 views ● 9:42 97.24% liked
Crash Nitro Fueled - The Topic Of ''Illegal'' Shortcuts & Secret Techniques - Sacred Fire
With Crash Team Racing [CTR] Nitro-Fueled coming this summer 2019, I thought it'd be very interesting to discuss the topic of old shortcuts and...
2019-01-25 5:13:12 PM ● 12,348 views ● 12:46 89.97% liked
JAK 2 LIMITED Collector's Edition Announced! Try & Get Yours On January 25th
Limited Run Games just announced the second line of Jak & Daxter Collector's Edition, this time Jak 2 Renegade! TRY and order yours this...
2019-01-21 8:14:10 PM ● 4,107 views ● 10:07 99.55% liked
Jak II (2003)
Kingdom Hearts 3 - New 2 Mins Trailer - Rage Form Revealed - Short Analysis
Square Enix showed off the last commercial for Kingdom Hearts 3 before the launch of the game for Japan. The trailer does contain some very interesting...
2019-01-17 5:50:42 PM ● 9,699 views ● 6:43 96.86% liked
Kingdom Hearts III
Kingdom Hearts Series - A Summary Of Xemnas
Here's a summary of Xemnas throughout the Kingdom Hearts series. I'm happy to say I got featured in VoltEditzz's Kingdom Hearts 3 Retrospective...
2019-01-15 4:36:26 PM ● 1,621 views ● 9:31 96.88% liked
Kingdom Hearts 3 - Dawn Till Dusk Keyblade Footage - Halved Scores - Some Game Updates Revealed!
Dawn Till Dusk keyblade footage was shared by Square Enix. By pre-ordering through Amazon US & Canada, get yourself this exclusive keyblade...
2019-01-12 4:31:45 PM ● 4,245 views ● 8:29 95.24% liked
Kingdom Hearts III
Ratchet & Clank - About Artemis Zogg - Could He Team Up With Percival Tachyon?
Artemis Zogg was the main antagonist in the comic book series of Ratchet & Clank. He wanted to build his own galaxy and force leadership,...
2019-01-07 9:04:13 PM ● 1,906 views ● 12:17 99.21% liked
Crash Nitro Fueled - Concept Art Hinting At Spyro? - Spyro Reignited Trilogy Sales *Estimate* Are In
Recent concept art of Spyro inspired finish lines have surfaced. This of course hints at a racer type game, does this have to do with Crash Team...
2019-01-04 6:29:29 PM ● 4,129 views ● 6:04 96.85% liked
Spyro Reignited Trilogy
SLY COOPER - 2019 Looks Great So Far! Is Sony Teasing Here? PlayStation Fiesta Bowl
Sly Cooper has been spotted at this year’s PlayStation Fiesta Bowl. This annual event brings together two College/University Football teams...
2019-01-01 7:56:05 PM ● 37,864 views ● 11:51 97.77% liked
Let's Play
Sly Cooper Rajan & El Jefe - Black Clouds & Thunder Bolts
Rajan and El Hefe both utilise thunder/lightining as one of their attack patterns. Just a coincidence, or is there a bit more to this story?...
2018-12-31 4:28:26 PM ● 3,354 views ● 13:41 99.26% liked