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I once had aspirations of being the next great masked wrestler after Mil Mascaras, but a terrible stomach injury left those dreams shattered on the floor. But while one passion was put on halt, another one has thrived in its place.

Gaming, my first passion, has become my life, and commentary my outlet used to share it with you guys. To this day, I play the games I love, spanning a variety of genres, and talk over them, knowing full well that old Lucha Libre enemies may strike at any time.

Wanna contact me? Send an email to or hit me up on Twitter @BigRedNY!

You can also mail me stuff at:
BigRedNY Martinez
127 W 83 St
P.O. Box #799
New York, NY 10024-0799

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Best WWE Debuts Ever! - WWE 2K19 MY Career Mode Ep 4 (WWE 2K19 MyCareer Gameplay Part 4)
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How To Get A US Title Match - WWE 2K19 MY Career Mode Ep 3 (WWE 2K19 MyCareer Gameplay Part 3)
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