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Hi, I'm CinnamonToastKen! Here you'll find hilarious react videos, some of the best meme compilations, life hack craft videos, Dr. Phil knife hands, and family vlogs! If you're into good wholesome videos that will make you laugh, please Subscribe Today!

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Thanks for watching React Couch! Checking out Jeremy Kyle Show and where the Stares In British meme originated from. More react couch and Dr...
2019-01-19 12:50:15 PM ● 206,955 views ● 13:31 99.08% liked
Welcome to our full scary playthrough of NightCry horror game. The main villain has scissors that shaves my mustache!
2019-01-18 4:10:15 PM ● 48,463 views ● 39:27 99.24% liked
Leave a like! Meme Couch is the champion of You Laugh You Lose Challenges because its impossible to not laugh. Try it, I bet you laughed a little...
2019-01-15 1:13:12 PM ● 174,075 views ● 10:25 99.32% liked
Girl Thinks Shes The Reincarnation of Pocahontas - Dr Phil - React Couch
This girl on Dr Phil says shes the Reincarnation of Pocahontas. Thank you guys very much for watching the react couch with Cinnamontoastken and...
2019-01-12 2:47:45 PM ● 256,034 views ● 12:05 99.31% liked
Layla Loves Newborn Baby Brother
Newborn baby Rafael is home and Layla loves him! She wants to play but hes just to little! Thank you for supporting our family! Couldn't do what...
2019-01-10 3:18:45 PM ● 126,737 views ● 11:13 99.67% liked
Best Fresh Clean Memes 2019 | Meme Couch
Thank your for watching best clean fresh memes compilation on youtube 2019 the one and only meme couch! If you like these great memes check out...
2019-01-08 4:00:10 PM ● 167,937 views ● 10:04 99.59% liked
Spoiled Teen Thinks Shes Perfect - Dr Phil | React Couch
This spoiled Teen girl thinks shes perfect and Dr Phil is having none of Tamara! Thanks for checking out the React Couch! Check out our other...
2019-01-05 4:27:51 PM ● 282,988 views ● 11:48 99.20% liked
Brand New Baby Is Here!
We got a brand new baby in the cinnamontoastken household! We're very excited and thank you for your support! Live Everyday:
2019-01-03 3:26:00 PM ● 200,284 views ● 11:17 99.74% liked
New Year New Memes | Meme Couch
Welcome to 2019 new year and new memes. Much love from meme couch and have a great year of laughs! Thanks for all your support! Game Channel...
2019-01-01 2:20:07 PM ● 206,379 views ● 10:12 99.45% liked
Bad Parenting Fails | React Couch
Thanks for watching Bad Parenting Fails on React Couch! If you thought youre parents were bad then check out these amazing hilarious and just...
2018-12-29 12:00:04 PM ● 162,507 views ● 10:49 99.29% liked