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Hi, I'm a gamer with a funny personality and like to play any game that's thrown at me.i like to have a laugh and i speak English. So if you like my content then Subscribe ! and if you enjoy it Like it and share it means a lot guys ! Follow me or join me in game ;) Normally upload Daily !

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Unforgivable Curse Why? - Gmod DarkRP (Most Overpowered Wizard In The World)
Today on gmod darkrp i have a wand with some new spells to test on people im not trolling just curseing players. So i get into a lot of wizard...
2019-03-15 1:00:01 PM ● 1,404 views ● 11:59 99.36% liked
Apple Store Best Service - Unturned Roleplay (Best Products, But Not Good At Fixing Them)
Today on unturned RP i've made a new apple store selling all the latest products the new iPhone xs, MacBook Pro, Imac pro but not everyone happy...
2019-03-14 1:00:03 PM ● 11,727 views ● 16:17 97.32% liked
Unturned (2014)
Admin Gang? - GTA RP (I Tried To Get Accepted In Any Gang For A Laugh)
Today on GTA RP I want to make some friends and i found a gang that want me to join and had an admin help me with the game. This was really fun...
2019-03-13 12:57:42 PM ● 17,876 views ● 17:22 97.81% liked
Gun Shop Scam - Gmod DarkRP (A Gun shop That Scams For Millions Ultimate Thief)
Today on gmod darkrp im on my server on an alt account trying to sell off all the rubbish things in my inventory. I charge people Millions for...
2019-03-12 1:00:05 PM ● 19,911 views ● 24:02 98.28% liked
NEW Sky Shop! - Unturned Roleplay (Gun Shop Dealer Selling Powerful Guns)
Today on unturned roleplay life I have built a awesome skyshop with the best weapons you can get. I travel to the dead zone to pick up awesome...
2019-03-11 1:00:11 PM ● 13,917 views ● 23:16 97.70% liked
Unturned (2014)
SCP Secret Laboratory - Hiding Secret Weapon
Just a WARNING this information is classified, In a facility there is a weapon that can take out SCP very quickly. the weapons been developed...
2019-03-10 1:00:00 PM ● 16,609 views ● 18:55 98.21% liked
Hacker Admin Abuse - Gmod DarkRP Super Trolling (Guy Gets MAD And Thinks I'M A HACKER)
Today on gmod darkrp im on my server trolling people, I found a gun dealer that asked for help so i tped to him and he killed me. So i trolled...
2019-03-09 11:58:42 AM ● 50,549 views ● 13:35 97.21% liked
Border Patrol Lockdown - Unturned Roleplay (Protecting The Border, Licence And Registration Please)
Today on unturned roleplay life we work on the border between Two Nations and we have to secure it a wall going to be built soon and we have...
2019-03-08 11:58:12 AM ● 22,237 views ● 23:58 99.25% liked
Unturned (2014)
Playing Bliss Maze when you start playing it it starts off to be really friendly nice happy game until you actually get in the maze and realise...
2019-03-08 7:04:48 AM ● 10,565 views ● 14:27 98.62% liked
CANNIBAL CHEF RP - Unturned Roleplay (Master Chef Needs Ingredients He Needs Meat)
Playing unturned life I meet some guy that owns a restaurant I so want to help him and he says he need ingredients, so I have the greatest idea...
2019-03-07 12:00:02 PM ● 12,912 views ● 13:51 97.88% liked
Unturned (2014)