Enigmatic Smash Clash

Enigmatic Smash Clash

United Kingdom
United Kingdom

Enigmatic Smash Clash is a British YouTube content creator with 253 subscribers. He published 957 videos which altogether total more than 74.53 thousand views.

Created on ● Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/@esc_mk

About Enigmatic Smash Clash

The Enigmatic Smash Clash is a biweekly Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament held in Milton Keynes. After 17 months of playing exclusively online with our dedicated community, our local Smash scene is going public for the first time! The tournament is open to all adult UKIE players who fancy having a go at showing off their skills.

It's a tournament for friends to get together and share their passion for the game with one another, assuming your definition of "sharing one's passion", is "going all out and fighting for complete and utter supremacy". The environment we foster is welcoming and light-hearted, resulting in friendly competition and some of the spiciest matches this side of Buckingham! After all, who wouldn't want to give it their all when there's glory to be won?

The commentary leans more towards casual viewing, as we are a group of friends watching each other play, though the games being played are anything but casual.

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