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Star Ocean, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and more! Gameplay videos, tutorials, and Livestreams! Enjoy a great community and some of your favorite game series here! Join our Facebook fan page at and or join our Discord at

Games Focused on in this Channel: Final Fantasy Series, Kingdom Hearts, Star Ocean Series, Digimon, Popular New Releases, Japanese Role Playing Games, and more!

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Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia Global - Deuce Event & Ace EX Banner
Going to do tickets and possible multi draws summons on the new Deuce banner as well as some of the event! Be sure to like and subscribe! Comment...
2019-03-20 9:26:37 PM ● 543 views ● 52:28 94.74% liked
Star Ocean Anamnesis - Blue Sphere Claude & Blue Sphere Rena Banner - Also Misery 3 & 2 Idol Event
Star Ocean Anamnesis JP Blue Sphere Claude and Rena are now available! Let's try some summons to get them. Livestreaming these banner summons...
2019-03-20 7:26:32 PM ● 237 views ● 27:02 100.00% liked
DFFOO JP Livestream - Arc 2 Chapter 6 Eald'narche Boss Fights Hard Multiplayer
We are going to try and tackle Eald'narche Lecel 150 and Level 180 Hard mode of Arc 2 Chapter 6 ending. Since it is multiplayer I am going to...
2019-03-20 2:44:50 PM ● 205 views ● 1:22:44 91.67% liked
Star Ocean Anamnesis Global - Misery 3 Bride Event & Misery 3 Summer Events Multiplayer Session
Going to tackle the new Misery 3 difficulties on Star Ocean Anamnesis Global for the wedding event and summer events! Come join on in and have...
2019-03-19 2:15:07 PM ● 194 views ● 47:33 93.33% liked
Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia- Locke EX+ & Celes EX+ Banner - Also Featuring Setzer
DFFOO JP Enhanced EX+ now available for Locke and Celes. Here is my free multi summon as well as some ticket pulls! Comment below how luck you...
2019-03-19 12:37:29 AM ● 1,123 views ● 3:28 93.18% liked
Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition Livestream Part 13
Heading back into our Adventure in Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition. This channel also has Star Ocean, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and...
2019-03-18 10:32:37 PM ● 68 views ● 2:05:39 100.00% liked
Star Ocean Anamnesis Anime Cutscene - Energy Beam - Season 2 Chapter 8
After Caleen and Evelysse combine their powers to take down the antagonist, an energy beam appears. Here is the anime cutscene from that part...
2019-03-18 1:06:36 PM ● 285 views ● 0:35 100.00% liked
Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia Global - Kain EX Banner
Kain EX has arrived on Global DFFOO. Here are my ticket summons as well as a multi draw to see if I get it. Comment below what you get too :)...
2019-03-17 8:29:10 PM ● 1,523 views ● 3:11 92.00% liked
Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia- Arc 2 Chapter 6 Ending - Eald'narche Boss Fight
Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia JP Arc 2 Chapter 6 ends here with a battle against Eald'narche of Final Fantasy XI. Enjoy this English commentary...
2019-03-16 12:32:23 AM ● 475 views ● 8:19 100.00% liked
Kingdom Hearts 3 (First Time Playing) Part 15
Kingdom Hearts 3 Final Battles. It all ends here! Star Ocean, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and more! Gameplay videos, tutorials, and Livestreams!...
2019-03-15 10:32:43 PM ● 118 views ● 2:11:21 100.00% liked