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Newest PC Games and the biggest pc game giveaways on the youtube!

My primary goal is to create an encyclopedia of video gameplays with up-to-date content! I try to present all upcoming games from the AAA game to the small indie game developers before the release. I think this goal is succeeded until now.

But one of my other goals is to advertise the indie games the ones which don't get enough attention. Sometimes the gameplay isn't enough beacuse no one interest a game with 90's graphics, and the folks just step over the video without watching it. That's why I started to make giveaways because some of the indie games are precious and they deserve the bigger publicity!

I know the road ahead is still long and I have to work a lot more on this channel, but I promise you, I'll do my best!

If you appreciate my work or you see potential in my channel than I ask you to support my channel with your subscribe!
Every drop in the ocean counts! I count on you!

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