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Latest Let's Plays For Watch Dogs

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViewsLiked
3 days agoUnited States Game Controller NetworkTHWARTING EVIL WITH YOGURT | Watch Dogs Part 12 | Mikey G and Mori play18:472
2019-09-14 DarckkaneWatch Dogs Let's Play Sub Español Pt Final47:048100.00%
2019-08-23 GamerBraves[Gamescom 2019] Watch Dogs Legion Alpha Gameplay1:2051885.71%
2019-08-20 PlayStation EuropeWatch Dogs Legion | Gamescom 2019 – Play as Anyone explained | PS43:1145,35596.77%
2019-08-10 Gamer RoostWatch Dogs Lets Play Part 7 'Remember'13:259100.00%
2019-08-07France Game Movie LandWATCH DOGS fr - FILM JEU COMPLET3:18:3022,41198.02%
2019-07-23Germany Bisu ZimtLet's Play "Watch Dogs" - 50 - Aufdeckung [German / Deutsch]20:5215100.00%
2019-07-17United States DJMMT@GameChangerDOCLet's Play Watch Dogs (PC) - Episode 19 [Finale]2:15:493
2019-06-14Spain RicharBetaCodeWatch Dogs Legion | Exclusiva desde el #E32019 | "Bienvenid@ a la resistencia"9:0723,62298.36%
2019-06-14Hong Kong PlayStation HKPS4《Watch Dogs: Legion》看門狗新作預告2:4593797.22%
2019-06-12Spain PlayStation EspañaWATCH DOGS: LEGION | TRÁILER en ESPAÑOL2:4594,69198.39%
2019-02-26Brazil YT GameplaysWatch Dogs - Playthrough - EP 12 - PT_BR - Final13:404100.00%
2019-02-25Germany KlaycheefWatch Dogs DLC Bad Blood 100%-Let's-Play FINALE | Das Urteil (deutsch/german)41:4453100.00%
2019-02-23Brazil Gameplay021WATCH DOGS 3 ESTA CHEGANDO - E3 2019?1:1510080.00%
2019-02-17United States Darth_GamersWatch_Dogs - Let's Play Story - Finale/Credits30:160
2019-02-16Germany GanonKirby89Kameraktion 👉 Watch_Dogs Let's Play ★ #31 ★ 100% ★ PS4 German👈18:235975.00%
2019-01-29United Kingdom hooch2003Watch_Dogs (Part 7) playthrough stream3:52:2710100.00%
2019-01-04 MAGLXWatch Dogs - P17 Fire Escape - Sunrim Bomb Jump (Helped by Madbuck)7:1518892.86%
2018-11-11Russian Federation Time ShiftУСТРАНИТЕЛЬ } Watch Dogs Прохождение #3712:4016100.00%
2018-10-25 William NobodyWATCH_DOGS Lets play part 156:352
2018-10-16United Kingdom Roman plays.Watch_Dogs. 'Realistic' difficulty. (part 3) Second playthrough2:25:1935100.00%
2018-10-01Germany Concept Player OneLet's play - Watch Dogs (Part 2)1:44:3311100.00%
2018-09-15Germany ZeppyThe Story of Watch Dogs Part 1: Kein Kindergeburtstag30:0652100.00%
2018-09-11United States ToxicAWOLA Crisis in Chicago - Let's Play Watch_Dogs FINALE1:04:140
2018-09-08 Kevin KrossLet's play WATCH_DOGS™ #20 - End of story1:21:190

Latest Reviews For Watch Dogs

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViewsLiked
2019-06-06United States Joseph WittyWatch Dogs 3 Legion OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED! | REACTION & REVIEW12:461,55792.31%
2018-09-24 psyniacWATCH_DOGS Review (Xbox One/PS4/Xbox 360/PS3) - Psy Reviews It8:4337292.00%
2018-07-09 Gtx gamerWatch Dogs gameplay Walkthrough Review Part 210:2013100.00%
2017-12-23United Kingdom J'sLifeWatch Dogs: First Impression Review gameplay (2017)37:0115100.00%
2017-07-19India THE MARK WARRIOR4K/60 fps-Watch Dogs(World Record):Part 4-Backseat Driver(Realistic/No Damage/No Upgrades).16:2514960.00%
2017-05-29United States Tzilla DzillaTzilla Dzilla Reviews: WATCH DOGS by Ubisoft7:543100.00%
2017-02-06 DWTerminatorRequests Month 2017 Review #1 - Watch_Dogs16:393,42291.18%
2017-01-19Germany TommyTalksJetzt wird gehackt! - Watch_Dogs | 100 Sekunden Review2:132,37198.49%
2016-12-30 Infinite BacklogWatch_Dogs Review9:2741691.67%
2016-12-18 SuperkenGamingWatch Dogs Review4:42165100.00%
2016-11-28United Kingdom Rational GamersWATCH DOGS || Rapid Rundown (Review)1:3813
2016-09-27United States Nintendo ReviewerWatch Dogs (Wii U) Review11:339,36989.78%
2016-08-14United Kingdom K1ngHobzWatch Dogs | NVIDIA TITAN X (Pascal) | FRAME RATE TEST (4K)7:411,975100.00%
2016-05-20 GameTrailersWatch Dogs: Bad Blood Review3:32139100.00%
2015-12-31United States CabooseJr"Blackest" - Chris Devoe: Watch_Dogs Review/Cowboy Bebop Bumpers5:312,64197.56%
2015-12-08Netherlands HelloitskovoWatch dogs: Vigilante edition review4:3671100.00%
2015-10-01Australia TheStriderKnightWATCH_DOGS Game Review8:275
2015-09-27 newtrionWatch Dogs Review37:3931100.00%
2015-07-07Egypt HQ GamersWatch Dogs Arabic Review | HQ Gamers6:008,61098.44%
2015-07-06 IGN NewsWatch Dogs Graphics Backlash Prompted Ubisoft Policy Review - IGN News1:0820,28395.91%
2015-06-30United Kingdom WAFWatch Dogs | 21:9 Review [2560x1080/60fps/Ultrawide]11:454,01398.39%
2015-06-16Australia SuperLowlanderSuper Lowlander - Watch_Dogs review9:26117100.00%
2015-05-08Switzerland 1337GamingWatch_Dogs // Review // ENG6:0644100.00%
2015-01-09Germany Cubi ReviewsWatch Dogs | PS4 Review14:3439100.00%