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Do you like video games, tech and pop culture? If so, you've come to the right place! From early Nintendo game previews and launch events to unboxings and reviews to short films and skits, you can pretty much expect to see anything here on my channel! The best part? It's all in my very own unique style!

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Raymond Strazdas is an award-winning filmmaker, producer and digital media personality currently residing in New Jersey. With a great passion for entertainment, Raymond's desire to succeed is nothing short of fascinating. Through producing consistent, high quality content and working with countless top brands, Raymond has clearly established a name for himself and knows what it takes to keep an audience wanting more!


Have questions, video ideas or business inquiries? Feel free to reach out to me @raystrazdas

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Arcade1Up CES 2019 Reveals | Wall Cades, Counter Cades & MORTAL KOMBAT
At CES 2019, Arcade1Up revealed some awesome new arcade cabinets PLUS Counter Cades, Wall Cades and Mortal Kombat! At a convention filled with...
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My Arcade Tiny Arcade Cabinets at CES 2019 | Bubble Bobble FIRST Look!
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First Impressions
🔴 CES 2019 LIVE: My Arcade, Arcade1Up & 8BitDo Retro Booth Tour!
Old is new again at CES 2019 as retro games and new arcade cabinets takeover the show floor! My Arcade, Arcade1Up & 8BitDo all had a large...
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Google Assistant Ride Takes Marketing to the NEXT LEVEL at CES 2019!
At CES 2019 in Las Vegas, Google took marketing to the next level with the Google Assistant Ride. This Disney-style ride was designed to showcase...
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The Game Boy RETURNS at CES 2019 | GoRetro Portable Handheld!
The Game Boy is making a return at CES 2019 and it's shaping up to be the Game Boy Classic we've been waiting for! You can expect to see all...
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Teaching My Girlfriend How to Play Super Smash Bros. ULTIMATE!
My girlfriend, Spiderweb Duck Hands, has asked me how to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! Having never played any of the Smash Bros. games before,...
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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Raymond Strazdas Channel Trailer 2019 | Get So Very HYPED!
The Raymond Strazdas 2019 Channel Trailer is HERE! 2018 was a fantastic year filled with amazing moments and opportunities however, now it's...
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5 New Nintendo Switch Games I'm HYPED for in 2019 (& Beyond)
Nintendo owned it in 2018. Today, we're going to take a look forward into 2019 with some NEW Nintendo Switch games dropping this year. From Yoshi's...
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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - My 5 FAVORITE Characters To Play As!
Here are my 5 FAVORITE characters to play as in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! With nearly 75 fighters in the game, choosing just one is extremely...
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Surprising My Parents With a BRAND NEW 2018 MacBook Air for Christmas!
This Christmas I went above and beyond to surprise my parents with a brand new 2018 MacBook Air! My parents are arguably my biggest supporters...
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