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XXXPrince the 2nd is a YouTube content creator with roughly 27.7 thousand subscribers, publishing more than 1.61 thousand videos which altogether total over 9.12 million views.

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hey everyone I'm prince ( but Hayden is my real name you can call me Hayden or prince whatever works for you) and welcome to my channel and are you into gaming? Well, here you will find videos such as gaming, vlogs, music, and more. I'm 22 years old and I love music. I will be posting on Saturdays and Sundays and sometimes during the week when I'm feeling bored. I will be doing a lot of gaming videos mostly. I also will be doing vlogs once in a while so if your new subscribe and post a comment saying you did so you can get a Shoutout in the comments so enjoy my channel and have a good day. R.I.P. XXXtentacion 2018
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My Nintendo switch friend code is: SW-7008-1876-8790

My super Mario maker 2 username is: huskytrot

My Super Mario maker 2 ID is: L1Y-VR3-DGH

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