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KRYOH is a content creator on YouTube with 302 subscribers. He published 90 videos which altogether total more than 200.13 thousand views.

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All Honkai: Star Rail Videos by KRYOH

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2024-03-28Memory of Chaos 12: E0S1 Seele and E0S0 Acheron | Honkai Star Rail11:243,467Honkai: Star Rail
2024-03-17NEW Memory of Chaos 12: Kafka and Jing Yuan strikes | Honkai Star Rail: Eve of Wanton Feast10:48793Honkai: Star Rail
2024-03-132.0 Memory of Chaos 12: Kafka & Imbibitor Lunae | Honkai Star Rail9:01151Honkai: Star Rail
2024-03-082.0 Memory of Chaos 12 First Node: Qingque gambles & Blade slashes | Honkai Star Rail11:23113Honkai: Star Rail
2024-03-012.0 Memory of Chaos 12 First Node: Quadruple Blade actions | Honkai Star Rail5:06310Honkai: Star Rail
2024-02-23NEW 2.0 Memory of Chaos 12: Jing Yuan strikes down & Dr Ratio follows up | Honkai Star Rail9:5652,642Honkai: Star Rail
2024-02-142.0 Memory of Chaos 12: Jingliu and Dr. Ratio with new pioneer relic | Honkai Star Rail9:153,522Honkai: Star Rail
2024-02-102.0 Memory of Chaos 12: Misha + Clara and Black Swan | Honkai Star Rail11:30627Honkai: Star Rail
2024-01-121.6 Memory of Chaos 12: Xueyi Hypercarry | Honkai Star Rail10:582,009Honkai: Star Rail
2024-01-101.6 PURE FICTION 4 | Argenti + Blade/Jing Yuan deletes mobs | Honkai Star Rail11:33187Honkai: Star Rail
2023-12-281.6 Memory of Chaos 12: Blade/RuanMei and FuXuan/Lunae | Honkai Star Rail12:531,125Honkai: Star Rail
2023-12-131.5 Memory of Chaos 10: Blade / Yanqing and Topaz | Honkai Star Rail11:117,912Honkai: Star Rail
2023-11-291.5 Memory of Chaos 10: Jing Yuan/Topaz and Blade | Honkai Star Rail11:3544,523Honkai: Star Rail
2023-11-02Memory of Chaos 10: Topaz and Blade DuoCarry + Imbibitor Lunae 2nd Half | Honkai Star Rail10:42306Honkai: Star Rail
2023-10-28Memory of Chaos 10: Topaz and Blade HyperCarry | Honkai Star Rail11:181,972Honkai: Star Rail
2023-10-06Memory of Chaos 10: Fu Xuan + Qingque and Blade Double Carry | Honkai Star Rail10:201,500Honkai: Star Rail
2023-09-25Honkai Star Rail TL 68: Just farming up some stuffs1:04:0973Honkai: Star Rail
2023-09-24Honkai Star Rail: Just farming up some stuffs1:26:5048Honkai: Star Rail
2023-09-22Memory of Chaos 10: Fu Xuan + JingYuan / Blade Hypercarry | Honkai Star Rail10:2010,344Honkai: Star Rail
2023-09-21Memory of Xianzhou 6: Fu Xuan + Jing Yuan / Blade Sustain | Honkai Star Rail9:4917,767Honkai: Star Rail