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FPS gaming videos! Long time FPS player and fan who puts out 3x videos a week focused on FPS games. Warframe, Destiny, Halo, & a whole lot more. Celebrating great FPS games through guides, reviews, tips, & more is the main focus of the channel!
Dance when no one looks. For the Alliance!

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The Death Of MIRROR'S EDGE...
Mirror's Edge In 2019... How does the franchise hold up over ten years later? And what happened that led to the death of Mirror's Edge? Will...
2019-01-13 9:49:37 AM ● 2,601 views ● 11:31 98.85% liked
Bungie To Self-Publish As Activision Loses Destiny!? (HUGE DEAL)
Bungie Titan Skates away from Activision while maintaining to keep the Rift ball that is Destiny alive. Bungie and Activision have parted ways...
2019-01-10 5:37:46 PM ● 11,285 views ● 9:00 98.60% liked
Destiny (2014)
Why Xbox Live Will Never Be The Same Again
Old school Xbox Live was extremely special. The Heyday of Xbox Live was something that impacted console gaming forever, and it's almost entirely...
2019-01-07 9:18:20 AM ● 4,738 views ● 7:17 97.66% liked
TOP 5 BEST Upcoming FPS Games Of 2019
TOP 5 BEST Upcoming FPS Games Of 2019! The FPS Games coming out in 2019 are incredible, this next year will be epic for FPS Games Fans. Today...
2019-01-02 9:45:31 AM ● 7,152 views ● 6:06 98.30% liked
WARFRAME 200 Hours Later... Be A Part Of Something Bigger
Warframe 200 hours later... be a part of something bigger. Warframe is a game that is unparalleled in the scene. The developers over at Digital...
2018-12-28 12:23:10 PM ● 9,869 views ● 6:34 98.33% liked
Warframe (2013)
DON'T MISS THESE DEALS! Best Steam Winter Sale FPS Games
Make sure you buy these FPS GAMES during the Winter Steam Sale 2018. These are some of the BEST STEAM SALE GAMES of the 2018 sale, FPS &...
2018-12-23 12:52:31 PM ● 58,282 views ● 7:14 94.53% liked
The Best FPS Games On Xbox Games Pass 2018 (And TPS Games)
Does Xbox Game Pass provide ENOUGH for FPS players? How does the FPS Games & TPS Games lineup stack up on Xbox Game pass? What are some of...
2018-12-21 11:38:35 AM ● 3,885 views ● 8:19 98.03% liked
DUSK Review - Why Every FPS Player Needs To Play This
Every FPS player needs to play DUSK. This retro-inspired FPS made by David Szymanski is one of the best FPS of 2018 if not THE BEST singleplayer...
2018-12-18 9:08:43 AM ● 4,669 views ● 5:01 98.25% liked
This Battlefield V Patch Exposes A Much Bigger Problem
Battlefield V 's latest controversial patch has made a BIG change the community is not happy about. Has Dice & EA become out of touch with...
2018-12-14 12:16:49 PM ● 45,625 views ● 10:43 94.40% liked
Battlefield V
FPS Games 2018 Holiday Buyers Guide & What To Avoid
What FPS games are worth buying this year? What were the best FPS games of 2018 & what gifts should you pick up for the FPS fan in your life?...
2018-12-11 9:02:56 AM ● 27,136 views ● 9:10 94.36% liked