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Welcome to my channel. enjoy what i upload. c:

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Helvetic Events - Arc 1 Opening
Well amount of people voted to see the opening first Before episode 2 is out so here you all go. song: Black Box Messiah - Diablo Swing Orchestra...
2018-12-30 5:22:50 PM ● 1,043 views ● 1:07 97.60% liked
Helvetic Events - Arc 1 - Episode 1
Welp, Now that my Annoying FNAF Days is over. I can finally work on a Project I Always been willing to do so. A series the features Witchy herself,...
2018-12-20 5:15:15 PM ● 2,228 views ● 14:09 97.07% liked
[Late DBD Halloween special] The Shape
ye I know, is a bit late. but hope you all enjoy it. and Happy Late Halloween. Songs from John Carpenter's Halloween Text made by lemurfot The...
2018-11-02 2:10:26 PM ● 3,670 views ● 3:00 97.54% liked
About My Friend Fredbear
Well guys, It lasted while it could, but it is officaly over, I will move on from FNAF, I find it boring and I want to get away from it. cya...
2018-09-27 5:22:39 PM ● 4,555 views ● 6:18 92.75% liked
Team Killer X Trailer
Yeah. don't ask why I had this idea. but it worked. I guess is obvious I'm a fan of all the friday the 13th Movies especially Jason X. I thought...
2018-07-01 2:59:53 PM ● 8,401 views ● 1:52 98.81% liked
[FAN DLC TRAILER] Team Slaying on friday the 13th: The Game
Thought of making this as a lil' tribute to Team Slayer AND friday the 13th the game. So I puted 2 things in one. Team slayer as a Guest character...
2018-04-15 4:01:55 AM ● 8,104 views ● 1:30 98.85% liked
The Final Teaser
Well guys, My Friend fredbear is coming to an end in this final episode as well the fnaf in general in this channel, woho. Now stay tuned cause...
2018-03-30 11:38:55 AM ● 44,276 views ● 1:25 97.30% liked
[Dead By Daylight Animation] Left Behind
holy shit, This was just suppose to be a short so you guys have something to Watch while wiating BUT NOH. took a month to make this cause. lazyness....
2018-03-21 2:26:14 PM ● 727,216 views ● 7:52 94.89% liked
Soldiers deadly battle (Soldier's Dispenser Collab Entry)
I am not fond with making random videos so enjoy this TRY HARD SHIT AAAA- entry to raxxos collab: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2JhIV6io1aI...
2018-02-21 3:41:43 PM ● 18,400 views ● 0:22 98.98% liked
[Canceled] My Friend Fredbear - Episode 4 - Nightmare Among us
1 fucking year for this shit to be done. and is not even finished yet. Have one more to go. Anyway thank you all for waiting ''patiently'' for...
2017-11-12 3:24:25 PM ● 307,286 views ● 20:56 95.80% liked