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I decided to make a channel dedicated to game play throughs and possibly some reviews. At some point I may add commentary for the play throughs to explain certain parts better.

Playing very difficult games is something I really enjoy. (The completion , more than the process itself) So I will post videos of any skillful attempts that I can get on video.

I play through alot of old games on emulators, through my pc. I have a method I use to practice these games and put them together. I explain it in the Jim Power description as well.

As of this post, I am over 1100 console style and console games beaten. (console style are arcade games that have penalties for death, or games beaten on very low amounts of credits).


Ive been playing games since 1986. The most difficult things ive done in gaming, are on the newer games. Ninja Gaiden Black , 40 million plus points on mission mode (1000 hours spent on the series) was the most extreme

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