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Howdy, folks.

This is where I'd put a fancy description of what it is I do, but there's not terribly much to it, I'm afraid. I just do covers of game music, with a small helping of my own original songs and various game projects on the side. What can I say? I grew up with games and especially music as centerpieces of my life, so it only seems natural that I'd take to the two so passionately.

I have one of these now, because I want to expand what I'm able to do and make.


No pressure, no obligation, none of that. Everything's still as free for viewership as it always has been. But it's there if anyone would ever wish to support this thing.

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bendy sex whistle joke about bending and sexing goes here
2018-04-25 4:37:11 PM ● 8 views ● 3:09
king meteor was a madman to think of mashing these two together and god bless him for it will do all of his recompositions like this eventually,...
2018-04-23 2:11:00 PM ● 462 views ● 2:26 98.72% liked
Metroid (1986)
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listen to my obnoxious voice croon annoying nothings in your delicate little head holes
2018-04-06 6:49:38 AM ● 468 views ● 4:42 93.75% liked
Megaman X4: Sky Lagoon X (X1+X2+X3 Arr.)
made for the X++ project doughnut steel
2018-04-06 6:49:36 AM ● 1,439 views ● 2:44 100.00% liked
Dark Souls III - Drac Sucks at Invasions (but not as much as this guy)
remember kids, getting lloyded = run immediately all the pros do it
2018-03-25 7:38:06 AM ● 376 views ● 3:11 96.55% liked
Megaman X5: Zero Stage 1 (X1+X2 Arr.)
made for the X++ project doughnut steel
2018-03-21 7:27:20 AM ● 2,484 views ● 3:15 100.00% liked
Megaman X5: Zero Stage 2 (X1+X2+X3 Arr.)
made for the X++ project doughnut steel
2018-03-21 7:27:20 AM ● 2,462 views ● 2:58 99.35% liked
Bloodborne - Ludwig, the Accursed (SNES Remix)
holy blade is being a pain in the ass so it'll be its own thing
2018-03-16 11:06:45 AM ● 1,411 views ● 3:52 98.10% liked
Bloodborne (2015)
Megaman X4 - Split Mushroom (X1/X3 Arr.)
apologies for the considerable upload delay got a handful of specific pieces that are taking awhile to get where i want them, and day job's eating...
2018-03-10 6:30:29 AM ● 2,115 views ● 2:55 99.40% liked
Dark Souls III - Drac Sucks at Invasions (Winter Wonderland)
So these are gonna be a thing now. Music: Shantae and the Pirates Curse - Rottytops Berserk - Sun Final Fantasy IX - Ice Caverns Metal Slug 3...
2018-03-05 3:17:40 PM ● 336 views ● 20:26 95.45% liked