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1.United States RetroSpecter44,436,920
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4.United States SharaX Official22,763,103
5.Austria Merg21,804,813
6.United States Man on the Internet19,026,012
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10.Russian Federation John Brain11,993,592

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1.United States Valndrisa Valkina172
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5. Toby Fox - Topic79
6.United States KeyTuts72
7.United States MsDaBoss768
8. Revtrosity63
9.United States SpeedGaming56
10. Ken Hisuag52

Latest Let's Plays For Deltarune

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2 days agoUkraine Pro100 ДеткИDeltarune lp #2 Попали в Тёмное Королевство, познакомились с Принцем и отметелили Плохиша20:13429
2021-01-25United States SinoteKGaminGSTOP ASKING QUESTIONS! - Deltarune Funny Playthrough - Part 2 | SinoteKGaminG13:24392
2021-01-15 RPG KingdomkidWalk Around Town-Let's Play Deltarune Part 9 (Final)57:094
2021-01-07United States theKingdomKidLet's Play Deltarune Trailer3:302
2020-12-30 Rose MatterWTF WAS THAT ENDING??? | Let's Play: Deltarune Chapter 1 [END] [BLIND]1:43:353,732
2020-11-23United States SaacoolSaacool plays Deltarune! feat. Makahiya133:17:2927
2020-11-14United States PhantomSavageUndertale [Comic Dub] - Scary Sign | PHANTOMSAVAGE0:469,517
2020-11-13Russian Federation 40летний мужикDeltarune (turn on English subs) ➤ 7 серия. Финал главы52:3058
2020-11-04United Kingdom Miss Multi-ConsoleDeltarune Chapter 1 - Possession!? Part 1813:18187
2020-10-19 lighttrooper13 gaminglet's play more deltarune6:28:0934
2020-10-15United States justisaacDeltarune - Before The Story (RECREATION) + FLP1:34539
2020-10-14Canada Shizzy HollywoodDeltarune: Chapter 1 Full Playthrough2:59:5820
2020-10-03Netherlands ZWGamemasterGame#02 Let's play Deltarune, PS4PRO, gameplay, playthrough34:5810
2020-09-28United States KwingsLetsPlaysUltimate Stream - DELTARUNE (Nintendo Switch)2:59:163,529
2020-09-17United States WallyGXOn to the Next Game!!!【UPDATE 9.17.2020】2:3112
2020-09-06Peru Nᴀᴛʜsɪʟ Sᴏɴɢ[Undertale - Deltarune] Delta Time Trio (Vs. Bad Time Trio) Remix NathsilSong [Soundtrack] [+ FLP]4:0223,420
2020-08-25United States SiIvaGunnerHip Shop (Alpha Mix) - Deltarune1:5325,843
2020-08-19United States PrimalDragon1740Let's Play DELTARUNE Chapter 1 Episode 3 What's in our Hearts (With Commentary)34:241
2020-08-06Canada Neco The SergalDeltarune & Turn-based RPG Meets Changed? | Changed: Determination Edition (Alpha)20:3821,102
2020-07-31 ValiusLet's BLIND Play Deltarune With Friends Part 1229:442
2020-07-10United States gameguy888(LPIA XL) Deltarune - [76] Gerald4:19:4467
2020-06-27United States The BombadiersAstromeda Let's Play - Deltamoon | The Bombadiers20:4437
2020-05-23United States C.DimensionsMy Full and Complete Thoughts on Deltarune8:2833
2020-05-06Japan maki ligonBeginning (Alpha Mix) - Deltarune1:005,388

Latest Reviews For Deltarune

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2021-01-24United States Green InfinityMy review of deltarune7:365
2020-10-15United States SlavinatorskiTisas Zigana PX9 Unboxing and Review22:2610,615
2020-09-15United States RamsTheNameComRam's Toy Review: Tomy Hasbro Zoids: Death Saurer Godzilla16:1143
2020-01-05Canada Full GraemeplaysNEW CHANNEL - For all Theory, Easter Egg, Review videos & more = Two Left Thumbs9:15454
2019-12-16United States SlayercoonUndertale and Deltarune Review - Slayercoon Reviews12:591,007
2019-08-01United States RedKnight777Deltarune Review (Deltarune Chapter 1 Review & Plot Summary)19:05134
2019-06-15Canada Project COEDeltarune Chapter 1 Review8:55741
2019-05-30United States Omega Storytelling1500 Subscriber Special Part 1: Reviewing my Top 50 most popular videos50:1814
2019-05-01United States Oversoul GamingDeltarune | Part 4: Shifting Allegiances24:1611
2019-03-15United States MarmsEverything You NEED To Know About TheOdd1sOut Book0:3841
2019-03-09United States Spike ToystoryfanToy story sing and yodel Jessie review.6:26863
2019-03-01United States The Catholic Gaming NerdDeltarune: Chapter 1 (Nintendo Switch) Video Review13:1075
2019-02-17United States Etra GamesHow Your Parents Can Play Deltarune | Review of Design21:25179,598
2019-02-16 PGtheVRguyDeltarune review5:0019
2018-12-01 badatpadBAP is Tired: Gift Dungeons, New Monster Review, and Deltarune?2:39:04262
2018-11-30 SpaceMinerDeltarune Any% Speedruns and Practice3:53:2950
2018-11-28United States Jolts ReviewsDeltarune [2] The Bad Guy20:253
2018-11-18United States SethorvenSo... Let's Talk about Deltarune29:0624,553
2018-11-16 supergreatfriendThe Quiet Stream Answered3:091,615
2018-11-15United States SomecallmeJohnnyJohnny's SPOTLIGHT! - Deltarune3:46:0240,711
2018-11-10France MortalDeltarune speedpaint [Kamvas Pro 13 review]7:2160,839
2018-11-07Spain DrakMadness¿QUÉ ES DELTARUNE EN REALIDAD? | Review Bananarainbower5:271,241
2018-11-04United States Ben ReactsDelta Rune Review and Final Smash Bros. Direct! | Ben's OP Game Show Ep. 1551:04:1728
2018-11-04 Don't watch muh videos and don't scrubskribeA Short Review/Thoughts about Deltarune1:172,034