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I make analytical videos in a silly light with Fungo Review, Souls Lore, Bloodborne Lore, and other game lore. My NO-BS Guides are very helpful and straight-to-the-point. I'd like to continue to expand with new videos, such as with Game Nitpicks and game commentary / livestreams. Plenty of entertainment to be had, so please subscribe and support my work on Patreon. Support on Patreon will help bring you more content, faster and it will help me to afford new equipment (e.g. a video camera) so I can appear in videos more frequently.

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What Resident Evil 2 is Really Missing
#ResidentEvil2Remake #SurvivalHorrorDesign #ShinjiMikami [Skip Intro: 4:00][Ch. 1:][Ch. 2:]...
2019-03-13 7:35:54 PM ● 1,504 views ● 28:05 67.02% liked
Is Resident Evil 2 the Remake we Asked for?
#ResidentEvilHorror #ResidentEvil2Remake #FixedCameraAngles [Resident Evil 2 Remake Review Anthology - Chapter Two] "Is Resident Evil 2...
2019-02-08 10:29:05 AM ● 18,702 views ● 18:29 31.94% liked
Resident Evil 2 - Why Survival Horror Had to Die
#SurvivalHorror #ResidentEvil2 #ResidentEvil2Remake [Resident Evil 2 Remake Review Anthology - Chapter One] "Why Survival Horror Had to...
2019-01-24 3:05:23 PM ● 141,965 views ● 16:07 85.80% liked
Do Video Games Discriminate Against People with Learning Disabilities? - RANT
#GameNitpicks #StopBullying #Gamers Do modern video games discriminate against people with learning disabilities? Watch NOW and experience this...
2019-01-06 9:44:00 PM ● 7,486 views ● 8:15 62.66% liked
PS Classic: Everything You Need To Know - Unbox & Review
#GameNitpicks #PlayStationClassic #FungoReview Support my content! Happy Holidays! Is it possible I found hidden potential...
2018-12-22 9:50:23 PM ● 7,128 views ● 20:01 85.31% liked
Dark Souls Remastered? More Like an Enhanced Port
I got a chance to play through Dark Souls Remastered's Network Stress Test on both days it was made available. Here's what I have to say about...
2018-05-16 6:01:33 PM ● 31,641 views ● 9:31 92.00% liked
Dark Souls
Dark Souls (2011)
Bloodborne No-BS Guide ► Beginner's Tips
This covers most of what you need to know as someone who is just starting out in Bloodborne! I was planning on doing a guide on the entire game,...
2018-04-23 10:41:52 AM ● 14,811 views ● 14:21 97.41% liked
Bloodborne (2015)
The Three Hardest Colossi
A semi-silly and mostly serious look at three of the most difficult colossi in Shadow of the Colossus. If you played any one of these on hard...
2018-03-18 6:24:52 PM ● 8,578 views ● 14:46 96.19% liked
Reliving the Masterpiece: Shadow of the Colossus
I feel like I'm 19 again, riding around on PlayStation's Epona, Agro. Shadow of the Colossus looks remarkable on these new-fangled vidya game...
2018-03-07 6:52:33 AM ● 7,960 views ● 15:19 95.58% liked
Japan's Mighty Monster Hunter World
Note: This review only covers my Low Rank impressions of the game (HR1 - 10) Monster Hunter World has shipped over 6 million copies and for good...
2018-02-12 1:34:45 PM ● 43,070 views ● 21:33 91.91% liked