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Fanta's own experimental channel where he tries out different kind of videos and hopes for the best! Here you will find many different types of discussion on movies and video games.

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Halo Master Chief Collection is Coming to PC!
I'm freaking hyped that Halo is coming to Steam, but I'm also a tad worried. PATREON: MERCH:
2019-03-13 8:02:29 PM ● 2,541 views ● 14:00 98.92% liked
Tales from Retail: GameStop Customer Stereotypes
I discuss the stereotypical GameStop customer and whether or not they are the ones keeping the dying business afloat. PATREON:
2019-03-12 9:46:01 AM ● 7,937 views ● 17:50 97.06% liked
The Nintendo Switch - Two Years Later Discussion
I discuss the Nintendo Switch and whether or not the past two years have been for the Switch. Is it still the amazing console we thought it was?...
2019-03-10 4:21:04 PM ● 3,491 views ● 15:39 97.32% liked
Back to the Futon Episode 16: Pokemon Sword and Shield, YouTube, Relationships
Fanta and Eric are back with another podcast episode! This time we discuss the new Pokemon games, Resident Evil 2 remake, YouTube issues, relationships,...
2019-03-08 8:00:03 AM ● 4,360 views ● 3:12:33 96.17% liked
Tales from Retail: Walmart Electronics' Disaster of a Backroom
Fanta and Eric continue their discussion of Walmart's backroom. Was the electronics backroom as bad as the rest of it or is it even worse? PATREON:...
2019-03-07 8:58:34 AM ● 5,834 views ● 20:38 97.67% liked
Tales from Retail: Walmart's Disgusting Break Room and Disorganized Unloading Area
Fanta and Eric discuss Walmart's constantly unorganized back room and the disgusting break room that they avoided. PATREON:
2019-03-05 8:49:31 AM ● 7,770 views ● 31:47 96.94% liked
Anthem Crashing and Bricking Consoles
I discuss the recent news of Anthem breaking consoles, causing hard crashes, and generally just becoming even more broken. What a trainwreck....
2019-03-04 7:34:22 PM ● 3,736 views ● 7:19 97.94% liked
Is the Division 2 Going to Be Worth It? - Beta Review
I discuss my experience with the Division 2 Beta and whether or not it seems like it's going to be worth buying on day one. PATREON:
2019-03-04 8:52:09 AM ● 4,995 views ● 18:03 71.56% liked
Tom Clancy's The Division
Is It GOOD That Anthem Failed?
I discuss whether or not Anthem failing was for the greater good. PATREON: MERCH:
2019-02-28 8:55:01 AM ● 4,479 views ● 14:49 92.91% liked
College Chronicles: The Expectations of College and Graduation
In this brand new series, I start off with a discussion on what I was told college would be like and what it turned out to be. PATREON:
2019-02-26 11:02:36 AM ● 4,673 views ● 25:41 98.88% liked