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1.Australia Zylbrad65,635,604
2.United States Sea of Thieves29,117,898
3.India RON GAMING22,855,424
4.Russian Federation Quantum Games20,484,360
5.United Kingdom jackfrags17,037,203
6.Russian Federation Coffi Channel16,887,493
7.Italy FavijTV14,928,438
8.Australia Summm Memes14,072,367
9.United Kingdom Captain Falcore11,500,215
10.Viet Nam Trực Tiếp Game10,803,965

Channels With The Most Videos

1.Germany NerdDings466
2.United States Sea of Thieves337
3.Germany Der_Eisenfresser333
4.Brazil Caixa De Remedio323
5.United States Hitbotc313
6.Spain Lagunan1261
7.United Kingdom Captain Falcore248
8.Spain badgyver232
9.United States MixelPlx230
10.Russian Federation Del Roy Adventures216

Latest Let's Plays For Sea of Thieves

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
5 days agoUnited States HotIsceSea of Thieves | Noob Plays with New Players | Part 627:2221
6 days agoUnited States Headhunter GamingOPsquad Plays: Sea of Thieves [PART 2] [Kitten Cannon]59:3246
2020-06-29Germany KenneDeinePixel☠️ VERRAT ■ Sea of Thieves deutsch #02 [Let's Play german Multiplayer Gameplay]19:46126
2020-06-21Germany Captain MemphisSEA OF THIEVES HAUNTED SHORES ☠️ - We are still Alive | Cinematic Fan Made Trailer | German | LP1:3033
2020-06-17Brazil Kozma GamesPRIMEIROS 50 MINUTOS NO STEAM | Sea of Thieves (Gameplay em Português PT-BR) #SeaofThieves50:41184
2020-06-17Germany DhalucardEISKALTE GEFAHR im GEFÄNGNIS - ♠ Sea of Thieves ♠1:19:1218,617
2020-06-15Germany HeavyTacticForceSea of Thieves - Herz aus Feuer 3/3 (Story Quest) [Let's Play | Gameplay | german | deutsch]20:1934
2020-06-14Germany Sunyo LPSea of Thieves 🌴#005 - Schätze über Schätze (Abenteuer, Mehrspieler)2:52:0179
2020-06-14Switzerland KuhnmannSea of Thieves | Die letzten Piraten | #072 | DE (Deutsch)37:3910
2020-06-12Sweden Svenska PC GamerI afton spel med Sea of Thieves och Playstation 53:42:4244
2020-06-12Australia KazzoiA Pirate's life for me | 30 Minutes of.. Sea of Thieves47:573
2020-06-12United States MixelPlxThis CREW was SUCH A TOUGH FIGHT!!(Sea Of Thieves)17:513,000
2020-06-08Slovenia Kokoplays MBSea of Thieves | PIRATE LIFE ON THE HIGH SEAS | Gameplay Showcase - Part 154:43365
2020-06-05United States MortusReap(er) What You Sow (Sea of Thieves)1:22:29727
2020-06-04Canada Soapie PlaysHOIST THE COLOURS! | Soapie Tries: Sea of Thieves w/ Chobittsu1:42:3611
2020-06-04Czech Republic Pařanský rájSea of Thieves | 5. CZ Let’s Play | Společné hraní s Honzou, Olí a Zbyňkem | XONE X | CZ 4K602:45:04229
2020-05-17India Emperor Plays?WEEKEND SEA OF THIEVES - A WHOLE LOT OF IT | H¥DRA | EMPEROR PLAYS5:00:2116,073
2020-05-17United States TFS GamingHere Be The Boom! | Sea of Thieves | TFS Gaming26:2325,764
2020-05-16Spain The Coffee Corner[Es] Las Desventuras del Grumete Alphonse - Sea of Thieves Ep.11:04:183
2020-05-14Germany Theophil-NerdSea of Thieves (Let's Play German/Deutsch) ?‍☠️ 78 - Unsere Kiste - unsere Skelette21:042
2020-05-14Finland WhoozaaLets play Sea of Thieves Arena - With Randoms Part 2 (gameplay)15:40130
2020-05-09Canada xQcOWHUNTING THE KRAKEN! - xQc Plays Sea of Thieves ft. Poke and Sodapoppin!58:2286,961
2020-05-07United States LetsPlayFire The Cat Cannon! - Sea of Thieves1:00:38289,971
2020-05-01France COLAS BIM GAMINGON ME PREND FEU ! (Sea Of Thieves avec Alphacast, Eventis et Ted)13:52231,724
2020-04-23Netherlands Gamekings VaultLet's Play Sea of Thieves: "Ahoy Deck Swabbers!"1:13:208

Latest Reviews For Sea of Thieves

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-07-06United States Dave OTrying Sea of Thieves in 202010:11110
2020-06-18Netherlands Captain BlubberHaunted Shores, but is it GOOD? | Update Review | Sea of Thieves14:231,524
2020-06-10 Orbe CaolhoSea of Thieves - Análise / Review9:50189
2020-06-10United States cublikefootSea of Thieves (ACTUAL Game Review 2020) [PC]9:513,126
2020-06-10United States TimeToGrindSea of Thieves In 2020 Is Amazing | Sea of Thieves Review (2020)12:14273
2020-06-06United States Critiquing DogeCurator Connect - Sea of Thieves9:38993
2020-06-05 GameSpotSea Of Thieves Review (2020)7:3958,403
2020-06-04United Kingdom RespawningRespawning Sea Of Thieves: The Shroudbreaker Adventure2:16:0040
2020-05-28United States Summit1g 4HeadSummit reviews Sea of Thieves "Lost Treasures" Patch Notes! | Summit1g Highlights21:4537,721
2020-05-02United States skinnedteenClips Comp #3 (Sea of Thieves highlights)10:07140
2020-04-29Germany Defender833Sea of Thieves | PvPvE Action Adventure in der Review | #SeaOfThieves7:251,909
2020-04-25Netherlands Gamekings VaultSea of Thieves Review: "Een game met enorm veel potentie"22:2428
2020-04-25United Kingdom OddiemefavSo , Is Sea Of Thieves Good Now ? | A review of sea of thieves in 20206:531,209
2020-03-19United States IGNSea of Thieves Review (2020)6:24101,594
2020-03-13United States Super Edgy PrincessSea of Thieves - Streamer Reviews Being Sniped - The Stream Snipe Chronicles S01E0219:08276
2020-01-09United Kingdom SpammalsReddit Review | Sea Of Thieves10:052,188
2020-01-03Thailand Berserker Gameการแก้แค้นของ Morning Star | Sea of Thieves #1845:1843,896
2019-11-20 MondoXbox | MondoPlaySea of Thieves - The Seabound Soul Content Update1:15197
2019-07-30India Ronny BraganzaSea Of Thieves Anniversary Update Gameplay And Review Xbox One X 201958:1871
2019-07-28 Puma PlowTwitch Livestream: Sea Of Thieves 07/26/20194:15:34133
2019-07-28 gokusondbzGame Pass Reviews: Sea Of Thieves5:4817
2019-07-04Brazil Caixa De RemedioLivro de Sea of thieves comics review13:53124
2019-07-02 The LOST JokerSEA OF THIEVES | ATHENA GALLEON4:46:0025
2019-07-01 Infinite BacklogSea of Thieves Review5:51689