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About Roebot56

-If you would like to donate to me, please use this link which goes through Nexus Mods (My username there is SeldragiaBles) because it supports donations via PayPal, just click the button with piggy bank on it.

-I do TF2 commentaries, I may also do videos on games I own if the demand exists.

-TF2 Videos will come every week, normally this will be a Wednesday (UK Time). I will also do Livestreams of certain games I own (mostly Bethesda RPGs).

-No fancy editing from me, the most you will get is the occasional cut, but I feel this often spoils the purity. Hence my like of Live Commentaries, where what I say is what I said when something happened.

-Also I created the Dragoian Universe, whose wiki can be found here.

-All emotions in my videos are real, I like to record the video and voiceover at the same time (seperate files, so there is sometimes a little dysnc).

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