Matthew DiLeva

Matthew DiLeva

United States
United States

Matthew DiLeva is an American YouTube content creator with roughly 8.58 thousand subscribers, publishing 412 videos which altogether total more than 243.24 thousand views.

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About Matthew DiLeva

A sad sack of shit with hardly any friends who uploads videos about racing games (mostly Burnout), music compositions from both video games and real artists, DEATH BATTLE!/DBX stuff, and shitposts. I’m a massive fan of DEATH BATTLE and am the top most favorited asshole within that community.

You don’t need to know anything else about me. Besides, who the hell even bothers to read these shitty descriptions anyways?

As of November 5th, 2021, I have officially gained access to the Community Tab. I try my hardest to avoid posting on there due to the backlash I have received in the summer and autumn of 2022 going into mid-autumn about something I deeply regret doing. Besides, I’m more active on Discord than here, which you can join via the link below this epitome-of-misery channel description. All subscribers are welcome!

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