JetBlueChest [JBC]

JetBlueChest [JBC]

United Kingdom
United Kingdom

JetBlueChest [JBC] is a British YouTube content creator with 693 subscribers. He published 623 videos which altogether total approximately 98.99 thousand views.

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About JetBlueChest [JBC]

Ayo, it's JetBlueChest [JBC] here. Please don't call me Jet or JetBlue. I prefer JBC as short.

I am a Greatest Gmod Playthrougher that plays maps from steam, RTSL & Modd in a high quality which is 4K 60FPS / 2160p60. Also a non-commentary gamer who does playthroughs as my content like console gaming, PC and more. I'm also a Shorts Creator too. I put my clips there that I play games in my own time. I may make my content like almost everyday.
I also do collab with my twin brother JetBlueChestC that we do COD, SSBU and more.

If you enjoy my videos, do appreciate with a sub which supports my channel:)

Also if you have any campaign maps such as Left 4 Dead 2, Half-Life 2 (in RTSL or MMOD) or Garry's Mod, link it down to the comments as a request as a playthrough.

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