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Hey guys, it's Rubhen here. I am currently a Video Game Design & Development Student, studying my way to become a Video Game Dev one day. Videos on this channel range from Gameplay, Boss Guides, Trophy/achievement guides, First Impressions, Reviews, Collectibles guide, Tips, glitches, etc. I might stream sometimes too.

I enjoy the satisfaction of others finding my videos fun or helpful/useful! As a full time student i don't get much extra time, so what i earn here goes into getting new games to make guides and videos for.

It would be really helpful if you guys watched my videos with AD Blocker turned "OFF" but not gonna force ya! Like, Rate, & share my videos when you get a chance, and subscribe to help the channel reach new heights.

*I currently own a PS4 PRO, PS Vita, PS3, & 3DS. I plan to get a Nintendo Switch soon. My PC is in shambles though...

**If you are a developer and want me to cover you game on my channel, please do email me (listed below). I would love to cover them!

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KINGDOM HEARTS 3 (English) - Remy (Little Chef) | All Cutscenes
So this was a interesting request haha. People really wanted to see Remy it seems. The cute little guy being included was a surprise. Cheers...
2019-02-11 7:58:13 PM ● 708 views ● 8:12 100.00% liked
JUMP FORCE - Opening Cutscene Movie
Hey guys, this is the opening cutscene of Jump Force. Wanted to upload this before i went to bed. More to come tomorrow :) Who's ready for this...
2019-02-11 12:53:10 AM ● 362 views ● 2:46 100.00% liked
KINGDOM HEARTS 3 (English) - Demyx | All Cutscenes
Here is Demyx! Actually enjoyed his involvement in the game. He's funny haha. Haha Feel free to message me anytime :) Discord - The Hunter's...
2019-02-10 8:50:51 PM ● 1,134 views ● 10:02 100.00% liked
NEVERINTH (PC) Beta Demo Walkthrough Part 1 - Both Characters Gameplay | Level 1 & Garm Boss Fight
*Note - Thanks to Another Indie for providing me the demo :) Hey guys, i'm taking a small break from playing kingdom hearts 3 and FC New Dawn....
2019-02-10 4:35:13 PM ● 349 views ● 28:12 88.89% liked
KINGDOM HEARTS 3 (English) - Vexen | All Cutscenes
*Note - I have made a huge mistake and left one cutscene out..... It was in the Pirates of the Caribbean World. Sorry. Late night editing makes...
2019-02-10 3:25:15 AM ● 1,071 views ● 9:40 100.00% liked
KINGDOM HEARTS 3 (English) - Axel (Lea) | All Cutscenes
Here's Axel's appearance in Kingdom Hearts 3 guys! Make sure you got it memorized :) Cheers Feel free to message me anytime :) Discord - The...
2019-02-09 2:55:25 PM ● 874 views ● 1:18:31 100.00% liked
KINGDOM HEARTS 3 (English) - Ienzo | All Cutscenes
Well Ienzo definitely needs a haircut haha. Short appearance in the game, but hey he definitely makes an impact. Enjoy! Feel free to message...
2019-02-08 10:35:59 PM ● 1,116 views ● 20:58 100.00% liked
KINGDOM HEARTS 3 (English) - Kairi | All Cutscenes
People must really love these cutscenes compilations haha. My message box in PSN is kind of bombarded lol. I heard ya. Here is Kairi. I include...
2019-02-08 2:44:20 PM ● 1,234 views ● 59:22 100.00% liked
KINGDOM HEARTS 3 (English) - Ventus | All Cutscenes
So managed to work on this one after many people messaged me on PSN again haha. I include every scene he is included in whether he speaks or...
2019-02-07 11:00:33 PM ● 1,450 views ● 1:17:38 97.06% liked
KINGDOM HEARTS 3 (English) - All Adversaries Showcase (Enemy Files & Models)
Hey guys, I'm back with another video. Today we take a look at all the enemies in the game and their files/models in the game. For people who...
2019-02-07 1:53:53 PM ● 2,372 views ● 17:29 100.00% liked
Kingdom Hearts III