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My name is Phoenix1224, I have recently started streaming and i started a new channel, this one, to host my game streaming if you would like to see my original page, Subscribe to John Worley on my featured channels. On there you will find my music page where i post my covers of my favorite songs. I am the Leader of the Burning Sword Guild, recently I have renamed the guild to Eternal Inferno except for on Gems of War. You can join my guilds in the following games, Warframe, Gems of War, Elder Scrolls Online, Neverwinter and Skyforge. And you can also join my Twitch Account Phoenix1224. I also have a twitter account @Phoenix1224_TS. You also may notice a * after some of my videos. In these videos i have made a time stamp for anything i feel you might want to see. If I missed something important leave a comment with what it is and a time stamp. Now I have a Tip Page linked on my cover image if you would like what you see here, show some love! Thanks for stopping by!

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2019-06-05 9:41:15 AM ● 2 views ● 32:32
Dead by Daylight