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A channel on Smash, Fire Emblem and whatever else comes to mind :]

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FEH's True Lunatic.. Picking the Brain of the ⭐Heroes God - SD King Otaks | Nimcast #6 1/2 【Podcast】
It's officially week 6 of the Podcast and this time we are joined by one of our notable guests Marbels and newcomer guest SD King Otaks! Some...
2019-03-20 5:00:02 PM ● 1,308 views ● 1:07:16 100.00% liked
I Sold Out for Camilla... (´・ᴗ・ ` ) 【Fire Emblem Heroes】
I don't want to support Camilla or even use Camilla in general but with Tier 21 Aether Raids remaining elusive... I finally sold out and made...
2019-03-20 1:00:03 PM ● 4,077 views ● 10:25 77.27% liked
CC + Vantage Hot Springs Camilla.. (´・ᴗ・ ` ) R & I Bound Hero Battle | Infernal 【Fire Emblem Heroes】
With the return of Reinhardt and Ishtar Bound Hero Battle we have another Fraudulent Solo! As I've sold out and bought into the Hostile Springs...
2019-03-20 8:00:08 AM ● 2,648 views ● 4:51 100.00% liked
Getting DEMOLISHED by Mega Movement Beast Team (´・ᴗ・ ` ) | Aether Raids Offense 【Fire Emblem Heroes】
While doing daily Aether Raids runs on stream we run into this ultimate movement team of Beasts units! :O This Aether Raids Defense team features...
2019-03-19 2:00:03 PM ● 4,583 views ● 11:53 97.73% liked
Spring Hero Stats Are...!? Heroes Breakdown ft. Peeps! | Regal Rabbits Banner 【Fire Emblem Heroes】
Ampz, Legion, RandMex and I stayed up for the Datamine last night and we got to check out the new Regal Rabbits Banner Heroes in their entirety!...
2019-03-19 10:00:08 AM ● 6,587 views ● 33:41 97.67% liked
TT Leak! Veronica is BACK as a Boss! (´・ᴗ・ ` ) Tempest Trials: To Defy the Gods 【Fire Emblem Heroes】
In a surprising twist the first ever Tempest Trials Boss is back! While it's been basically years, Veronica is back in TT and this time she's...
2019-03-19 8:00:06 AM ● 4,510 views ● 5:40 97.03% liked
The Hottest Bunny Hero is...? (¬‿¬ ) Regal Rabbits Banner Art Viewing | FEH Art 【Fire Emblem Heroes】
The FEH Trailer for Regal Rabbits Banner dropped and with it came the Datamine with Hero Art! The biggest reveal aside from the rest of the art...
2019-03-18 2:00:01 PM ● 10,534 views ● 31:35 94.42% liked
Can You Resist Pulling? Regal Rabbits Banner Chat ft. Peeps! | Skills Overview 【Fire Emblem Heroes】
The peeps and I decided to go over the newest FEH banner, Regal Rabbits! These definitely aren't the heroes that we expected, but are cool, unique...
2019-03-18 11:00:08 AM ● 3,092 views ● 22:40 93.75% liked
I CAN'T Handle This..! Bunny Heroes! (✧ω✧) - Regal Rabbits Banner - First Look! 【Fire Emblem Heroes】
I cannot believe how good everyone looks! The newest Special Heroes Banner Trailer in Fire Emblem Heroes is released and it's too good! The Spring...
2019-03-18 7:45:36 AM ● 5,484 views ● 20:50 97.02% liked
Who are they? Bunny Spring Heroes Incoming! (✯◡✯) | FEH News 【Fire Emblem Heroes】
Spring Heroes are incoming in Fire Emblem Heroes and they're more Bunny guys and girls! The silhouettes hint at it being two guys and two girls....
2019-03-17 1:36:01 PM ● 4,412 views ● 13:29 98.23% liked