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Welcome to Barnacules Nerdgasm the supreme 3D printing, Coding, Software, Hardware, Nerd Culture, Geek Culture, Virtual Reality (VR), Simulations, Robotics and much much more YouTube channel. If you like to receive your entertainment, education & reviews with a heavy dose of comedy and innuendo then you've come to the right place.

I've been producing YouTube video full time for over 6 years but started doing it full time as my day job about 2 years ago when Microsoft laid me off after a decorated 15 year career as a Senior Software Developer on the Microsoft Windows platform. I had a hand in shipping every major client and server operating system including Windows XP, 2000, 2003, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 during my career and I know a lot of low level stuff about the Microsoft operating systems and the internal mechanics and operations of the Microsoft corporation.

If you have questions come ask me on Twitter via @Barnacules, I'm a very social guy!

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Ultimate Star Wars Experience Emerald City Comic Con 2019 Seattle, WA
I was able to attend Emerald City Comic Con 2019 (ECCC) for one day this year and had the privilege of touring the new Ultimate Star Wars Experience...
2019-03-20 9:28:41 PM ● 13,904 views ● 16:42 96.93% liked
Giant Bitcoin Farm Tour In North America Finally Declassified...
Touring one of the largest Bitcoin Mines in North America and showing you what goes into building these giant power hungry cryptocurrency farms...
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USB Arctic Breeze Fan Is My All Time Favorite Useful Cheap Gadget...
Barnacules Nerdgasm shows you why the USB Arctic Breeze Fan is one of his favorite useful cheap gadgets that has nearly endless uses many of...
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Engraving Text on Aluminum with Inventables Carvey Desktop CNC Router
Let's see if the Inventables Carvey CNC Router can engrave aluminum and not explode into flames. This is a very quiet machine by comparison to...
2019-03-01 2:57:41 PM ● 36,628 views ● 14:12 96.49% liked
How To Color Calibrate Your Displays Step By Step Start to Finish
Most PC monitors & HDTV's have inaccurate colors, contrast, and brightness out of the box. That is why it's critically important as a content...
2019-02-27 3:58:18 PM ● 73,993 views ● 40:30 97.19% liked
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Apple Bug Enables Eavesdropping on FaceTime Users Both Audio & Video
Critical new Apple Facetime bug has been discovered enabling anyone with an iOS 12 device (iPhone or iPad) to remotely connect to another phone...
2019-01-28 9:53:26 PM ● 47,796 views ● 8:24 97.08% liked
Celebrating My 100th Jerry In The Raw Episode (JITR) & Showing You Around The Nerd Cave 👍
Join me on Patreon @ Join me on Twitch @ Join me on Twitter @
2019-01-27 1:56:27 AM ● 35,762 views ● 1:05:36 92.76% liked
Happy New Years - Let's Make 2019 The Year To Remember! 🎊
Just wanted to wish to all a Happy New Year & update you on what to expect in 2019 👍 Come join me on for...
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Surprising Xander with Razor Dune Buggy Electric GoKart
We reached out to Walmart asking them if they could price match Razer on the Dune Buggy electric GoKart and explained that my son was obsessed...
2018-12-23 2:40:29 AM ● 35,389 views ● 9:28 97.42% liked
Raising Money for Seattle Childrens
Please donate to SEATTLE CHILDRENS @
2018-12-20 1:03:26 PM ● 7,482 views ● 56:46 89.84% liked