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Wow, my description is very, very out of date and in no way represents my channel anymore. Time to update:

As a Sega Saturn enthusiast, the channel is primarily focused on that.

I have a Gems series which originated for the Saturn, where I cover five great games for the system each time, but have recently extended to cover the Nintendo Switch too.

I also have Beyond the Moon Runes of Saturn, where I have a brief look at Japanese Saturn titles I own and break down just how playable they are for English speakers who don't know any Japanese (like me).

I've also got a series called "Playing with my Girlfriend", where I introduce Encarni to different games to see how she does, and what is her opinion of them. She likes games, but doesn't really play them much, so most of the games I introduce her to are games that she hasn't even heard of.

I also have a monthly podcast, an LP every Weds/Fri, and occasional other videos too!

You can also follow me on twitter @Retro_Odyssey

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