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Super Mario Maker 2

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1.Chile ZetaSSJ127,300,218
2.Germany BeardBear85,544,326
3.Japan ぽこにゃん82,134,978
4.Japan アナケナ68,844,822
5.United States DashieGames60,811,906
6.Germany DarkX2 - Nintendo Gameplays56,865,015
7.Spain Deîak48,773,534
8. ProsafiaGaming47,664,448
9.Spain DSimphony34,987,015
10.United States Grand POOBear34,727,534

Latest Let's Plays For Super Mario Maker 2

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2 days agoUnited States wiiztecLettuce play Super Mario Maker 2 part 14425:046
3 days agoUnited States LuminousLet's Play Super Mario Maker 2 Part 36: Hey Lemme Borrow Your Face For A Second35:1919
2020-09-14Germany Patteyayo PlaysBetter Late than never! Playing your Levels! - Super Mario Maker 2 Live!32:1225
2020-09-13Germany Twister's Nintendo ChannelSuper TwisterDX World 🛠 Playthrough [Part 7 - World 7] (Super Mario Maker 2)24:32354
2020-09-13Germany TroplaySuper Mario Maker 2 olpd ★ 361 ★ Bowser Jr.'s Construction Site ★ tobi_mh_fw ★ Deutsch4:1722
2020-09-11United States The BombadiersSuper Mario Maker 2 Let's Play - Super Ball Blues - PART 209:24207
2020-09-10United States HackedCrusadeLuigi plays MORE Super Mario Maker 2 LIVE2:32:4896
2020-09-08United States Nintendo UtopiaSuper Mario Maker 2 for Switch ᴴᴰ (2019) Full Playthrough (100% Castle)3:01:1637,083
2020-09-07United Kingdom MCW UKLevels Created Using Only 12 Items! Super Mario Maker 2 12 Item Challenge Playthrough Round 231:03:2037
2020-09-04Canada Kever M.Super Mario Maker 2 Live Stream Online Playthrough Part 39 For Mario Season XD + Random Mario Games4:41:02637
2020-09-02United States MrSOAP999Super Mario Maker 2 - Gameplay Part 51 Let's Play Horrible Voice Acting and Endless Easy Challenge!13:5910
2020-08-31Germany Magpie Let's PlaysSUPER MARIO MAKER 2 👷 Magpie der Noob kann es immer noch nicht ^^ LIVE #031:02:59253
2020-08-28United States d-Rad PUNXd-Rad PLAYS - SUPER MARIO MAKER 2 (SWITCH)3:3316
2020-08-23 DävidMario Maker 2 Challenge feat. Huebi mit Young Alpha Bestrafung! ★ Dävid11:246,257
2020-08-17Germany DarkX2 - Nintendo GameplaysSuper Mario Maker 2 🔧 Stomp The Haunted Ground 🔧 cry4help2:15506
2020-08-16United Kingdom Lil000Bro!!LIVE!! Lets-Play -Super Mario Maker 2- Part 81:51:59103
2020-08-15United States Pudge007Super Mario Maker 2 | Playing Viewer Levels + Story Mode [LIVESTREAM]2:25:05211
2020-08-15Germany Gamepad RangerSuper Mario Maker 2 Baumeister-Wettbewerb Runde 12: "Nachtflug"1:06:2814
2020-08-13United States KaggyFilms (Alejandro Saab)KaggyFilms VS ALPHARAD?! At Least His Super Mario Maker 2 World17:5513,863
2020-08-06United States CausalJeffreySuper Mario Maker 2: CONTROLLER DROPPED - PART #12 - CausalJeffrey15:451
2020-08-06 Miketendo64 GamingSuper Mario Maker 2: Player's Choice: Power-Up Party (Ninji Speedruns Course) - M64 Switch Gameplays10:2012
2020-08-05United States ScooterGamingMUSHROOM OF DEATH!!! [SUPER MARIO MAKER 2 #3]24:525,288
2020-07-29Germany huckxelDie unerwartete Rückkehr 🙃 • 🚧 Let's Play Super Mario Maker 2 Community-ID's32:3591

Latest Reviews For Super Mario Maker 2

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-08-31Norway Winner GamerMario Maker 2 Charity stream | Viewer levels & Failer World level review.2:03:09101
2020-06-22United States KardinoMario Maker 2: One Year Later | Kardino10:0246
2020-05-03United States The Catholic Nintendo NerdSuper Mario Maker 2 (Nintendo Switch) Online Video Review13:5130
2020-04-28Netherlands SMM2 - TutorialZSuper Mario Maker 2 Update 3.0 REVIEW!3:47925
2020-03-29Greece DimXxNowSuper Mario Maker 2 (Switch/Yuzu Early Access 315 - OpenGL)8:57250
2020-03-25United States TFGSMM2 - Chichiri12345 Reviews Any Way the Wind Blows6:4923
2020-02-13United States The [Killer]MINI REVIEW | SMM2 (Flag Down Animation) [3W]0:092,097
2020-02-09 SonicFan 91Super Mario Maker 2 Review2:5712
2020-02-06Canada Kever M.Super Mario Maker 2 Live Stream Online Playthrough Part 242:54:08586
2020-01-24United Kingdom What Makes This Game Awesome?Super Mario Maker 2 Review (WMTGA)15:20707
2020-01-14Brazil MBJVEM AQUI E FAZ MELHOR! • Mario Maker 2 • MBJ Review12:5222,172
2019-12-31United States T-LANDERSUPER MARIO MAKER 2 (Quick Review!)3:2129
2019-11-20Australia BigMarioFan100BMF100: Captain Toad Reviews - Super Mario Maker 210:11653
2019-09-22United States Swiss Cheese GamingSuper Mario Maker 2: The Perfect Intro to Level Design | Review5:30404
2019-09-15United States Epic Gaming 101Owen reviews Super Mario Maker 24:44880
2019-09-10Austria Ceave GamingThe One Thing I Hate about SMM2, my Thoughts on the Game and More!16:39367,943
2019-09-08United Kingdom SkawoSuper Mario Maker 2 - Story Mode w/ Level Reviews - Postgame 8 - End of Shift15:374,946
2019-08-31Germany baLANDorSUPER MARIO MAKER 2 ONLINE ? #11 • Plottwists und Cliffhanger! | baLANDor23:4923
2019-08-19Chile Amur0 GamesNINTENDO NO QUIERE QUE JUEGUES ESTE NIVEL | Storm Area 51! (Noticias & Review #1) - SMM24:281,143
2019-08-12Brazil Coelho no JapãoSuper Mario Maker 2 Review / Análise - Comprar ou não?38:4723,201
2019-08-12United States Tobias BergdorfSuper Mario Maker 2 Level Review - Antarctic Expedition6:557,113
2019-08-06Indonesia Republik SultanSuper Mario Maker 2 Review. CUKUP!!!6:352,766
2019-08-03United States Snoman GamingGood Game Design - Super Mario Maker 2: Building Better Creators10:06136,284