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Super Mario Maker 2

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Channels With The Most Views

1.Japan ちゃあ/chaa's214,672,613
2.Chile ZetaSSJ186,692,554
3.United States DGR174,798,768
4.Japan ぽこにゃん172,171,155
5.Germany BeardBear136,803,559
6.United States ryukahr132,970,985
7.Germany DarkX2 - Nintendo Gameplays124,111,377
8. ProsafiaGaming121,214,818
9.Japan アナケナ113,847,467
10.Japan ちはやYT111,599,313

Channels With The Most Videos

1.United States Nintendo Thumb6,967
2.Germany DarkX2 - Nintendo Gameplays5,175
3.United States Jake Murrin1,682
4.United States TheGamerBros1,295
5.Germany Troplay1,254
6.Japan りょうすけGames1,150
7. UppityApe891
8. Gamer_Lui 95757
9.Japan ちゃあ/chaa's747
10.Japan 時代が俺に追いついたGames735

Latest Let's Plays For Super Mario Maker 2

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
9 hours agoGermany TroplaySuper Mario Maker 2 oslpd ★ 315 ★ DRYBONES CASTLE ★ Sintara ★ Deutsch10:2526
9 hours agoUnited States ChadlyLegend of Zelda: The Windwaker HD Playthrough [Part #5]2:13:3997
2 days agoUnited States Nintendo Thumbマ Randomized Unique Bossfights マ by ⸫【IRRLP】⸪ 🍄 Super Mario Maker 2 ✹Switch✹ #atv5:14895
2021-07-26United Kingdom MCW UKLuigi's Legend Playthrough Part 5: Bowser's Castle And The Final Ordeal! (Super Mario Maker 2)22:0513
2021-07-22Germany Herr EbenDie Nintendo Playstation. Die teuerste Konsole der Welt (Herr Eben History)8:41341
2021-07-21United States AdeadflyyIm Live. Hello?47:5038
2021-07-19Canada Kever M.Super Mario Maker 2 Live Stream Online Playthrough Part 58 My AJ IRL Friend Visit :))2:29:40347
2021-07-08Canada Gamer4545 YTGamer plays a Timmy Super world part 212:2163
2021-07-05Germany Gamepad RangerSuper Mario Maker 2 Baumeister Wettbewerb Vol 2243:335
2021-07-03United States JEJ GamingNonTraditional Castle and Super Prerequisite - Super Mario Maker 2 - Coop Gameplay - Nintendo Switch9:3223
2021-06-30Hong Kong SquidermanShromerun 29 grinding stream! "The Jungle Coin Hunt" by Alpha69 - Super Mario Maker 21:37:41146
2021-06-24United States rokninTHE SAUCE - ROKNIN PLAYS [SUPER MARIO MAKER 2] #2129:355
2021-06-22Canada Retro Zen[3] SUPER EXPERT Levels by cry4help! Super Mario Maker 2!6:372,123
2021-06-13Germany DarkX2 - Nintendo GameplaysSuper Mario Maker 2 🔧 Fantastic Frog Swimming 🔧 IRRLP1:534,445
2021-06-09United States The Defective ButcherMY POOR HEART...!!! - FNaF: Help Wanted VR #336:277
2021-06-06United States Grand POOBearMick Flair plays Mario? [PART 27]28:4417,470
2021-05-30United States LetsPlayYou Are the Mushroom - Super Mario Maker 242:58138,932
2021-05-24United States Nintendo UtopiaNew Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe for Switch ᴴᴰ Full Playthrough (All Star Coins, 2-Player)5:05:3220,704
2021-05-22United States TacoRemixSMM2 Tier List - 25 Super Mario Maker 2 Streamers Ranked by Dateability20:01108
2021-05-15Canada SKULLkid GamingIs Mario Maker 2 Still Relevant? Let's Play YOUR Levels & Find Out! (Viewer Level Livestream)2:20:3189
2021-05-14Spain adrianstilesSuper Viernes de Super Mario Maker 2 --- El Ataque de los Magos Kamek de PlayStation1:15:1510
2021-05-07Canada Kirky PlaysWhich Character Is The Best In Rising Hell? [PC 60 FPS Rogue Like Gameplay]40:391,096
2021-05-05Netherlands SiIvaGunnerOverworld (Edit) (Super Mario 3D World) (Alpha Mix) - Super Mario Maker 21:5029,345
2021-05-03United States Azalea22Super Mario Maker 2 | Viewer Levels Live Stream (#38) & Super Worlds7:29:22857
2021-04-24Germany Master HäckSTREAM: Super Mario Maker 2 [GER] / Das schwere Level von Let's Play UP!3:12:25151

Latest Reviews For Super Mario Maker 2

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2021-06-01Austria Ceave GamingWhy I Prefer the Original Mario Maker Over Mario Maker 2.21:09208,868
2021-04-23United States Fries101ReviewsHalo 4 Spartan Ops Co-Op #38 - Lancer (With Fries & Winterpaw22) (Fries101Reviews)16:369
2021-03-19 CutiePieLABU FLUTES - LOW WHISTLE REVIEW (bansuri fipple) DISCOUNT CODE!8:466,063
2021-03-08 DMO The WarriorAEW Revolution Review! W Austintheartist2:00:0073
2021-01-02United States 8-Bit EricDonkey Kong Jr. REVIEW! #shorts0:53660
2020-12-28Canada Retro ZenCrystal Caves HD - Steam (PC) - Review!4:59353
2020-12-09United States Jake Spins - SGPRECREATING my first MM1 course in Mario Maker 2 LIVE (Jake Spins - SGP)4:20:4551
2020-10-13 Yo soy DhariusUnboxing review LEGO Kit de construcción Super Mario Starter pack19:4067
2020-10-02United States The Marvin ShowSanei Super Mario Maker 2 builder luigi plush review3:01152
2020-09-20United States GameDatabaseSuper Mario Maker 2 - Final Update Trailer4:583
2020-09-17Netherlands Dr.WilySuper Mario Maker 2 - Reviewing All POWER-UPS10:4711,691
2020-08-31Norway Failer GamerMario Maker 2 Charity stream | Viewer levels & Failer World level review.2:03:09111
2020-08-27 Wade CuevasSuper Mario Maker 2 - Nintendo Switch revieww1:490
2020-08-20United Kingdom The MAC EvaluationSNK NeoGeo Arcade Stick Pro REVIEW | HyloStick Pro Hack | 2 Player Arcade with Mayflash Magic-S Pro44:183,127
2020-08-19Chile Felipe BravoSuper Mario Maker 2 - Super Worlds: Super ゴゴゴメス☆SMM2 World6:51103
2020-08-15United States Gaming DadNyko Shock ‘N’ Rock Accessory Review - For The Nintendo Switch9:24515
2020-06-22United States KardinoMario Maker 2: One Year Later | Kardino10:0263
2020-06-21 UppityApe"Chilly Shell Peak #TeamShell" by Ash298 [SMM2]1:0735
2020-06-19United States Moco netMario Maker 2 - Episode 2 - Reviewing User Created Levels! Leave Your Code Here and I'll Review it!3:1812
2020-05-08United States Off The Map GamingMario Maker 2 - LiveStream2:40:13123
2020-05-03United States The Catholic Gaming NerdSuper Mario Maker 2 (Nintendo Switch) Online Video Review13:5132
2020-04-28Netherlands SMM2 - TutorialZSuper Mario Maker 2 Update 3.0 REVIEW!3:471,055
2020-04-23United States Thunder PalsVelvet Underground & Nico. - T-Pals Presents: Super Mario Maker 2 - Part 973:15:46122