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1.Sweden Forsete5,866,324
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4.Brazil Vídeos de Clássicos!1,339,926
5.Australia GmanLives1,268,408
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1. ViDi Games218
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4. Light/Crimson161
5.Denmark Mikkel Frost Gaming151
6.Spain pagb666137
7.Germany LST Retro Gaming Videos109
8.Hungary Oszkár99
9.United States WhamNinjaMolehill92
10.Germany Peacemaker zockt86

Latest Let's Plays For Duke Nukem 3D

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
1 day agoNew Zealand TPL MotorsportDuke Nukem 3D (100% Playthrough) E2M11: Lunatic Fringe6:0254
1 day ago alucard BloodreamDuke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour - Bind Playthrough with commentary part 6- It Begins15:211
2021-06-13Belarus Appzortv iOS Android Gameplay Walkthrough TrailersDuke Nukem 3D Megaton Edition - Sony PlayStation VITA - Trailer0:5327
2021-06-10United Kingdom 2 old 4 gamingDuke Nukem 3D on PS Vita - Gameplay and my thoughts - Megaton Edition8:162,162
2021-05-08United Kingdom GunnarBloodhowlLet's Play Duke Nukem 3D:Making A Start8:074
2021-04-15 Grass HopperNetplayseeker Update 1 - File Transfers (April 15th 2021)27:0621
2021-03-31United States VGamingJunkieLet's Play Duke 3D Plug & Pray [Finale] - Victory Party in Order! The End of CyberKeef!31:1791
2021-03-26 Mr. Rumble RosesLet's Plays Live: Trying Duke Nukem 3D's 3rd Episode With Blood's Weapons1:02:5929
2021-02-15United States IndieTimmiePhone Home...Yes? - Duke Nukem 64 (Ep.3)25:2623
2020-12-01Canada Corey DutsonLet's Play: Ion Fury - Part 1 - It's Duke Nukem 3D, but without the technical constraints!3:18:4716
2020-11-29 SinatarDuke Nukem 3D (eDuke32) - Complete Playthrough5:52:06522
2020-11-15United Kingdom The Eggman EmpireDuke Nukem 3D 20th Anniversary Word Tour Playthrough Part 25 Final9:3575
2020-10-16Belgium Hatsune ElissuESCAPING (Hard) | Saiko No Sutoka (Alpha 1.8)4:3014,034
2020-09-12Canada The VictorianLet's Play Duke Nukem 3D #7: Duke's Big Score1:04:1921
2020-09-06United Kingdom guestgexLet's Play Duke Nukem 3D World Tour Switch43:3916
2020-08-25France Sir ShigezaneLets play fr Duke nukem 3d54:2614
2020-08-04Belgium Sprullex GamingDuke it out in D.C. partie 5 - Duke Nukem 3D : LP #3630:0713
2020-07-28Germany ConkyDuke Nukem Forever Finale #7 #Dukenukem3d #kickass #Shooter19:513
2020-07-23United States WookieFraggerA Stream of BLOOD - Blood on WELL DONE hangout playthrough part 36:15:18690
2020-07-16United Kingdom easynowTHE FINALE, WE MADE IT - Duke Nukem 3D 20th Anniversary World Tour Nintendo Switch Let's Play FINALE1:59:32214
2020-06-23 Miketendo64Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour - M64 Switch Gameplays34:14428
2020-06-22France Come Get Some[FR] DUKE NUKEM 3D - EP26 - San Francisco (Let's Play)30:0357
2020-06-18Canada 5Niner7 GamingDuke Nukem 3D World Tour Gameplay | Episode 6 | Spaceport | Retro Thursdays (Rated 18+)5:176
2020-06-17Poland NRGeekDuke Nukem 3D (Sega Saturn) - Retro Letsplay #02 (Stare Retro Gry)32:4424,650

Latest Reviews For Duke Nukem 3D

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2021-07-20United States The NecrolibriatasBUILD Engine = Best Hands3:2017
2021-07-09Australia FPThe End of DUKE NUKEM12:268,512
2021-01-26United States Mighty BjornA Mighty Review of Duke Nukem 3d: World Tour Edition9:0783
2020-08-18Germany MINBEKKERDUKE NUKEM 3D ☢ beste 90s FPS-Action für unterwegs! (Switch Review)17:441,711
2020-08-17Ireland PSX Gaming MemoriesDuke Nukem 3D PS1 Review - Duke Nukem 3D PSX16:12503
2020-07-13United Kingdom easynowTHIS IS CRAZY! - Duke Nukem 3D 20th Anniversary World Tour Nintendo Switch Let's Play Ep 51:38:18310
2020-07-09United States Reviews 2 GoDuke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour (Switch) Review6:206,018
2020-06-28 wiiviewrDuke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour Review (Nintendo Switch)3:553,454
2020-06-26United States Just Add MonstersHAIL TO THE KING...KINDA - Duke Nukem 3D: World Tour - Switch Mix11:2562
2020-06-24United Kingdom SwitchWatchDuke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour Nintendo Switch Review!12:1715,178
2020-06-23United States Retro Video Game PickupsDuke Nukem 3D for the Nintendo Switch!11:422,609
2020-06-23United States SwitchCornerDuke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour Switch Review | The King Is Back!9:304,714
2020-06-23United Kingdom SwitchUpDuke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour Switch Review!11:5388,563
2020-05-11 Tempest SwarmIzanagi review duke nukem 3D9:119
2020-04-04United States VGamingJunkieSerious Duke 3D Review10:31305
2020-01-31United States Gaming PastimeSerious Duke 3D Video Review9:3716,705
2019-09-27Ukraine Game & Geek► PS Vita - ♛Duke Nukem 3D: Megatone Edition | ♚EDuke32 - [Review][Разбор-Обзор](Настройки)12:493,204
2019-09-03United States Aun CollectiveEgg plays Duke Nukem 3D #01 (Informal Review)11:045
2019-08-30Canada One Doomed Game CriticDuke Nukem 3D review - "...And I'm all out of ass"9:35284
2019-08-13Portugal MrJohn ReviewsThe Brilliance of Duke Nukem 3D33:042,446
2019-08-11United States GameSomniac™Serious Duke 3D | Serious Sam Total Conversion | Breakdown & Review7:17259
2019-03-26Australia GmanLivesMod Corner - Serious Duke 3D8:53253,022
2019-01-04Austria Gaming KickWill the Blood Remaster reignite our love for classic FPS?9:314,132
2018-09-01United States GeneralLotzDuke Nukem: Alien Armageddon Review14:562,829
2017-12-23United States DidYouKnowGaming?Duke Nukem - Did You Know Gaming? Feat. Lazy Game Reviews7:13713,330