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Offering comprehensive in-depth guides for Blade & Soul raids, dungeons, events, and much more!

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CPU: Intel i7 4770k @ 4.5ghz
GPU: Asus Strix GTX 980ti
RAM: Kingston Hyper X Beast 16gb 2400mhz
MB: Asus Maximus VI Formula
SC: Asus Xonar Phoebus
PSU: Cosair AX 760W
CPU Cooler: Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 3
Case: Cooler Master Stryker
SSD: Samsung Evo 840 1TD
HDD: Western Digital Black 4TD

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Blade & Soul NA Ring of Reckoning Guide
A guide to the Ring of Reckoning event (Turtle - Sacred Longui). Event ends on May 8th. *WARNING* Stage 4 Turtle is for omega whales. The event...
2019-04-11 8:55:32 PM ● 1,812 views ● 5:55 88.57% liked
Blade & Soul NA Bloomtime Jackpot
Redeem your free Bloomtime Jackpot from the Hongmoon store. Redemption expires May 8th. Choice of PvE or PvP Heptagonal Garnet or Obsidian +...
2019-04-10 4:10:07 PM ● 940 views ● 1:29 97.50% liked
Blade & Soul Server Merges
Server consolidation for NA & EU on April 24th. What are your thoughts on the server merge? NA post server merge - Yura EU post server merge...
2019-04-10 11:04:39 AM ● 2,052 views ● 1:51 98.53% liked
Blade & Soul NA ExitLag & NoPing
Affiliate status with both ExitLag and NoPing! Get 20% either VPN when using my discount code, "Eckogen". Be sure to comment on this...
2019-04-04 6:43:02 PM ● 2,480 views ● 4:16 92.75% liked
Blade & Soul NA Talents & Skills for Wind KFM PvE
My recommendations for talents and skills for Wind KFM (PvE). Wind KFM needs the effect Wind Shear to be up as much as possible (from the skill...
2019-04-01 4:12:37 PM ● 2,130 views ● 6:42 100.00% liked
Blade & Soul NA Shackled Isles Guide
A guide on Shackled Isles, the limited time pvp event and play through of an entire match. The end game goal is to be the last one standing....
2019-03-27 1:19:19 AM ● 2,298 views ● 17:04 100.00% liked
Blade & Soul NA Ascension & Radiance Stone Guide
A detailed guide on how to use the Evolve tab within Unity and how Ascension and Radiance stones come into play. Tips: - Higher Unity ranks =...
2019-03-22 9:22:08 PM ● 4,519 views ● 7:12 96.23% liked
Blade & Soul NA When Wall Dashing Goes Wrong
Not a guide or walkthrough video. Just a random video where I accidentally discovered this and had a good laugh. Enjoy! Public Discord:
2019-03-19 11:00:43 PM ● 2,027 views ● 0:27 95.70% liked
Blade & Soul NA Moon Refuge Guide
A guide to Moon Refuge, the new level 60 area found in Solak. 1. Grab your quests from Nikocha and Zvanar. 2. Pick a location to do your quests...
2019-03-19 10:24:05 PM ● 2,685 views ● 13:14 95.45% liked
Blade & Soul NA Skill Enhancement Points
A quick guide on how to obtain Skill Points to put into your Enhancement Skills and where to get the items. Public Discord:
2019-03-18 11:53:02 PM ● 1,963 views ● 2:43 95.59% liked