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Latest Let's Plays For Blade & Soul

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2019-11-13Germany TDR GamingNur am WIndwandeln.. #015 | Lets Play together Blade & Soul Bogenschützen31:225
2019-09-19Germany Quvades GamingBladeandSoul|Let's Play Blade and Soul Neue Klasse Bogenläufer26:2751
2019-02-05Japan KamaiBlade & Soul 블레이드&소울 劍靈 「風之平原」wallpaper Engine 21:9 4K1:21131
2019-02-03Brazil Let's Play MMOsBlade and Soul - Dailies and Dungeons2:11:471,903
2019-01-27 Lucife TTBBlade and soul pvp: Jiafu Chen BD vs Sum (hope this video can help you pvp with sum)2:49709
2019-01-17 Blade & SoulBlade & Soul: 3rd Anniversary Let's Play Live Stream2:00:245,139
2018-12-15 MMOByteMMORPG News: New Blade & Soul: Revolution, Upcoming "Atlas" MMO, Crowfall, Pantheon Alpha9:3267,940
2018-11-24Brazil Cad GamerBrSoul Blade (Soul Edge) - PlayStation (PS1)5:2625
2018-09-30United States Ser MedievalBLADE & SOUL MMORPG - First Impressions Since Western Release (2016-2018) - Level 45 ❄Force Master21:011,139
2018-09-29 Koopatroopa787Blade & Soul New Warden Class Play Through19:22651
2018-09-16United Kingdom ReformistTMBlade and Soul Gameplay Let's Play (NEW WARDEN CLASS PREVIEW) #ad13:495,668
2018-08-18United States Gameplay TwistSoul Blade, Soul Calibur 1, PlayStation 18:1180
2018-08-05Canada YuyuYTBlade and Soul: Emperor's Tomb Playthrough w/ Yuyu Part 3 - Confronting Mugo24:2222
2018-06-29United States Miguel-killaBlade And Soul Disaster in RT2:5480
2018-06-03United Kingdom RoggorLet's Play Ronin Blade / Soul Of The Samurai - Part 14 - FINALE (PS1 Action Gameplay Walkthrough)21:1925
2017-08-02United Kingdom MMO BibleLet's Play Blade And Soul ★ Chapter 6: The Honourable Mayor ★12:1821
2017-07-23Viet Nam Tiền Zombie v4LiveStream Alpha test Blade & Soul Việt Nam ...2:15:51146,839
2017-07-10United States Nitro Beary GamingLet's Play Blade & Soul In 201725:4146
2017-06-06 TGPLchannelBlade & Soul [TH] หอมูชินชั้น8 โหดสุดจะทน8:284,948
2017-02-27Germany Filgaja🔪 Blade & Soul #025 - Abreise23:36158
2017-02-18United States LanokirXRebooty | Blade and Soul - Soul Fighter - Part 119:0687
2016-12-21United States EviLLivE Clan"SUMMONER" Let's Play Blade & Soul Gameplay Playthrough Walkthrough17:1361
2016-11-24Singapore Qaizher VladislavBlade & Soul Gameplay | Let's Play - Episode 10 | Grave Danger31:295
2016-10-07Canada Daryl MarcelinoDarmar88 Plays Blade and Soul Etiquettes of Illia the Humble ep 53:21:5425
2016-09-05Germany VexanLet's Play Blade & Soul [German]: Klingentänzer Levelreihe #25 - Neues im Kloster Stillbach21:5254

Latest Reviews For Blade & Soul

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2019-09-27 Ngor CHรีวิว-Review : เมาส์ FANTECH X15 [ สอนตั้ง MACRO ARCHER ] อินทรีสุริยัน - Blade & Soul13:022,369
2018-12-11Australia GameReviews AUBlade and Soul Mobile ANDROID GAMEPLAY KR | MMORPG | KRPG25:2872
2018-11-08Viet Nam THƯ VIỆN GAMEBlade & Soul mobile - Phiên bản MOBILE CHÍNH CHỦ của NCSoft ! GAMẺ NEW #92:4912,011
2018-01-13Thailand KimTY WW.Blade and Soul TH - Review โซลชิลด์อีกา #2 ครบ 8 เบอร์แล้ว !!!13:192,324
2017-11-04United States The Dracovin EmpireBESM Worlds and Anime Review | Seikoku no Dragonar, Blade & Soul, Cowboy Bebop, Boogiepop Phantom16:14296
2017-02-03 KineticGTRHow I Kill Boredom in Blade and Soul - Gameplay Review Part 4 (2017)11:3928,576
2016-07-17Canada ZrelytMax Level | Blade & Soul Review29:5936,972
2016-05-21Chile CocaLightManSoul Blade / Soul Edge - Video Review Clásico18:589,018
2016-05-06 James ComansPAX South 2016: Blade & Soul (Gameplay Review interview)50:3321
2016-03-30United Kingdom Censored GamingBlade And Soul Censorship - Censored Gaming Ft. Avalanche Reviews4:28126,804
2016-03-12 GamesearBlade & Soul - Review and Critique After 60 Hours of Play12:316,352
2016-02-23United States FG3000 - The Deadly SinBlade and Soul : PVP Review12:133,069
2016-02-23 AnTREXon gamingBlade and Soul GAMEPLAY REVIEW (2016) - MMORPG12:201,002
2016-02-21Germany ScrawlBlade and Soul [Let's Test/german] Review!! #00517:4460
2016-02-20United States SocraTetrisMMO INNOVATION! : Vertical Slice Review ~ Blade and Soul1:03:30428
2016-02-19Germany Refaser F2PBlack Desert vs Blade and Soul - Welches MMO spielen?11:4026,615
2016-02-10United States Michael StanichBlade and Soul - NA Early Impressions Review (Early Look / First Look)46:3994
2016-02-09United States The Vaniverse GamingLV 45 Assassin Review of Blade and Soul7:59458
2016-02-09United States WccftechTVWccftech Reviews - Blade & Soul6:06370
2016-01-31United States ChaosD1MMO Grinder: Blade and Soul review30:0195,708
2016-01-24United States BrothgarIs Blade and Soul Worth Playing? First Impression Review17:476,933
2016-01-24Spain NedelesHateReview ► Blade And Soul6:0179
2016-01-23Indonesia HypePlay Gaming IndonesiaBlade & Soul NA Review (Indonesia)5:0912,231
2016-01-22United States KaceytronBlade & Soul Review5:3127,363