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Dopamin Storm

United Kingdom
United Kingdom

Dopamin Storm is a British YouTube channel which has approximately 3.72 thousand subscribers. He published 344 videos which altogether total over 1.18 million views.

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Everything started with getting front of monitor. Your eye is attach to the game you just installed on the desktop. Then you open the game and start to play. When you win you play one more time, then one more time. Then you see that hours have passed without eat and drink. With it, pain begins in the groin. In fact, the reason of that pain is the pressure which created by the toilet needs that you delayed for hours. So what's make you so addicted to a tiny monitor. You question but can't find an answer. Because you're caught in a dopamine storm . The reward system created by this hormone that binds to micron receptors in your brain has captured you.
Don't be addicted to the game, but don't stay without games. Have a good time ...

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